Artificial intelligence in medicine

Artificial intelligence in medicine

Artificial intelligence in medicine: Gossipfunda presents how AI used in medical sciences mainly on medicine.


artificial intelligence, sometimes we called machine intelligence also in computer science technology, this intelligence expressed by the machines, and it is in combination with the natural intelligence displayed by human beings. 

AI invented in 1956. Artificial intelligence, modeled by John McCarthy, is a great computer scientist in America.

Artificial intelligence in which we development of intelligence of a machine. Working like humans i.e., thinking, working. For example, voice recognition, problem-solving, learning, etc.

Where the machine thinks and learns. It is a computer program, i.e., artificial intelligence, in short form AI. By this study our computer becomes smart.

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Artificial intelligence in medicine :

 Artificial Intelligence in the medical field used for the analysis of health-related treatments and prevention of diseases, techniques.

The first aim of artificial medical intelligence is to analyze how to prevent or treat techniques.

Artificial Intelligence software is the ability of computer algorithms to give the approximate conclusion of human output.

AI technology can gain information and process the information and give a perfect output to them.

Artificial intelligence is used to prevent and give treatment by the condition of humans; it analyzes the problem, and it can solve by artificial intelligence.

More Uses:

Artificial intelligence in medicine mainly uses the IT techniques to predict, treat the data. It can detect useful datasets. Computer techniques are more useful in this by all the computer instructions. They analyze the disease to give the appropriate treatment to the patient. 

Artificial Intelligence used to improve patient and provider communication. By the disease of the patient, they give a correct treatment to patients and decrease the unnecessary testing and treatment with this artificial intelligence; the cost may increase. This artificial intelligence determines the health problems and high risks situations, and they solve that.

 Here we have one question, I.e., robots will replace the doctors are not? 

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Silicon investor Vinod Khosla always argues about this question; he always said that robots would not replace the doctors if you give a chance to robots to do the doctors task it takes more time than doctors and if they do wrong it effect on the hospital, humans are much better than humans and waste of money to robots money consume and time-consuming. 


ICT stands for information and communication technology; It is mainly used for those people who are not having more facilities or specialists for treatments. This ICT based on the emails, smartphones, telemedicine, and telemonitoring systems by using these, they provide treatment to the patients. This is more useful for those who are not having correct treatments and no developing villages this may use mostly. All the information, receive information, sending information in the form of digital signals like telephone, mails, and PC, etc. 

The health information technology of importance is giving the best treatment to the patients, and improve the safety of patients, decrease medical errors and making a strong relationship between patients and doctors. To give quality service to the patients, they want to improve themselves to give quality treatment to the patients, and they want to decrease medical errors and mistakes.

Artificial intelligence will not act like nurses; they can’t replace the nurses. Maybe someday nurses will be replaced by robots, but this is not happening nowadays. It may happen in the future, but it not possible nowadays. About this topic, Dr. Bonnie clipper said that artificial intelligence would not replace the nurses. Which may do all tasks like humans, but it doesn’t replace humans.

Artificial Intelligence in clinical research: 

It helps in reduce cutting costs in the research. Artificial intelligence improves the trail quality and improves the trail time in the research. It helps in finding the biological markers and signal or gene signature that cause diseases in the researches. AI helps in recruiting trail patients in a short period of time in minutes. It also helps in reading the text and data in seconds of time. It helps in discovering new diseases which involving new diagnostic tools and treatments of some of the diseases such as Alzheimer’s diseases, cancer, and other chronic and terminal illness.

Digital health products of artificial intelligence: 

It helps in providing medical devices provisions of the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act 1970.

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This digital health product invented, which is improving the many models for digital health technology.

It has an incomplete insight from the United States Food and drug administration for products utilizing artificial intelligence. Over the last 5 years, the regulated different guidelines per artificial intelligence In digital health products such as mobile medical application guidelines.

Diseases identification

Diseases identification: in the year of 2015, the pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of America company has been reported that more than 800 drugs and vaccines are in the trial face for the treatment of cancer disease.

Googles sincere mind health company has been announced that multiple partnerships which include some eye hospitals in which they are developing technology to address the macular degeneration process in aging eyes 

Oxford’s Pivotal predicting response to depression treatment (PReDIcT ) us a project which is aiming to produce commercially available emotional tests battery, which is used for the clinical setting in the hospitals.

Drug Discovery / Manufacturing : 

 On calculations of how it used and the percentage of how many people are using this and either it is become a success or not by all this, the drug is being prepared.

Research and Development discovery technology has been implemented for the next generation. In this research field, we can analyze the exact metabolism of the new drug after the manufacturing drug; we can know the mechanism of the drug to the research field. 

In the research field, there are so many reports given by the drug, so the previous reports which have been submitted are used for the training of the model. We can optimize the software in the research field for the discovery of the drug. Here we have to design the complete process for the manufacturing of the drug. 

After the manufacturing of the drug, we have to go for the clinical test to improve the metabolism of the drug. Through this research process, we can analyze the mechanism of the drug in the body.

We can conduct the experiments on the mice for the complete analysis of the drug. 

A systematic process should be followed by the research developers to improve their drug ability during the manufacturing of the new drug 

Personalized treatments : 

Micro biosensors and devices mobile apps with more sophisticated health measurements and remote monitoring capabilities. The data given by these apps and technologies can be further used by the research and development system.

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Derm check: this app is available in google play store in which images are sent to the dermatologist, and the app will give perfect verified results. Not only derm check many other apps follow the same system for better results.

The systems are also used for the analysis of the disease, and some of them are also used for the direct treatment trough the technology.

Current scenario : 

In this current scenario, many of the big pharmaceutical companies began investing in artifice intelligence to develop better diagnostic or biomarkers to identified drug targets and to design new drugs and products. In the pharmaceutical company, many of the drugs are prepared and sent to the clinical research labs for the analysis and metabolism of the drug.

Clinical trial research

Clinical trial research: machine learning helps in learning the shape, size of the direct clinical trails 

Advanced predictive analysis is used in identifying the candidates for clinical trial research.

Finding the best sample sizes for increased capability, deal and embrace to difference insights for patient joining using electronic medical records to reduce the errors in data .with the help of sample size the scientists can do the trials if a failure occurs they, again and again, do that and correct it for useful medicine.

Epidemic outbreak prediction artificial intelligence:

In this artificial intelligence is used for control, determine and avoid the disease. Take an example of malaria by this we can determine, control and avoid the malaria 

Smart electronic health records : 

Artificial intelligence used to help the doctors identify the disease and analyze what problem it is and give a solution to doctors.

The machine can understand the handwriting of doctors and also understand the cursive writings after understanding the total informative the machines can transfer into machine language. 

By this, I Can conclude that artificial intelligence in medicine is useful nowadays.

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