People using Samsung gadgets are not aware of the majority of these features which will improve the device’s functionality and probably make the user experience a lot better. One such tool is the Quickboard tool. We will cover all the topics relating to quickboards and further, explore what is in this article.

Samsung is a Multinational company that is an agglomeration of various businesses in South Korea. Interestingly, Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938 as a trading company and it was in the 1960s that it expanded to take the role of “Samsung Electronics”.

At present, “Samsung Electronics”  is the world’s largest IT company. Other badges of honours include the 2nd largest shipbuilder and the 13th largest construction company in the name of “Samsung Heavy Industries” and “Samsung Engineering” respectively. Samsung gadgets are widely popular for their user-friendly interface and are the literal definition of best goods at affordable deals. Preferred by all age groups, Samsung devices have various in-built features which in the case of other brands, one must make use of third-party applications for accessibility.

What is

Before we get into the details, I wish to go in chronological order, starting by explaining certain concepts. These concepts will be fundamental in understanding the above string of alphabets and characters. This approach will less alienize the subject in question for you.

How do apps work?

Applications or apps are programs that when executed give us the desired output. Apps can be of three types. Desktop apps, Web apps, and mobile apps. Desktop apps are the complete versions that contain accessibility to all the features that the program was developed for. Since mobiles have space constraints, these apps are made into smaller versions with reduced accessibility to the features. Web applications are the ones that need the internet for them to work and are accessed via search engines. We will only be talking about mobile apps in this particular section.

Downloading apps is pretty simple, isn’t it? All you should do is go to the play store or app store to download the applications you want. On the outside, when you use an application, you are working with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). GUI is a medium between the program and user which enables indirect interaction between both. Behind the curtains, you have a program running in the background. So basically, all the colorful icons in an app that you see on your screens are like the icing on top of a cake. Now, every application needs certain files to access and store data while it is running in the foreground. All these files are automatically downloaded into your storage when you install the application. Deliberate or unintentional deletion of these files will affect the proper functioning of your applications.

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Now, let us move on to address the elephant in the room. Many might think of this string as a website looking at its extension but believe me, it is nowhere near. This is similar to the file or folder on your device that contains data pertaining to any application. The reason it is named this way is that Samsung follows something called reverse domain naming for the purpose of unique identification of the files for your OS. This particular folder or file belongs to quickboard which is a Samsung-developed widget. You cannot explicitly find this function in your settings but it is present in the form of some other tools on your device. The folder belongs to the “Media and Devices” widget on your device.

This folder helps to connect various devices with your mobile via Bluetooth or wifi and this is done on a database held on servers. For example, you will find this extension in your google activity when you use screen mirroring to connect your phone to your tv. This extension aids with remote control of various other devices using your mobile as the source.

Media and Devices

To find media and devices,

  • Drag down the notification page.
  • You will find these options in the top panel. Their placements vary for different versions of Samsung devices.
  • Devices will display all the gadgets that you connected to in the past using Bluetooth or Wifi. Tapping on them, you can view their settings and switch easily from one device to another by choosing the device you want to connect to.  
  • Media will display anything that is being played on your devices, like songs or movies. It shows alternative devices that you can connect to, other than your mobile. 

So, when you connect to any other external device to play your media, you will have the folder working in the background.


At this point, you will fully be able to understand what quickboard is. Quickboard provides shortcuts on your Samsung device for accessing and connecting with apps. It provides quick tools that you can access applications with,  just one tap or swipe instead of searching from your whole device.  

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Like, if you want to take a screenshot you would usually press and hold both the volume and power buttons. This might get tedious if you are taking many screenshots. As a shortcut, you can use quick tools which will need you to just click on a button to take a screenshot.

How to set up Quick tools?

To set up quick tools on your Samsung device;

  1. Go to “settings”.
  2. Tap on “Accessibility”.
  3. In “Accessibility”, select “Interaction and dexterity”.
  4. Enable  “Assistant menu”, by tapping on the slide button.
Assistant menu
  1. An icon similar to the windows icon will appear on your screen.
  2. Tap on it to view the default options.
  3. You can also customize and add shortcuts that you want on your quick tool by going to “Select Assistant menu items”.
  4. To add shortcuts for apps individually, click on “select apps to show contextual menus with” and enable the slider button for the apps of your choice.

How to disable

There are two ways of uninstalling this file or folder from your device. One is by using third-party applications and the other is using ADB(Android command line bridge). ADB is a command line tool that aids in debugging your android phone. If your phone is rooted then it is best to use ADB to uninstall the file. Here rooted means rights to access certain files on your device that are essential for its functioning. To avoid deleting any important files that might affect your device, developers root most of the files on your device. 

Third-party applications

You can install apps that can help you remove these files from the play store. Some popular apps include Clean Master and Uninstall Master. 


The best way to delete the files using ADB is to connect your phone via a USB cable and access the device drives in the ADB command tool on your computer. 

To enable debugging on your mobile;

  1. Go to settings on your mobile.
  2. Tap on “About phone”.
  3. Select “Software Information” and scroll down to find the build number.
Software Information
  1. If you tap on the build number seven times you will be given access to developer settings.
  2. Type in the password of your device and head to the “Developer options” in settings.
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Developer options
  1. Find “USB debugging” and enable the toggle.
USB debugging
  1. Now connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable.
  2. A dialog box will open on your phone. Click on “Allow USB debugging.
  3. Open the ADB command box on your computer and type the command “ADB uninstall”.


I suggest it is good to have installed to appreciate the benefits and features it provides to help enhance the already existing ones. It is in no way harm to your device so you can rest assured. Hope this article clarified all your doubts relating to quickbox. 


Is it dangerous to have

No, it is not dangerous or harmful to your device, But, it is considered to be potential bloatware. They might slow your device’s performance. Processing will get difficult with the file taking up more disk and memory space. If this folder has affected your device’s performance, there are ways to uninstall it and it is mentioned in detail in the article above.

What is MDX?

MDX is MultiDimensional eXpressions. It is similar to that of SQL. It is a query language for database management-based applications which works for online analytical processing.

What is

The is the folder that helps your device recognize the number you have dialed and places a call to it. It acts as an interface between the user and device to place calls to people you want to.

What is Samsung Quickboard used for?

The Samsung keyboard helps create shortcuts to access media and devices in a less complicated way. It helps connect various devices to your phone via Wifi and Bluetooth and helps media with one another.

Is it okay to delete files?

No, it is advisable not to go about deleting files. These files come with your phone by default and are essential for loading data and processing certain applications on your phone. You can delete bloatware if you have proper knowledge of its functionality. If you delete files that are important you might end up losing necessary features on your device and render it unrepairable.