Artificial Intelligence Future

Artificial intelligence future

Here in this article, we will learn about what is artificial intelligence, the benefits of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence future.

Artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence, sometimes we called machine intelligence also in computer science technology, this intelligence expressed by the machines and it is in combination with the natural intelligence displayed by human beings.

AI invented in 1956. Artificial intelligence modeled by John McCarthy is a great computer scientist in America.

Artificial intelligence in which we development of intelligence of a machine. Working like humans i.e thinking, working. For example voice recognition, problem-solving, learning, etc.

Where the machine thinks and learns. It is a computer program i.e., artificial intelligence in short form AI. By this study our computer becomes smart . . .

We have some types of artificial intelligence. They are namely:

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Types of AI

  1. Artificial weak(narrow)  intelligence (ANI)
  2. Artificial normal(intelligence)  (AGI)
  3. Artificial superhuman intelligence (ASI)
  4. Reactive machines
  5. Theory of mind
  6. Limited  memory
  7. Self-awareness

The weak artificial intelligence :

The weak artificial intelligence is a type where the task is performed by humans in a narrowly defined way. We invent machines with human intelligence so in this we invent Machines in a way that only acquires narrowly perform work.

Do we have another one that is narrow artificial intelligence what is that? It is a type of AI.

My answer is no,  it is not another type of AI actually it is another name to narrow AI. The machine determined to do only one single work … Examples of weak intelligence :

Alexa in Google, tools they are used to compiling the language ….

Narrow is one part of Al that is only single work that can be performed i.e. checking the weather conditions,  play chess and analyzing the raw data to write a journalistic report. The ANI can perform real-time tasks, but they take the information from a specific data-set.

The normal artificial intelligence :

General artificial intelligence is in short form we can say  AGI . in this the machine can imagine the concept work and they do what they understand. Machines do the same as human beings.

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The Artificial superhuman intelligence

It is also called as the property of problem-solving in this the machine has a talent that they solve the problems as humans solve. In this, the machine can translate the language and engineering assistants .they embodied in the world with high-level intellectual competencies. The superintelligence machines are plays the chess Better than humans because of fritz can’t outperform humans in other tasks. Some argue advances in Artificial intelligence will probably result in general reasoning systems that are lack humans’ cognitive of limitations because some technological researchers disagree with the concept of Artificial intelligence that is how a machine can do all the things like a human .

Humans will evolve or else  directly modify their biology so that  we as to achieve radically greater intelligence

The machine can work easily and recall fastly and complete the work faster and the machines decrease the stress and work to humans

Reactive machines

In this, the machines observe the world and react to it. They don’t store the memories and they don’t use the past experience .they simply react to the world

The famous example of reactive machines is IBM’S Deep blue, these are defeated the chess grandmaster Kasparov it is a reactive machine that we can see the pieces on a chessboard and react to them.

Theory of mind

In this, the mind and its phenomena of qualia and consciousness are the main informational entities, in a highly advanced form. The main reason of machines invention to decrease the time to do more work.

 When they did with this, the nature of puzzling entities is finally revealed.

Limited memory

In this limited memory AI, the machine has temporary memory they don’t have permanent memory they just do the works by using past experience. Somewhere self-driving cars are there I think these are examples of limited memory because of the self-driving cars they drive itself only. Humans are not driving these cars. They instructed themself and they drive the cars.

Self-driving cars themselves self they instructed how to cross the roads and what to do in signal time. they instructed They have limited memory, in addition, they have capabilities of purely reactive machines and these also capable of learning the historical data to make the decisions.

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Self-awareness This is nothing but consciousness this is called self-awareness. The machines aware themselves and know about internal states and are able to predict the feelings of others.

They create their own instructions they follow that and the Machines know in what time what to do.

The artificial intelligence must have responding sense .if they don’t have responding nature there is no use with them for example if one plant must respond to whether if not the plant lifetime comes to end. Then the machines respond to the surroundings it is useful us ….

What we have to do based on the circumstances.

It works automatically by itself without any human work .it goes according to the instructions stored into it.

Advantages with Artificial Intelligence :

Artificial Intelligence would have a low rate of error compared to humans if coded properly to machines. Without any errors in code make a good machine. Machines would have incredible precision, timeliness, accuracy, and speed.  Machines don’t have any impact by dislike surroundings .they can perform dangerous works to help humans.

 Artificial Intelligence  has been used to utilize   traffic management and in future, it can be used to create a self-automated car and artificial intelligence can decrease the wait time by 25 percentage

Uses of artificial intelligence :
  • Emails, voice changer, features of voice concert into text, smart assistants.
  • Google Assistants like Siri
  • Accounting in bank 

Benefits of artificial intelligence :

In Artificial intelligence, the machines don’t do any errors if you give the correct programs. If you have written any program to do the task the machines will exactly that task only. All task depends on what program you are giving to the machines by this program the machine will understand what to do and what not to do . . . 

The machine will complete the dangerous tasks also easily, they are able to reduce some problems humans can’t do that problem they not affected by the weather conditions.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to interact with the world.

They have the ability to model the world and reason it.

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Artificial intelligence has the ability to learn and adapt.

AI can’t do anything beyond the instructions provided to them so it benefits to adapt.

Artificial intelligence was created for home automation service.

AI can communicate with humans as it was a being through the natural language process.

Artificial intelligence can recognize a face, voice, manipulation of humans.

Artificial intelligence can turn on or turn off electrical devices at the home.

AI can be controlled by both voice and text bot using messenger.

In marketing we are using Artificial intelligence it analyzes the buyer’s behavior and provides the best products and deals to them.

We use Artificial intelligence are made to look at statistical data and valuable conclusions.

Artificial intelligence makes pictures attractive.

Artificial intelligence makes our work easy and if you want any information it gives within a fraction of seconds than Google.

  • Algorithms based search suggestion
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Advanced GPS system
  • Home automation
  • Machine space exploration
  • Smart transport system
  • Device speech recognition

Artificial intelligence future:

Once quantum computers become more viable, Artificial intelligence will have access to unprecedented processing power and human-like  Artificial intelligence will more become viable.

We can see the rapid adoption of Artificial intelligence tricks in every field of tech.

There are various apps & software’s that can be improved with the help of Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence involves machine learning and deep learning and many other programmable capabilities like python, so it may have a bright future because nowadays so many people using python so that’s why it may all use more in the future and it is programming language so it may use to create new things.

AI is intelligence exhibited by the processor that responds to data in human-like ways.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have that quality to take true decisions by themselves in the future it may come or not.

With Artificial intelligence our programming language may become strong, it may use in all jobs to reduce work and increase the profit.

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