Vizio soundbar 5.1

Vizio soundbar 5.1

 Vizio soundbar 5.1: Vizio had launched its new soundbar model number SB3651-E6. It is a 36-inch soundbar with the support of Chromecast as well as Bluetooth. This soundbar also comes with the support of Dolby Audio from Dolby Digital.

What is Vizio Soundbar 5.1?

Many products in the market provide simulated surround sound. But for the most immersive audio experience possible, you want to step up to an actual 5.1 surround sound system. Simulated surround does an efficient job of giving you a surround like an effect.

But if you want to experience the similar to what you get on movie theatre, you want the dedicated satellite speakers to provide the district channel separation and directional sound. The numbers you see in such as 2.1 or 5.1 is referred to the number of channels.

For example, for a 5.1 channel system, you have the right, left, and central channels in the soundbar itself. That’s 3 channels for you. Included you will also find the 2 wired satellite speakers that made up the remaining two channels. These satellite speakers should be placed behind to give you a surround sound experience.

Finally, you have the subwoofer, which makes up the .1 and should also be placed back of the room nearer to satellite speakers. This configuration provides the great directional sound as for the amazing sound quality and well put you right in the middle of the action, whether you are watching a movie or playing your favourite video game.


  • United States of America: $249.99
  • Canada: $349.99
  • India: Rs. 57,891

Inside The Box

The things which will be present inside the box of this Soundbar from Vizio are given below. It is good a package of components given by the Vizio are as follows:-

  1. SmartCast Soundbar
  2. Wireless Subwoofer
  3. Satellite Speakers
    • Quantity: 2
  4. Remote (XRS551-D) with batteries
  5. Audio Cable (Stereo RCA to 3.5mm)
  6. Audio Cable (3.5 mm to 3.5 mm)
  7. AudioCable(Coaxial)
  8. HDMI Cable
  9. Audio Cables (Satellite Speaker)
    • Quantity: 2
  10. Digital Optical Cable
  11. Power Cables
    • Quantity: 2
  12. Wall Mount Screws
    • Quantity: 4
  13. Wall Mount Brackets (for Soundbar and Satellite Speakers)
    • Quantity: 4
  14. Wall Mount Template (for Soundbar)
  15. Quick Start Guide
  16. Cable Ties
    • Quantity: 4

Technical Specifications

The size of the Soundbar is 36”.The frequency response of the system is 50Hz to 20 kHz. The size of the subwoofer speaker is 5.2”.For the better sound quality, the technologies used are Dolby Digital, DTS Studio Sound, DTS TruSurround, DTS TruVolume, DTS Digital Surround.

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This soundbar has the support of Bluetooth to connect wirelessly. There are many buttons in the soundbar for input, volume up, volume down, power, and Bluetooth. Except for the buttons, there is one other way for controlling the soundbar is the remote, which comes with an LCD display.

For installation of the soundbar, one can use the screws for mounting in on this way, or it can be put on the tabletop.

How to connect? 

There are many ways of connection possible for the soundbar. For the Analog audio input, one can use a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

For the Digital audio input, there is an option of using an optical Toslink cable. Toslink cable is the audio optical cable which is manufactured by Toshiba. The other opportunity for the Digital audio input is RCA cable. RCA cable is the coaxial cable that is built in America. The abbreviation of RCA is Radio Frequency Coaxial Audio.

The Soundbar also has the support of USB for another connecting option. The USB cable comes in the package of Soundbar. The abbreviation of USB is “Universal Serial Bus.” The USB connector is for the waveform audio file used for the Soundbar.

Soundbaralso comes with the support HDMI for the connection option. HDMI cable is inside in this package. For the input to be wireless, there is also an option of Bluetooth in which Bluetooth version 4.0 is being used. For a wireless connection, there is another option of Wi-Fi in model no. Of Wi-Fi is 802.11ac.

There is also an option of Ethernet, which we can directly broadcast the sound to the internet. There is also an option for HDMI. In this soundbar, there was also an IR Receiver from which you can connect it to your Android or iOS device. The range of IR is 30 feet.

Weight And Dimensions 

The dimensions the soundbar are 36.0 0” W × 3.2 0” D × 2.10” H.The feet weight of the product is 4.60 lbs (2.25 kg). The dimensions of the subwoofer are 11.80” H × 7.90” D × 6.70” W.

The product packaging dimensions are 38.60” W × 15.00” D × 8.90” H.The weight of product packaging is 17.37 lbs.

More About Technology 


Another name for Dolby Digital is Dolby AC-3, which is used for audio compression technology, and Dolby Technologies develops it. The name which is used initially was Dolby Stereo Digital till the year 1995. It was based on the MDCT ( Modified Discrete Cosine Transform) algorithm.

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The first time it was used was to provide digital sound using in the cinemas, and it was from 35mm print If films. Films today, the scenario has changed; this technology is now applying for different other applications such as broadcasting TV, broadcasting Radio from satellite, Video Streaming (Digital), for watching DVDs, Blu-ray disks, and also for gaming consoles.


Bluetooth is the simple wireless technology, and it can be used in connecting sources which are used for exchanging the information and data between the two devices in a very short distance. By using UHF Ultra High Frequency,) radio waves in the bands of industrial, scientific, and medical radio bands, which has a range of 2.4 to 2.485 GHz a and in PAN (Personal Area Networks).

Bluetooth was introduced as a wireless technology alternative to the previous technology named RS-232 data cables.


Chromecast is a series of digital media players that was recently developed by Google.

This the device was designed in the form of a small dongle that enables the users to a mobile or computers to use the internet streamed content in the form of audio-visual It will be in HD (High-Definition) television or and home theatre. The streaming will be through a mobile phone or the applications available on the web, but it should have the support of Google Cast technology.

The other method is to watch the content through the web browser that is from Google Chrome in your personal computer, or it can result in your Android device.


The abbreviation for RCA is RF (Radio Frequency) Coaxial Audio. The other name for the RCA connector is the phono connector or Cinch connector. It is a connector in electrical, which is used to transfer the audio as well as video signals.

The name RCA is by an American group known as Radio Corporation of America. They had done the design of the Radiofrequency coaxial audio around 1940 to pick up the body of RCA, which is for in-homer audio-phonograph consoles.

When it was launched in America by the RCA group, it was a lesser cost device, which is having a standard, simple design, and it is used only for the process of the mating and disconnection while maintaining the console. After that, there were made changes to their design, but today also they are compatible.


The full name of the USB connector is Universal Serial Bus. USB is simply an international industry standard that was used for the establishment of the specs for the connecting devices and the cables or wires. Also, for the protocol to stay connected, communicate with the tools even for the supplying of the power for further process. It is used between computers, devices, and other networks.

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USB was released in the year 1996 and the standard at the international level was maintained by USB-IF (Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum). In total, there are four generations of the USB:

  1. USB 1.x
  2. USB 2.0
  3. USB 3.x
  4. UStB4

The abbreviation for HDMI is a High Definition Multimedia Interface, and it is a proprietary A/V (Audio-Video) interface. It is used for the transmitting of uncompressed audio/video format information and data as well as the compressed or uncompressed digital audio/video information and data from the HDMI installed device.

For example, let’s take a display controlled device for the compatible monitor of the computer, or it can be a video projection process and for digital screen or from the digital audio/video device. It is also used as the digital replacement of the standards of the analog audio and video.


The meaning and technology for the LCD screen are Liquid Crystal Display. It was designed like a flat-panel display, and it is an electronic, optical device that uses the properties which are li modulating. It has liquid crystals that are combined with the tiny polarizers.

This type of display did not emit the light directly, but it is using a reflector, or you can say backlight, which is used for producing pictures in a particular color, or it can be in the form of monochrome. These displays are also able to display the arbitrary screen, or we can say the computer display.


Here in this article, we discuss the product launched by Vizio, and that is Vizio Soundbar SB3651-E6 5.1 with other devices such as subwoofers and the satellite also many connectors, which will help you in the connection. Also, in this article, we discuss the technology used in this soundbar.

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