Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Gadget By Apple

Apple HomePod  Speker

HomePod is a speaker by Apple. It tends to deliver amazing Sound from all the angles


This device is 8 centimeters tall and has a 360-degree audio sound reach


The device has a Spatial Audio system and a room sensing capability

HomePod comes with an inbuilt Siri and Voice recognition. You can tell him what to do

Party thing

The device is best fitted for a home party, It is very loud and has a Temperature and humidity sensor

Audemars Piguet Royal

The Box contains 1 Power Cord and 1 HomePod. 

The device has a light on top of it and when the light turns green then the homePod will be turned into a Speakerphone


The device comes in 4 different colors and will cost $99 when you purchase it.

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