Avast For Android

Avast For Android

You probably know mobile devices have their own safety issues, and that is why I used (and recommended) Avast For Android, an excellent free security app.
Using Avast Antivirus’ free version to make your Desktop malware-free for a while because it is easier to keep your data and identity secure from hackers and scammers than other “paying” solutions.
So, Let’s give a try and use it once.

Avast For devices based on android

Android users do need to protect their phones, laptops, and other devices effectively against antivirus.

Avast’s coming in here. They are now providing a fantastic (and free) Android app antivirus solution for this need.

Avast Mobile Security gives your Android computer excellent protection against Avast antivirus. It also provides a range of anti-theft protection. I’ve long been using Avast For my android mobile Protection, and I really like it because my phone doesn’t look sluggish.

Avast Mobile Security does everything it can to keep your device secured against viruses, spyware, and other kinds of malware.

  • It protects your device from viruses.
  • It helps if you ever lose your cell.
  • The Remote Computer Lock and Memory Wipe feature ensure that your sensitive data remains secure.
  • Includes a network meter and an app manager to help you keep your Android device under full control.

Recently, hackers have started hacking cell phones, mobile devices and this is a worthwhile training. I think there is no better way than by downloading the free Avast Mobile Security app to keep your apps and apps, your personal and financial data, secure.

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Literally: Malware security is just the same as in your computer and as on your Android apps. Android Avast is a safe alternative to keep them smooth and secure.

Must Have: CCleaner, my favorite optimization and clean-up tool, is another must-have free app for any Android device!

System Requirements

Available for updating and use on any Google Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21) smartphone, is the new edition of Avast Mobile Protection. Avast Mobile Defense encompasses both smartphones and tablets.

The software is compatible with all Gun-operating Android apps. Each distributor or manufacturer of its products shall, however, make minor modifications.

Some apps can be strange or not running in serious cases. Please notice that Avast can not secure all customization of the provider to the operating system.

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Download And Install:

You can download and allow the new Avast Mobile Security edition from Google Play Store.

After deployment has been completed, click Open to run the software.

To continue using the free edition of the Avast Mobile Defense, tap Launch or tap Upgrade now to add additional features and upgrades to the Avast Mobile Security Premium.

If you experience problems with the installation of Avast Mobile Protection, we recommend that you fully deinstall Avast Mobile Protection and reinstall it instead, repeating the above steps.

How to Uninstall Avast??

Open Machine Setup, test Machine Admin and launch program admin applications.

Disable the Avast Mobile Security System Admin license.

Go to Software, and open Settings for your android device.

Select the Device Information tab on Avast Mobile Security and then hit Force End.

In the Storage area, form Transparent Data and Simple Cache.

Press and click Uninstall to go to the Function Information tab.


Avast For Android

Anti Theft: Best feature

Anti-robbery has been designed to secure your mobile data and to help you to get back your computer in case of failure or robbery. For example, if an defective SIM card has been discovered, Anti-Theft can be customised for automatic results, sounding an alarm.

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Some anti-theft features include-

Camera Trap: picks up an inappropriate button from a thief’s clip.

Audio recording: secretly at all times monitors the history of the handset.

Last recognized postcode: send the position message to your Avast account if the system battery is missing.

Security PIN: locks the computer and lets you warn after 8 unsuccessful attempts.

Security of SIM: locks the device and if the sim card changes it sounds an alarm

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App Lock Feature

Device Locking is an Avast Mobile Premium paid feature that protects your sensitive applications with a PIN or pattern. This method can also be used for device locking if you have programmed your android device to unlock the screen with a fingerprint.

Picture Vault provides a pass-code for your images to secure connection. Photos from File Vault are safe and stored.

Scanning Feature

The Search button scans all installed applications on your device and identifies security risks raised by changes to the default settings in Android.

Avast scans software automatically newly built for the first time. Avast Mobile Security will disable or delete the computer when ransomware is detected.

Junk Cleaner

On the main device screen tap the Clean Junk icon, and the Avast Motive Security will measure the space on your computer and show how many junk files are stored in your storage room.

By typing the Safe clean screen, the different types of junk files found will be shown.

Tap Clean on your device to clear up all things that you do not want to clean.

RAM Booster

Tap the Lift RAM tile on your main app page to turn off any program in the history of your computer. It stops machines from slowing down and running the CPU. When you complete the amount of space freed and the number of apps destroyed.

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Blacklisting Feature: Call Block

The Call Blocker enables the blacklist filtering of calls.

You can choose to make blacklist calls: all hidden numbers.

Both numbers have been secured.

Your contacts folder has a name you chose.

A number you have selected manually into the app.


System RequirementAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
PricingFree and, Premium($24-$40)
AdvertisementWithout Premium
App LockComes with Premium Feature
Anti-TheftComes on both Free and Premium
DownloadClick Here
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Alternatives Of Avast

Avast For Android
Alternatives: Avast For Android

Norton Mobile Security

System RequirementAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean
PricingFree, Premium($30)
AdvertisementIncludes in free version
App LockNot having the feature
Anti-TheftOffers only mobile Security, not having this feature
DownloadClick Here
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Lookout Security & Antivirus

System RequirementAndroid 4.4 Jelly Bean
PricingFree and Premium($30-$100)
AdvertisementWith Free Version
App LockNot Included
Anti-TheftComes with Both Free and Premium Version
DownloadClick Here
Quick Look On “Lookout Security & Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

System RequirementAndroid 4.2 Jelly Bean
PricingFree and Premium($20)
AdvertisementWithout Premium Version
App LockYes have this feature
Anti-TheftComes with the premium feature
DownloadClick Here
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FAQ Regarding “Avast antivirus For Android”

FAQ:Avast For Android
FAQ:Avast For Android

Safety & Security

Yes, It Is safe and secure and i have mentioned it above.

Free/ Premium

Yes, It is free. But also comes with premium pack in which it allows you to enable some of the best features.

Because everything that takes money gives you something in exchange.

The need of using avast antivirus

Yes, I recommend you to use it because just like your computer you mobile also needs security.

Because your mobile is is nothing but a mini-computer. And so on as it gets connected to the internet most of the chances are that viruses can attack.


I should make one last thing clear to all of you that in the world of the internet you must have a little bit of fear of security. It’s not that you can’t get security these are the software specially designed to make your life complex free.

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