Everything about Apple Airtag

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Apple Airtag is a Tracking device developed by apple to discourage unwanted tracking


Users need to put this Air tag on their products or stuff So that the iPhone will know the location of your stuff

Find My app

Find My app on iPhone, iMac or iPad will get the alert if your stuff is missing and you have put the Airtag in it

What's in the Box

The Box contains Airtag and nothing else, this does not require any charging 


It cost almost $30 for 1 Airtag. However, if you want a pack of Four Airtag it will cost only $99.

“This is a very useful gadget from Apple, You can find your lost item through this Airtag.”

Apple Maps

The location of your Items will be displayed on Apple maps, Suppose you have 4 Airtags on 4 items then it will show you 4 locations on a map

Users can Purchase the Tags from the Apple Store all over the world or they can buy them online.

Apple Store

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