Our android phone is stacked full of applications. All the applications present on your mobile have a unique package name. So, whenever a user searches for any app name in the Google play store, the Application is retrieved by the play store by using the unique package name. Each application creates a folder in the package name consisting of data and cache files, classes, and interfaces that are organized into a single package by android developers. So, let’s get into the title in detail.

Launcher apps enable you to customize your home screen and design the icons that almost guide you as a personal assistant. It is a launcher app that most android lovers love to have this app as they like to have customization options on their phones. Launcher apps allow you to have a desktop design layout or another version of a mobile design interface just by using an app.

Com.dti.folder launcher is a system app in most android phones, especially Samsung Galaxy phones and it has its functionalities. If you want to have a new home screen experience you can start using a launcher. Even though, it’s very common to have customization options such as default launchers while buying the phone. Anyway, you can still choose an android launcher that best suits your needs. you can still create your design and personalization by creating custom widgets the way you want them to look, and also you can change the style and size of app icons. The entire home screen is replaced with a new design and you can personalize the icons to your comfort almost without any effort. In this article, you will find the ways to fix errors that are caused when Com. dti.folderlauncher is getting crashed.


Ways to find the package name for an application

The easiest way to find the package name for an application is by using the play store. Are you interested to look at the package name of the apps which you are using? Then, Follow the steps below.

  1. Open google play store on a PC using
  2. Type the app for which you want to find the package name in the search bar. For example, if you want to find the package name of youtube type youtube in the search bar.
  3. Open the app and The next page of the URL contains the package name in the last part of the URL 

What is meant by com.dti.folderlauncher Android app?

What is the application name of the package com.dti.folderlauncher? The package name refers to the game app or games hub which allows the user to play more games using a single icon. It acts as a game launcher and it is configured during the initial runtime or setup process, overlayed in addition to the launcher by the service provider. So it is very difficult for the user to even know that such apps are existing on your phone.

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Are you a person who uses many games and want to access them many times a day? Then probably, this app package will best suit you. The launcher app enables you to organize multiple games using a single icon. All the games downloaded from any of the play stores will be in one place. You can easily open any game using this launcher.

Most Samsung phone is well-known for their bloatware apps along with the most essential system apps. One of the most essential system apps of Samsung devices is Com.dti.folderlauncher.

Does com.dti.folderlauncher requires any permission from your phone?

In general, system apps or preinstalled apps require the minimum permission needed for their functioning. Also, it comes installed in a partition with the ROM of your device it is just stored in the folder system/app folder. It gains permission from system-only apps and it is also not shared with other third-party apps. The primary permission obtained are device, storage, location, a pp drawer, etc.

Is com.dti.folderlauncher safe to reside on your phone?

Have you ever come across the package name com.dti.folder launcher while searching through all apps on your device? Don’t panic. It’s not a virus or some bloatware that infects your device. It is harmless and the primary goal of the package to reside in your phone is to help you in accessing multiple apps using a single icon. If you want all game apps downloaded on your device to be in one place and to launch it with a single icon then this folder launcher is best to use. It’s neither malware, threat, bloatware, or virus.

Can I uninstall com.dti.folderlauncher from my device?

If the app is installed from any of the stores available on your device then you can uninstall it without much effort. Typical people tend to ask this question only when they face some issue. If the app crashes or pops out some error while you were working then it’s a good idea to uninstall it. If it is a temporary issue then you can just simply go ahead with the Force stop option or clear the cache. This would solve the problem. Another reason user would remove such packages from the phone is that they will have many more apps and it occupies much of your ROM, takes your battery life, and reduce the performance of the device.

To free up space in your device you can uninstall it. Let me start with the easiest option. If the app is not a preinstalled one then you can uninstall it easily. Go to the home screen and swipe up. Select the games hub app. Long press it and click on uninstall.

The other way is to uninstall an app from your device.

  1. Go the to play store app.
  2. Tap the profile icon on the top right side of the app.
  3. Select manage app & devices. Again select Manage.
  4. Choose the name of the app you want to delete.
  5. Select the delete symbol.

Ways to uninstall com.dti.folder launcher from my device?

If the app is a system app that comes inbuilt with the device itself then you need to do the following steps given below. It’s not a one-step process as if you will uninstall the apps that you downloaded from the ay store. Mostly System apps are uninstalled in these two methods.

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Uninstall the system app using ADB

ADB allows you to interact with your phone using the commands in Powershell. Follow the steps below to uninstall a system app from your android device. You need to have a PC and an android phone to implement this process.

  1. Go to settings >system>About phone.
  2. Tap on build number 7 times to activate developer options.
  3. Go back to the settings and click on additional settings.
  4. The next step is to Go to system> enable developer options>enable USB debugging.
  5. Download ADB on your PC.
  6. Extract the downloaded ZIP files and save them in a folder.
  7. You need to open the command prompt from the folder where the extracted files are saved.
  8. Enter the ADB devices command.
  9. Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable and select transfer files.
  10. An USB notification is received on your phone and allows access for USB debugging.
  11. Enter the command ADB devices again in PowerShell. Now you will see the serial number of your device.
  12. Run the command to uninstall the package name or desired app from your device.
  13. ADB shell uninstalls -user 0 com.dti.folderlauncher.
  14. It starts uninstalling the app. After a few seconds, the app will no longer be present on your phone.

Using de-bloater

The other way to uninstall the system app is by using a debloater. This is done by rooting your device which poses a warranty threat to your phone. The most important step is to find the right de-bloater for your device. Download a system removing the application that suits your device. Below are the steps given to uninstall system apps.

  1. Install a system app remover or debloater application.
  2. Launch the application and Tap on the GRANT option that gives fulfill access permission to your device.
  3. It opens a list of system apps available on your device. Select the app which you want to remove by tapping the checkbox next to it.
  4. Confirm it by clicking yes.
  5. The app is uninstalled.

How to fix the error com.dti.folder launcher in your device

Clear cache

Clear cache is used when your phone is stuck or keeps crashing in the middle of work. the clear cache will clear the temporary files or cookies that were used a long time before. It’s good practice to do it occasionally.

  1. Open settings in your device.
  2. Tap on storage and select apps.
  3. Select the app for which you want to clear the storage.
  4. Select clear cache.

Restart your device

Restarting is the simple and best solution for any issues that appear on your phone.

Close background apps

There are chances to solve any issues caused by the launcher app while you close the background apps. These are simple ways to close the background app which is consuming the storage and battery.

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Click on the battery.
  3. Select Battery usage.
  4. You can see the list of apps consuming your phone battery.
  5. Select any app and change the option from optimized to restricted.

Enable force-stop

Sometimes a simple act of doing a force-stop helps to fix the issue.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select the Game hub app or com. dti.folder launcher package.
  4. Click on Force stop.

Factory reset

The factory reset should be your final option. Be sure to do this if it is very important to fix the issue. Doing this will erase all the data from your phone. Let’s look at the steps to do a factory reset.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Tap on the system.
  1. Tap on Reset options.
  2. Select Erase all data or factory reset.
Factory reset

Update firmware

This is one regular activity to be done for the overall performance of all apps on your device.

  1. Open the settings.
  1. Select system updates.
  2. Enablibg smart updates will automatically download and updates are done when connected to Wi-Fi.
Update firmware

Contact the service center

Finally, If you can’t solve the issue with all the steps given above then you can contact the service center. They will assist you in troubleshooting the problem and you can fix the issue soon.

Limitations of having Com.dti.folder launcher in your device

If you are a person who usually plays more games then this app will help you a lot. As you can access all of the game apps using a single icon, it saves you time in searching for a specific game. But having more game applications on your device will lead to a problem such as less processing power, drain your battery soon, and Also occupies much storage. It is based on individual perspectives on whether to have a game folder launcher. Every Device differs in its functionalities and features .Some have more ROM, while others have less ROM.Whatever it is if the com. dti. folder launcher is a system app then you might think for a second to uninstall it. Because sometimes system apps play a vital role in the proper functioning of your device.

Some system apps are impossible to uninstall whatever methods you try. But be careful before trying to uninstall system apps as there are a lot of security risks involved. If you remove it forcibly then it may lead to having some impact on your device’s functioning.


So, while buying a phone it is also necessary to have a look over the system apps that comes along with it. Having basic knowledge about system apps will be beneficial while you are trying to install other apps. Typically people look for system apps only when they are facing storage issues or apps crashing.

This article would have helped you to understand what is com.dti.folderlauncher. The ways to uninstall it from your device are clearly explained .so, hope you would have got the information that you have been looking for.