$500 Gaming PC Build Guide

$500 Gaming PC Build Guide

$500 Gaming PC Build Guide: 2020 is all about new PCs and build guides. Today we will be looking at an excellent gaming PC to run AAA titles at medium to high settings at just the tough budget of only $500. The key is to choose the right parts at the right price. Therefore, we obviously do not want to mess that up

Before we get to build anything, let me warn you some things. 2020 has been difficult times for everyone around the world. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, we highly recommend you save this list of parts to buy later after the quarantine ends. Moreover, the parts in this list have seemed to get a recent price hike due to high demands. Therefore, you might find they are not available currently in your region.

Lastly, I want to add that I have chosen the parts even after keeping the price hike in mind. Therefore, you will to your utmost pleasure find that it still adds up to $500

Why choose to build your own PC?

This is a huge question that everyone has before building or choosing parts. Therefore, let me make it clear for you to for your understanding.

There are multiple places where you can go and buy a budget gaming PC. The important thing in those builds is that you do not have control over what you need. For example, you might need a better GPU or an SSD. Moreover, you might need to buy computer peripherals with the build.

The thing I stress when making a build is you have complete control over your parts. In the following build, I will present you with excellent choices. You might want to make those choices or ignore them and the decision lies to you and you only.

You need to enjoy the build that you are working on and not buy stuff that’s premade. Nevertheless, you will never have any regrets in making the build.


Going over the Parts for $500 Gaming PC Build

The Gaming PC build is going to be a complete AMD. Complete AMD build refers to the Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU that we are going to choose. Intel builds are nice but the budget build is more worth the price when we choose these products. Now let us take a look at them starting with the Motherboard

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Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-A320M

Buying a Gigabyte motherboard makes sense because you get a durable performance at less price. You can get this motherboard under $50 from the following link. The perks of buying this motherboard include M.2 as well as NVME SSD support. It comes with 6 USB ports, four of them happen to be USB 3.0. Therefore, not only you get faster speeds at this price, but you also get multiple ports.

Finally, the motherboard supports two channels for memory at 3000 mHz

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

Buying Ryzen at a budget is super nice. Why? Because it has excellent performance and is meant to be overclocked. If you do not know how to overclock a CPU then stay tuned for my next article. The CPU comes and runs at a stock speed of 3.7 Gigahertz. This simply means you have smooth and non-interrupted performance in normal day to day tasks.

Furthermore, the Ryzzen 2200G is a four core four thread processor.

Warning: The processor may crash or may not work at all on the usage of the Windows 7 operating system. Therefore, you might need to switch onto Windows 10.

Graphics Card

Choice 1:  Radeon RX 570

I did say earlier that I wished this to be a complete AMD build. Therefore, the optimal GPU for you to choose would be the Radeon RX 570. It works superbly while you are on a budget. You can easily play the new 2020 games suck as DOOM Eternal at medium settings.

Day to day work can be easily done on this machine. If you are a programmer or a designer, you would not be disappointed with its gaming performance.

Choice 2: GTX 1650 Super

Now, I did mention that I would be making this a complete AMD build. Well, that is my choice and this does not stop me from sharing this Nvidia GPU. It has the latest GDDR6 Memory that works really well with new games. It has 4 GB of VRAM that is enough to tackle many AAA titles.

Personally, I own an Nvidia GPU and can guarantee that it has been working just fine for the past three years.

Furthermore, I want to add that the RX 570 has 8 GB of VRAM but works on an older GDDR5 memory. Technology is advancing fast and new chips make the GPU more faster and efficient. But in this scenario, it wouldn’t really make a difference in gaming.

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It is because the GTX 1650 is better at some games while the RX 570 performs better at others.

RAM: HyperX Fury 8GB 3200MHz

Every game requires a lot of RAM to work upon. But having RAM at a faster speed is a bonus because the efficiency is maximized. The HyperX Fury would easily get your job done and the best part is that the Ryzen used in our build can handle 3200 MHz

If you are a person who edits videos quite a lot, then I would go on to recommend that you buy two of these RAM sticks. There is a huge amount of RAM savoring by the browsers nowadays and one must always be extra prepared

For now, 8 GB of RAM is enough for our $500 PC build.

Power supply unit: Thermaltake Smart 500W

Power supply units need to be very good and efficient. Furthermore, they should also save electricity. They are the unit that provides power to the motherboard and it matters to buy them from a good company. Thermaltake has been a very good company in making cases and cooling units. Therefore, buying a 500W power supply from them makes sense.

They come with a five year warranty and support. The company also claims to provide Industry grade protection. This specific model has 80 PLUS LOAD or 80 percent efficiency under maximum load

You could also choose a 450W power supply if you find a better deal online. Having a larger power supply pays to have better room for any upgrades. A 500W PSU for $500 PC build. How ironic!


Storage is very important as we store our data almost on a regular basis. The important thing in 2020 is not how much data can be stored. More importantly, it is how faster the data can be retrieved.

Therefore, we have chosen a blend of storage for a smooth and responsive experience.

ADATA SU800 128GB M.2

The motherboard offers an excellent support for SSD. Therefore, we have chosen a 128 GB SSD that has your Windows installed. Installing programs at SSD, especially the operating system means faster performance. It improves the boot time to such an extent that it can be seen plainly by anyone.

If you are a video editor, or simply an Android developer you need this equipment for sure. An SSD will make sure that you are getting a very fast experience. It is because the small chip uses P N junction diodes that are faster.

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Western Digital Blue 500GB HDD

500 GB is a bit less concerning the data you might have but we only have the money left to purchase this. Under the $500 PC build, it is extremely necessary to have this hardware. You will store games on this drive as they do not need the faster loading time and can be stored on the HDD. It will not affect the performance.

More importantly, considering the size of the newly released games, you would definitely want to upgrade this in the future. Besides, you also need to store media such as movies or photos.

Click here to purchase WD Blue HDD

CASE: darkFlash Micro ATX Mini

People buy excellent parts for their builds, but compromise the money on the case. Therefore, we have chosen an excellent case for you. Having a good case ensure that you have good airflow.

Having a computer with good airflow will always benefit in the longer run. It increases the shelf life of the product.

This product from dark flash not only has good space but also offers excellent cable management. You can install 120 MM Fans or even a Water-cooling Radiator. Therefore, you can buy this without any doubt


You can easily build a $500 gaming PC from the above list. Remember to always search for products on multiple websites before ordering them. This Ryzen Build will definitely not disappoint you

As always, Stay safe and Happy Building!!

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