All Super Mario Bros Error Code and how to fix them?

Super Mario, a series of platform games by Nintendo, starring the corporate mascot Mario. This series serves as the hub for the whole Mario franchise. Every main Nintendo gaming system has at minimum one Super Mario game. There are over 20 games in the franchise. The Super Mario games mainly features Mario as the main character and it’s about his journey in a world. He is frequently accompanied by other Mario cast members as well as his brother Luigi. You must use Mario to finish the game by sprinting and leaping through decks, over enemies, and go through different stages and levels in this game.

One part of the greater Mario brand is the Super Mario series, which also includes other video games and entertainment including movies, tv, books, and merchandise. The Super Mario franchise have sold more than 380 million to users worldwide. This places them as the fifth best-selling video game franchise. To advance through levels of the game without dying, players must kill opponents, gather objects, and solve riddles.

Levels in the 2D Super Mario game include a single exit goal that must be completed in a set amount of time to advance to the following level. The overworld, a map of nonlinear stages that branches based on the player’s choice, was first presented in Super Mario Bros 3. Many exit levels were first featured in Super Mario World.

All Super Mario Bros Error Code

Super Mario Bros: TOP ERRORS

Error 1: Error 804-5100

Super Mario Bros is likely to display an error code if your smartphone is rooted, using a non-stock Android ROM, or both (Error 804-5100). As this is a security feature put in place by Nintendo to stop hackers and cheats from ruining other people’s fun. After a few hours of gameplay, this problem appears and prevents gamers from continuing. Those who are not rooted can test by deleting App Data from the settings. Navigate to Settings.

Then head to Applications>Super Mario Bros> Storage >Clear Data to do this. You will have to restart after this deletes your previous saved game. If the issue persists, there is a different patch that may be used on rooted smartphones. On a rooted device/smartphone, you must update an XML file connected to the game to resolve the Super Mario Force Close problem.

Error 2: Error linking Facebook 

Several users have complained about linking their facebook account with Super Mario Bros. All known devices and operating systems are affected by this problem, which seems to be a widespread defect. Generally speaking, if you attempt to connect your Facebook account to the game, it will crash. Users were not able to access the game as it kept crashing as soon as they attempted to link their facebook account with their game account. To fix this you can try the following: 

  1. When you launch the programme again after the crash, select “Having trouble?” from the title screen.
  2. Next choose “Redownload data.”
  3. Try clicking the Facebook link once more.

Try doing a hard reset on your smartphone or removing and then reinstalling the Super Mario Bros. application if this doesn’t work. We are limited to trying a variety of remedies until the game is patched and these flaws are fixed.

Error 3: Sudden Crashing on Jailbroken Devices

Super Mario Bros may crash for you at startup if your phone is jailbroken or has ever been jailbroken. Nintendo’s rigorous security measures, which were implemented to combat game piracy, are to blame for this. You will lose access to the game since it will shut down and/or disconnect you from the internet. There isn’t yet a confirmed remedy for this, so you may as well play the game on an actual, unjailbroken smartphone.

You might want to try utilizing tsProtector 8+, a piece of jailbroken device software that deceives programmes and your device into believing it isn’t jailbroken. According to reports, some gamers were able to get it operating by cleaning the device’s web browser’s cache and history in addition to deactivating any content blockers like NoScript or AdBlock.

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Error 4: Error code 0007

Both are categorized as a communication or connection issue, however some gamers have claimed to have received both codes at various intervals without appearing to act or experience differently each time. To make matters worse, the codes’ appearance is absolutely arbitrary and can occur in the midst of a level, delaying the completion of that level and squandering vital Hearts. One player believed their Bluetooth caused the problem, while another found a fix by disabling Wi-Fi and utilizing cellular data instead. Nevertheless, these aren’t foolproof solutions, and they don’t always work. Considering that network troubles have been acknowledged by Super Mario Bros. on Twitter, it appears that this is likely a server issue rather than a problem with your phone’s connectivity.

Error 5: Find an area with a better connection Error

Every time you play Super Mario Bros., the error “Choose a place with a better connection” appears because you are using your mobile device to connect to the Internet, such as over WiFi. The software programme was unable to continue downloading data to the mobile due to a problem with the cellular data network. Super Mario Bros. completely requires the player to create a network connection during all games, as you are all know. As a consequence, if your device has a problem, the system will send you an error notice right away.

Make sure there are no issues and that the data/network connection procedure with the WiFi transmitter is always steady. If at all feasible, restart the net modem to assist your WiFi transmitter device in resetting the network settings and improving the stability of the data transmission. Also, on mobile devices, you may select a very reliable network connection to improve the game’s connection procedure. You should also relocate to an area with a more consistent wifi connection or as near the wifi transmitter as you can.

Error 6: Not Loading Error

There could be an error or glitch when the application is not loading from the store or even be updated by the user. Even when the download or update has already started, just a part of the software gets loaded after business hours. If you are connected to the internet and there seems to be no problems with your Wi-Fi or data connection, you still cannot install Super Mario Bros. since the download does not begin. When you attempt to install or update Super Mario Bros., it won’t load, and it takes an extended period of time for the installation to start or for the app to entirely download. Several people then urgently try to redownload Super Mario Bros, but this also has no positive impact.

Super Mario Bros’ enormous size may be the blame for the app’s extraordinarily slow download speed. The download seems like it is taking quite a while, Nevertheless, it might simply be because of the file size of the app. If there is an update, you may evaluate if it will take a long time to load by looking at the size of the installation file in the appropriate app store.

Super Mario Bros: RISING ERRORS

Error 1: Error code 804-6200

The following description is typically provided along with this error code: There was a communication breakdown. Try one more later, please. Go to Settings and find the app management function to resolve this problem. Reset App Preferences may be chosen by selecting the three dots menu, then you must confirm your selection. Choose Super Mario Bros. from your list of applications and games when you are back there. After selecting Clear Data, turn off your Internet access for a few minutes. You ought now be able to start and play the game now that your Internet connection has been enabled once again.

Error 2: Linking Nintendo Account error

When you launch Super Mario Bros. for the first time, one of the first things you’re prompted to do is connect the game to your Nintendo Account. That page doesn’t seem to be functioning properly right now. One quick fix is to proceed just past that screen. Look for the Nintendo Account bubble in the upper corner of your world once you’ve completed the game’s tutorial. The page should now function.

Although you may login into a Nintendo Account using your Network ID, you should be aware that a Nintendo Network ID is distinct from a Nintendo Account. If you do not connect an account, your progress will not transfer to other devices. Here are few other ways to fix this:

  1. Try again after clearing any active Nintendo Account sign-in information from your browser. Then, log out of your Nintendo Account. Be careful to check or shut each tab in the browser if there are several open, and sign out of the Nintendo Account when necessary.
  2. If you’re using a link or an app to sign in to your account, check to see that the link is opening in the appropriate browser.
  3. Accessing your Nintendo Account on a different machine or browser could help.
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Error 3: Error Code 804-3904

You are trying to link a game that uses one Super Mario Bros. save data to a Nintendo Account that already has another Super Mario Bros. save data if you encounter this issue. To inherit save data from another Nintendo Account, you must initially link that account to Super Mario Bros. This issue has been known to randomly occur for people who have downloaded the game but haven’t yet paid for it and don’t have a Google Account. You might attempt to delete your cache, remove the game and reinstall it, or install it while logged into a Google Account.

The common methods to fix all Super Mario Bros errors 

Method 1: Verify the internet connection

  • Unplug your power cord, wait 60 seconds, then plug it back in to restart your modem, router, or gateway. Rebooting will take some time. Furthermore, restart your device.
  • The Wi-Fi range in your home is significantly impacted by where your router is located. Elevation, distance, and obstacles are the main considerations while picking a venue. For a larger coverage area, raise your router. To protect your property entirely, pick a strategic position.
  • For your modem to work correctly, the signal from your ISP must be stronger above a specific threshold. A weak modem signal might easily cause a delayed or nonexistent internet connection. Formerly, only a broadband expert with a pricey metre could detect the strength of your signal, but today, many routers and even some ISP applications can do so.

Method 2: Check the status of the game server

After a reboot and a working internet connection, if Super Mario Bros is still loading slowly or fails to load at all, it may indicate a problem with the servers of the Google Play Store for Android or the iTunes Store for iOS. Since the app is run on the servers of the App Store, which occasionally experience overload or failure as a result of maintenance work, it shouldn’t be the developer Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s servers that are to blame.

To check the server status do the following:

  • Head over to the official Nintendo Support website.
  • Type Super Mario Bros. into the search field after selecting the Games menu option at the top of the page.
  • In the section below the search box, click the name of the game. This directs you to the main page of your game.
  • On the right hand side of the page, near the top, look for the server status indicator. The servers are up while the indicator is green, having problems when it is yellow, and down when it is red.
  • For additional information on which servers could be having problems, click the symbol to expand it. If the servers are online, the arrows will be heading down; otherwise, they will be pointing up.

Method 3: Reduce Game Graphics

A graphics card’s benefits extend beyond simply boosting a PC’s performance significantly. The performance of the graphics card must be better than that of the Computer and must increase overall performance. The gaming capability of a Computer may be significantly increased by a more impressive image. Also, the card can definitely improve the computer experience by allowing for greater/better quality video playback and memory saving. You may solve game hanging issues by following a few simple steps. 

  • Reduce the graphics choices if at all feasible to make the game less resource-demanding. 
  • Close any open apps on your computer to prevent Memory and CPU use.
  • To give your game room to breathe, make sure you have enough free disc space. 
  • Check to see if the Computer hardware you currently have complies with the requirements of the game you’re playing. 
  • There are a few quick ways to check if a game will run on your computer. 

Logging out of the Super Smash Bros game and linking your account back to the game can fix a lot of errors/issues. Especially the errors related to user accounts can be fixed with this. These are the steps to follow to relink your account: 

  • Once Super Mario Bros has been started, tap Link in the upper portion of the main/front screen.
  • Choose Nintendo Account Connection.
  • The software will launch the Nintendo Account webpage on the device’s browser.
  • Log in with your current Nintendo Account or establish a fresh one.
  • Select If you use this account, you can return to the Super Mario Bros. app. Make the OK selection when prompted to confirm the connection.
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Method 5: Clearing cache and Deleting data

An item of software or hardware known as a cache saves data so that it can be promptly made available upon demand throughout the future. The information kept in a cache might be a duplicate of information kept elsewhere or it could be the outcome of a previous computation. Performance problems might be brought on by damaged or overloaded cached files. Although it’s not necessary to regularly remove the cache, doing it sometimes might be useful. Delete the Play Store’s data and clear the cache. This will reboot the programme, which could fix issues/problems. These are the steps to clear cache:

  • On the smartphone, launch/open the “Settings” app.
  • To view all applications, select Apps & Notifications from the menu bar.
  • Tap Google Play Store after scrolling down.
  • Touch Memory to clear the cache.
  • Next, choose Clear data.
  • Reopen the Play Store and attempt the download once more.


Nintendo created the well-known video game series Super Smash Bros., which pits characters from several brands against one another in a platform-style fighting game. The colorful array of characters, varied stages, and frantic action of the game are its trademarks. Together with his brother Luigi, he is regularly joined by other characters from the Mario universe. In a platform game, the player character must run and jump across platforms, over enemies, and through themed stages. You will be able to solve all Super Mario Bros. related issues after reading this article. In this article, we have gone across all the most common/frequent errors along with a few errors that could happen.


What is the renowned Mario bug?

By striking the axe in Super or Fiery form, you can activate the little Fiery Mario glitch. Mario will flash but remain Super Mario if Bowser or a fake Bowser hits the player while the player is swinging the axe. After saving the level’s mushroom retainer, the player will vanquish Bowser and go to the following level.

What can you find in the glitched worlds of Super Mario Bros.

There is a glitched level named The Minus Planet in the 1985 video game Super Mario Bros. It may be located by carefully manipulating the game’s protagonist Mario to lead him in the wrong path.

Who is Mario’s toughest boss?

In Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser can be a challenge to beat because he’s arguably been Mario’s hardest opponent throughout the Super Mario series. He is the main story’s last boss and attacks players with everything he possesses. To beat him, you must first obtain his hat, which is a difficult task in and of itself.