CMHprovider | What is CMH provider | How to fix

Clueless about why your Gallery stopped working or why the “CMHProvider has stopped working” error messages pop up every now and then. In today’s world, technology plays a massive role and people are being obsessed with mobile phones and especially the most widely used application has to be the Camera. Everybody loves to capture the moment so that they can have a part of that memory with them. All these captured images get stored in your phone’s gallery now what if your gallery’s not opening and when this happens users tend to get into a panic state and have no idea what certainly has gone wrong.  So, now there’s no point in worrying because in this article I will be talking about CMHProvider. What does it mean? And why you shouldn’t be stopping it.


What is CMHProvider?

The CMH Provider android application is, to put it plainly, an application coordinated by a gathering of highlights intended for the Gallery and Highlight player applications. Generally, there are numerous clients getting some information about the use of this application on android devices and once in a while on account of certain mistakes. One might wonder what does the term highlight player applications mean so for basic understanding the video highlights or the memory lane highlights which pop up in your gallery or any photo application is dependent on CMHProvider.

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CMHProvider is a protected application or is it an infection?

According to the android application list, this is a purely safe application for your device and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Normally, a few clients have a few issues with the notice mistake about the application halted, and they think it is an infection yet it isn’t. This notice mistake can be shown due to a new update or a few changes as of late done to your gadget. This can be fixed by killing the application notices or by clearing the information and store, both inside the framework application settings.

How to fix CHMprovider has stopped working

Method1: Go to setting-> Search “CMHProvider” in Apps->Storage-> Clear cache and data, rerun the app

CMHProvider has stopped then clear cache

Method2: Now if again CMHProvider has stopped, the once again clear cache with data and force stop the application.

CMHProvider force stop

You problem get fixed.

Is it safe to stop CMHProvider?

It is unquestionably not a smart thought to uninstall this application. In the event that you do as such, the dependent applications will without a doubt quit working. As a rule, clients whine about this application since it abruptly shows a mistake saying that the application has halted. So, it’s better not to force stop this application if you are only using the built-in gallery provided by the phone. If you use photos provided by google then I can say it is ok to force stop CMHProvider.

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The Android stage exploits the Linux client-based assurance to recognize and detach application resources. This disconnects applications from one another and shields applications and the framework from infected applications. To do this, Android allocates a one-of-a-kind client ID (UID) to every Android application and runs it in its own cycle.

One specific interest is to allocate an application an exceptional UID so it will be permitted to get resources that in any case will not have the option to get to. By exceptional UID, we normally mean the UID characterized by framework.         

Indeed, we can do that by proclaiming android:sharedUserId=”android.uid.xxxx” in the AndroidManifest.xml.

What is AndroidManifest.xml

 The AndroidManifest.xml file consists data of your bundle, including parts of the application like exercises, administrations, broadcast beneficiaries, content suppliers and so on

AndroidManifest plays out some different undertakings too:

  • It is dependable to ensure the application to get to any secured parts by giving the authorizations.
  • It additionally pronounces the android programming interface that the application will utilize.

Each application project should have an AndroidManifest.xml document (with definitely that name) at the base of the undertaking source set. The show document depicts fundamental data about your application to the Android assemble apparatuses, the Android working framework, and Google Play.

Among numerous different things, the show record is needed to proclaim the accompanying:

 The application’s bundle name, which for the most part coordinates with your code’s namespace. The Android assemble apparatuses utilize this to decide the area of code elements when constructing your task. When bundling the application, the form instruments supplant this worth with the application ID from the Gradle assemble documents, which is utilized as the extraordinary application identifier on the framework and on Google Play. Peruse more about the bundle name and application ID.

The segments of the application, which incorporate all exercises, administrations, broadcast recipients, and substance suppliers. Every part should characterize fundamental properties, for example, the name of its Kotlin or Java class. It can likewise pronounce abilities, for example, which gadget designs it can deal with, and expectation channels that portray how the segment can be begun. Peruse more about application parts.

The consents that the application needs to get to secured portions of the framework or other applications. It additionally pronounces any consents that other applications should have in the event that they need to get to content from this application. Peruse more about consents.

The equipment and programming highlight the application requirements, which influences which gadgets can introduce the application from Google Play. Peruse more about gadget similarity.

In case you’re utilizing Android Studio to fabricate your application, the show record is made for you. And a large portion of the fundamental show components is added as you assemble your application (particularly when utilizing code formats).

Document highlights

The accompanying areas depict how the absolute most significant qualities of your application are reflected in the show document.

Bundle name and application ID

The show document’s root component requires a quality for your application’s bundle name (generally coordinating with your task catalogue structure—the Java namespace).

For instance, the accompanying bit shows the root <manifest> component with the bundle name “com.example.myapp”:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""
android:versionName="1.0" >

More on Application Sandbox

Android utilizes the UID to set up a part-level Application Sandbox. The piece implements security among applications and the framework at the cycle level through standard Linux capabilities, for example, client and gathering IDs given to applications. Naturally, applications can’t collaborate with one another and have restricted admittance to the OS. In the event that application A attempts to accomplish something malevolent, for example, reading application B’s information or dial the phone without consent, it’s kept from doing so in light of the fact that it doesn’t have the fitting default client advantages. The sandbox is basic, auditable, and dependent on many years old UNIX-style client division of cycles and file authorizations.

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Since the Application Sandbox is in the piece, this security model stretches out to both local code and OS applications. The entirety of the product over the portion, like OS libraries, application structure, application runtime, and all applications, run inside the Application Sandbox. At certain stages, engineers are compelled to a particular improvement structure, set of APIs, or language. In Android OS, there are no constraints as per how an application gets created in order for it to sustain security. In such a manner, neighborhood code is as sandboxed as interpreted code.

mlp: The Mobile Location Protocol (MLP) is an application-level convention for getting the situation of Mobile Stations (MS: cell phones, remote gadgets, and so forth) autonomous of hidden organization innovation. The MLP fills in as the interconnects the Location Server and an area-based application.

Gallery stories: You can utilize stories likewise to collections, assisting you with getting sorted out your picture and recordings. However, you can likewise utilize stories to transform your pictures into arrangements and GIFs. Your image story highlights will be added to the Stories section or some phones have a memories section of the Gallery app. However, you can keep adding or eliminating pictures.

IPService: The is local assistance liable for the internet services. But, there are issues and errors stating that this application stops working, the problem is that the internet is not causing this error but it’s the Wi-Fi that triggers this mistake and not the versatile information.

Now let’s get to the point where your gallery is still not working in spite of fixing the CMHProvider, then here are the things you should do:

  1. Go to Settings > Then Apps. Go to, All apps > Gallery > Clear Data and Cache.
  2. Once everything’s cleared, just click on Force Stop.
  3. Now go to Camera > Clear Cache and Data and then click on force stop.
  4. Hereafter all that you require to do is restart your gadget and check if the mix-up is fixed.

Strategy 2: Cache and Data clean-up of Media Storage

  1. Locate to Settings > Apps. Go to, All apps > Media Storage > Clear Data and Cache.
  2. Presently, restart your contraption and check if it tackles the goof.

Strategy 3: Reset App Preference

  • Go to Setting > Apps. Go to, All the Apps > Find the Menu button and click on it.
  • You will see diverse choice > Tap on “Reset application inclinations”
  • An exchange box will show up > Read the substance and Click on Reset Apps
  • Presently Restart your gadget and check on the off chance that it fixes your blunder.

Elective Methods to Fix the Error:

Strategy 4: Delete a few things from SD Card

A large number of the clients have fixed “Sadly, Gallery has halted” Error by erasing a portion of the substance that was conveying bunches of room. You can even erase a portion of the recordings and photographs and check if it fixes your issue. I trust your blunder gets fixed basically by erasing a portion of the things.

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Strategy 5: Unmount SD Card

  • Go to Settings > Storage > Find and select “Unmount SD card”.
  • Currently, check whether the blunders fixed.
  • You better change your SD card or expecting you would not really like to change, plan the SD card.
  • Presently, on the off chance that your blunder has been fixed. The task gets finished in any case and heads to the next strategy and follows the progression.

Strategy 6: Wipe save section from Recovery Mode

Switch off your device > And now to enter into the Recovery Mode by simply pushing the volume increase button and main power button both at the same time.

Not every android device has the exact alike way to penetrate into the Recovery Mode. So, you need to follow that particular method. As the above provided method might work for some phones so give it a try. Essentially find which one works for your device to get into Recovery Mode.

Select wipe store parcel > press power catch and it will at that point begin cleaning the reserve.

A message will show up after the fulfilment > Select reboot framework now and it will begin rebooting your gadget.

Presently your gadget has cleaned the store and you can utilize the gadget like beforehand without blunder. This cycle may eradicate the save information of the application.

In this way, these are a portion of the strategies to fix “Shockingly, Gallery has halted” Error in Android. Ideally, you have tackled the mistake. Tell us which strategy worked for you.


At the end, I would just suggest you all not stop this application as it will directly affect the working of your gallery and also the video highlight player application. In this article, I have also put forward the other alternatives for your gallery not working. This will intend to help you in solving the errors. One more that I would suggest to you all before trying all these methods, is to back up your data because if by chance these techniques don’t tend to work you will lose all your photos. So, better to save everything beforehand.