com lge livemessage

Let us know first what is the com lge livemessage app. This is an app especially known for LG smart phones for communication with one another through messaging or any other means. Let us know more about this app in the given description below. Please follow the article thoroughly.

What is message app?

LG(Life’s Good) is a company we’re all aware of. It is a well known brand. It has various products in electronic goods. Also, It is known for its best service and product quality. LG has also made its way in the phone’s business. It has launched smartphones that are unique to other appliances. The decision that made these smartphones unique is that the app com lge livemessage. This special application is unique and only present in Lg smart phones. It is pre-installed in LG smart phones. It has many great features. Also, It allows its users to send messages. Also allows its users to send images and also allows to send videos and other audios and especially allows to share documents. This live messaging app is a pre-installed app.It also has other pre-installed apps such as com .lge .Shutdown. Monitor.  These applications made the LG smartphones unique.

com lge livemessage

Though an app is very much useful, it may have some complications. It may sometimes slow down due  to server issues and also sometimes crash if the server crashes.  Technical glitches may also occur sometimes. Everything cannot always be perfect. So this app may also have some server issues and technical glitches. Let us see some of the ways to solve those errors and to run the app smoothly. 

Why error occurs in com lge livemessage app?

Before knowing more about the ways to solve this error, let us know first why this error actually occurs. This error occurs due to many reasons. There is no particular reason. Because this error sometimes occurs at the user end and sometimes it occurs from the server end. So we don’t have a particular reason. But this error occurs mainly if the phone is not up to date. It means you have to update your phone accordingly. If your phone needs an update, then there is a possibility of occurrence of this error. Not only this it can occur due to many reasons, so let us see some of the ways to solve this error in the below-mentioned article. So go till the end carefully to solve your issues regarding this app.

Ways to fix app

As we have already known about the com lge livemessage app. And also we have known about the causes of technical glitches in this app and also server crashes or server downs. Let us know some more about it. Let us know the ways to handle the error in app and below mentioned were some methods or ways to fix this error. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully to solve your error. Let us try these things to solve your issues with com. app.

Restart your phone

Yes. You heard it right. Restarting the phone may solve many of your other issues also. And yes restarting the phone to solve the issues with com lge livemessage app has helped many people. It seems like an easy way and also creates a suspicion whether it will solve the error. But for many people it worked. So if you face the issue with this app, immediately solve the error by restarting your phone. Restarting the phone is a very simple process. Many people are already aware of it. If you don’t know how to restart your phone. Just follow the below mentioned steps to restart your phone.

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • Now you can view some options on your display. They are power off, restart etc.
  • Click on restart in that menu of options.
  • Now your phone will be turned off and it will turn on automatically. You should not turn it on again.
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Now after the phone has turned on. Check whether the app is working or not. If the problem is minor and easily fixable, the app will work for sure. If it’s working then your problem is solved. You can use the app easily and continue your work on it. If it’s not working even though you have restarted the mobile, don’t worry. You can try the below mentioned methods. Any of the below mentioned methods may work for you. So try until you solve the problem and succeed.

Clearing the cache (unwanted) data

As I have already mentioned, cache is the unwanted memory that is stored in your phone and prevents some of the apps from working. As a result it reduces the efficiency of the app.  The best way to deal with toxic people is to remove them from your life. Likewise the best way to deal with the cache memory is simply clearing the cache space from the storage disk. So that your space will also be saved. Therefore clearing cache will clear all the unwanted details of the apps and other useless cookies.

So your phone and apps inside your phone will also work efficiently. Many people suggested that clearing the cache has helped them to solve the error. Not only that , due to this many other errors were also solved. This method helped many people. So try this method out and let me know whether it worked for you or not. If you are not aware of how to clear the cache in your mobile. Don’t worry, just follow the below mentioned steps carefully to solve your issue.

  • Open settings in your mobile
  • Check for an option for apps and notifications on your mobile.
  • You can select apps, so that you can list the apps of your phone.
  • Among the list of the apps, choose com lge livemessage app and click on it.
  • Now you can see some options after clicking the app. They are force stop, uninstall and clear cache.
  • Among them , click on clear the cache.
  •  Now your cache data will be cleared.

Now you can observe that some amount of space can also be saved to you , so that you can utilize that space efficiently for other purposes. After clearing the cache, try to open the app again and check whether it is working or not. After clearing the cache, the app should work if it has only minor issues. If it works then your problem is solved. If not you can try the below mentioned other method.

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NOTE: If the above method doesn’t work for you don’t worry. If the app is not working even after clearing the cache. Continue the above process and click on clear data. So that all the data related to the app will be removed. This includes saved passwords and some other stuff. It worked for many people after trying this method. So immediately try this method and check whether it works for you or not.

If the above method didn’t work for you. Try the other method below mentioned.

Factory resetting method

It is advised to try this method if and only if the above mentioned methods don’t work. Because this method includes deleting all the data, that is the data in your phone will be erased. Factory resetting of your phone makes it easy for you to solve all other storage related issues and other issues also if any were there in your phone. Factory resetting makes your phone a new mobile. Deletes all your previous data . You need to back up the data before performing this one. Factory resetting includes all the changes in your settings also. In simple words it will become like a new mobile. Factory resetting is a very simple process. If you are not aware of factory resetting , just follow the steps mentioned below carefully.

  • Open settings in your phone.
  • You can view an option called General. Click on that General Tab.
  • After that you will get a list of options. Scroll down and click on Backup and reset.
  • Now you can see an option for performing the factory reset process. That is Factory data reset.
  • Now click on reset phone.
  • If it asks to type the password of the phone, simply type it. Sometimes it asks , sometimes not. It will ask mainly for authentication purposes. No need to worry about this.

After that your phone will be turned off automatically after performing a factory reset process. It will take some time as it will erase all your data in the phone. After that it will turn on automatically. And it will ask you all the minor details like creating a gmail account and all other stuff. As I have said before , the factory reset process is similar to buying a new phone. So you have to initiate all the details again. 

If you have checked your app again now. You can see it works. Factory reset solves all other problems. It will also reset all other settings in your account to default. So there won’t be any blockades for other apps to work efficiently. If the app has opened and works efficiently. Then your problem or issue has been solved. You can enjoy using the app like before. If the above method doesn’t work for you. You have one more method to try. That is contacting the support team of LG. Just go through the steps below carefully.

Contacting LG customer support

If any of the above mentioned methods doesn’t work for you, the only possibility is contacting the customer support of the LG. Only the team of LG can assist you in this process. Because after trying all the other possibilities and troubleshooting techniques, the problem has to be solved . But if it has not been solved by any of the processes, then you have to contact the customer support. So that they can look into your issue deeply and work on that accordingly. They will revert you if you explain your issue clearly to them. Therefore by using the above mentioned methods you can solve your issues or problems related to the LG live message app.

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Finally , com lge livemessage app is generally used to send  text messages, images, videos, photos etc. It is unique to only LG mobiles. Due to this many people enjoy using the app. But to solve issues related to your mobile can be solved using the above mentioned methods. You have to check for updates if your phone encounters errors like this. After that you have to try restarting your phone. Maximum of the minor issues will be solved if you restart your phone. If it doesn’t work for you you have to try clearing the cache memory in your phone.

Because clearing the cache memory will enable the app to function properly and efficiently. If the glitch is not reduced even after that, you have to try the factory resetting method. I have mentioned the steps carefully on how to deal with factory resetting. So go through the steps carefully. Try all the methods and check which method has helped to solve your error. 

As I have already mentioned, any of the above mentioned methods doesn’t work for you , just follow the last method that I have said which is contacting LG customer support. They will assist you properly on how to solve that error which is not solved,despite using all the trouble shooting methods. Therefore using the above mentioned methods you can solve your isseu with the LG live message app. Even though explaining clearly. Some people may have some doubts which form a gap in their brains. Lets fill that gap with a bridge by answering the most frequently asked questions by the people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cache memory contain?

Cache memory is called unwanted memory.If the cache memory is more , the app will not work efficiently. For suppose your brain contains more data related to unwanted details, then you can’t function properly with important tasks. So it is better to remove all the unwanted details from your brain as well as cache memory also. Cache memory mainly contains saved passwords, bookmarks and cookies related to your browsers.

How to contact LG customer care?

You can contact LG customer care by using the following numbers given below or you can also contact them through the email. You can contact them only in the working hours and working days. It may not be possible to contact them on weekends. Below mentioned were the details to contact them through phone or gmail. mail id:[email protected]
Contact number: 08069379999 / 18003159999.