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If you want to hack your game and want to earn the unlimited resources for your game or you want to learn about the Cheat engine, then you had come to the right place. Here we discuss how the cheat engine works in your Android device. Also, the differentalternatives for using this cheat engine in your Android device.

Working of Cheat Engine

Download the apk file of the cheat engine, then install it. After installing, you have to start this application, allow all permissions that were asked by the driver for running any particular game. After this process, you can use this engine while playing any game. This will enhance your gaming experience to a great extent.

For applying this engine to any game, you can follow these steps:

Steps for using Cheat Engine

  1. Open the app of the cheat engine by tapping on its icon.
  2. Start any game in which you want to apply this engine by tapping on its icon.
  3. Cheat Engine has its servers list. Find your game server or process in that list.
  4. Open that process by tapping to that and do the change whatever you want for your game.
  5. For decreasing the value of that, purchase inside it.
  6. Then you can view what changes you have made to your favorite game.
  7. Add this value address to the number 4 of the list and tap to the active option and change the value you want to do in that particular game.
  8. Then you can see that the value that you have changed will be changed in your game.

It works based on scanning the internet. It will search in the MOD versions available for your game. For example, if you are modifying the game called Subway Surfers, then it will check the value of all the MOD versions available for this game. After scanning, it will change the value of the game present in your device.

This tool works very efficientlywith many other games. You can get mod that contains many resources of the game like items, coins with unlimited in number. But there are many games in which this cheat engine does not work correctly. You can download it from the Google Play Store, and you can check the list of what are the games included in that.

Also, you can check more information about this cheat engine, as well as the apps and games from this website.

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Hacking Android Games Using Cheat Engine

It is a good thing to play games in your Android device, especially the hard games which are in the form of adventure, arcade, multiplayer games, etc. But there are horrible situationsthat occur in which we stuck at a particular level of the game. The reason can be because of the limited resources or any particular glitch or bugs.

Another reason can be you have o purchase any resources inside the game. But you have now addicted to this a game, and you can’t stay stable until you finish this game. So, in this scenario, you can take some of the help of any cheat engine. Here are some of the cheat engine alternatives of options that you can download and use them in your Android device.

Cheat Engine Alternatives for Android

It is a very hard the thing to make a proper selection of Cheat Engines out of available options for using it for any particular game. The other perspective is to use it without rooting your Android device. Here are the best alternatives to a cheat engine for your Android device. These will help you inside your game while achieving your targets. You can always be above your friends because you have a lot of money.

Creehack (With No Root)

Creehack cheat engine has exciting features, and we can use these features without rooting our Android device. The main reason that makes this app so useful that it can run on every Android version. The layout of this app is so simple that you just have to search the game you want to hack and just bypassing the instructions you have just to hack the game.

Although this engine has many features, if you want to try more features out there, you can download it inside the app. You can earn the experience (XP), live to play as well as the gems that will help you inside the game to cross any level by free. The other process for hackling the game is to open your game and follow the next steps.

The next step is to tap to the purchase button in the in-app purchases menu. Then just pay for it, and then the process ends and can find that your game is hacked.

You can download this app from here.

Freedom (With Root)

Freedom is one of the most reputed and well- known cheat engines if we talk about the app which needs to root the phone. This is one of the main concerns with this app. It will challenge your phone’s warranty. But this app is totally free. For hacking your games, you don’t need to pay any charges.

This app contains a broad base for the games. It includes many numbers of games with every Android version. It supports every Android version starting from Android version 2.3 to the latest version to date. You can also get customization options in this app. There are more than ten languages options present in this app.

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You can download this application in the latest version from the link .

Game Killer (With Root)

Game Killer is a cheat engine which works on very different method as compared to other drivers. It just guides us to make changes in the in-app purchases. So, in short, it is considered as one of the best hacking apps out of the other engines.

You can download this app from the link.

Leo Play card (With No Root)

Leo Play card cheat engine is considered as one of the best cheat engines that will help you to hack any game you want. The main advantage of using this app that this works without rooting your Android device. You can hack any game without having insecure about your device. With the help of this app, you can hack any offline games for Android.

With the help of this application, you can get many numbers of resources like coins, gems, and many other items inside the game. From these resources, you will be able to purchase many in-app things in the store. This app will make your game absolutely free with all items purchased. Also, you get extra lives while playing this game.

You can download this application from the link.

Lucky Patcher (With No Root)

Lucky Patcher is the next in this list. This application is a prevalent and most reputed cheat engine from this list. It is the best alternative from the previous app called Freedom. The reason is that this app requires no root, but the last app that is Freedom requires the rooting process.

By using this application, you can get the points, gems, coins. The other additional feature of this engine is that you can remove ads from the game itself. Also, the versions of this cheat engine are totally stable, and you don’t have to need to download any beta version of the game. Although it is the alternative of the Freedom app, the way of using it is very different as compared to it.

The process of this engine is simple that is it fools the store that is Google Play Store as it shows him that it has been given the gift card to the game. Hence the gems, coins as well as other resources will increase directly. So, with this feature, we can say that it will work efficiently with online games.

Also, the other feature we get with this app is that it can transfer and move files from one folder to another. Or it can change in their external memory, and it allows the back-up of the particular game.

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You can download this app from the link.

SB Game Hacker apk (With or without Root)

In this list, the next cheat engine is the SB Game Hacker app, which works on the internet connection. It is used for a hacking app. If you want strength to attack or stamina or skills to reach the next level of the game. This app is absolutely free and also ad-free. This will enhance your hacking experience of any particular game.

But for raising your comfort level and for providing you with more options, it may contain some of the in-app purchases. This cheat engine can work on both scenarios that are with rooting as well as the non-rooting process. You can access it without root, but there are some options in which you have to compulsory root your Android device.

In addition to that, there are many more features included in this cheat engine. It consists of the filtration of the data entered and also gave you the most relevant searches of your game. Here are many options for choosing the language of yours. You can select Chinese as well as the English words.

Download this app from the link .


Here we discuss the working of the cheat engine and how we can install any cheat engine in our device. Also how it helps to hacking Android games and how it can give us advantages and what are they. At last, we discuss some of the alternatives of these cheat engines for hacking our Android games.

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