All PS5 error code and how to fix them?

Sony Interactive Entertainment produced the PlayStation 5 (PS5), a home video gaming console. The PlayStation 4’s successor was introduced in April 2019, and on November 12, 2020, it was made available in many countries before going on sale worldwide the following week. The PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles are both members of the ninth generation of video game consoles, and both were released in the same month. The base model comes with an optical disc drive that can play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. This drive is absent from the Digital Edition because it is a less expensive choice for just downloading games A solid-state drive created for high-speed data streaming to enable considerable storage performance enhancements is one of the devices main hardware components. Other features include backward compatibility with the majority of  games, the PlayStation VR2 headset, and the Dual Sense controller with haptic feedback.

All PS5 error code
All PS5 error code

Play station 5: TOP ERRORS 

Error 1: CE-100005-6

There are several causes for the PS5 error number CE-10005-6, including the following: The installation or download DVD for the game has damage or scratches on it. Game discs may not read properly if they have dust or other dirt on them. While the game was being installed, your internet connection was lost. Unplug the power cable from your PlayStation®5 console, then plug it back in.  Reboot your PS5TM gaming system. Try putting in a different suitable disc. To get rid of any dirt, wipe the disc with a soft, clean cloth.

Error 2: CE-100002-3

When there is a problem updating an application, error CE-10002-3 displays. There is a very high chance that you may experience this issue if your PlayStation has been updating any of the many apps on its system but the update file hasn’t been updated successfully. If this problem persists,  probable that the programme’s update file wasn’t set up correctly. You must shut down your PlayStation®5 system. Please update your system software to the most recent version if you haven’t already. If the problem remains, choose the app from the home screen, choose the settings option, and then delete it. Make sure to update and reinstall the programme. To access system software updates and settings, go to Settings > System > System Software. 

Error 3: CE-108255-1

You’ve likely come into a crash problem in a WWE 2K game if you’re playing on the PlayStation 5 and the software abruptly goes out after displaying an error message that says CE-108255-1. If it doesn’t help you, please file a ticket to 2K Support so we can learn more about the problem. If this issue appears after starting a game, uninstall the offending game from Settings > Storage, then reinstall it. Start the PlayStation 5 in Safe Mode, then select “5. Rebuild Database.” Reset your PS5 from Settings > System > System Software > Reset PS5 to try installing the application again if the error recurs.  Please get in touch with PlayStation Support if the aforementioned methods do not work.

Error 4: NP-102946-2

You might need to install the most recent update data if this issue arises: Please connect PlayStation®5 to the Internet to install the most recent update file. If an update problem arises, confirm that there is enough storage space on the main unit and that the update is still in progress. Please connect PlayStation®5 to the internet and install the most recent update file. If an update problem arises, confirm that there is enough storage space on the main unit and that the update is still in progress. There is a current update, kindly wait till it is finished. If there isn’t enough room, delete unnecessary information and then try the update again.

Error 5: CE-107857-8

The PS4 and PS5 bug CE-107857-8 has an effect on a number of games, including Call of Duty Cold War, Warzone, Demon Souls, Apex Legends, and others. This happens when the console is unable to read the files. Get a new licence select “Settings” > “Users and Accounts” > “Other” Restore Licenses when all software has been terminated. Play and sharing online should be resumed. Online play and console sharing can be disabled and then enabled by going to Settings > Users & Accounts > Other. Close every running programme. You should shut down your console and then restart it. Navigate to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings. Ensure your PS5 is online before updating the system software. your PS4 and PS5’s cache should be cleared. Hold down the PlayStation button on your controller. Choose “PS5 off”.

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Error 6: CE-100028-1

There is not enough space in your storage. Here are a few of the potential reasons: Large system update files, cache files, and several installed games and applications on your PS5 can all take up a lot of disc space. Make sure you have the necessary free space. Make sure there is enough room for the download: Under Settings > Storage, select System Storage. How to delete a file from the system’s storage:  By highlighting the appropriate data and clicking the select button, you can choose it. Select Delete to delete the content. How to erase something on the home screen 

After choosing the piece of content you want to delete, click settings. Select Delete to delete the content.

Error 7: CE-106485-4

The error code CE-106485-4 When a player tries to launch a PS5 game from a physical disc, the notice “Something Went Wrong” shows. If the error code CE-106485-4 appears while transferring a game from a disc on a PS5 Standard Edition, you should attempt this remedy first. You can try to put the same game disc in, but stay away from Manual Copy. Instead, after you wait a few minutes, the copying procedure will start automatically. If it doesn’t appear, press the PS button on your PS5 controller. then make the Power menu selection to Restart PS5. After restarting PS5, the game would instantly replicate itself.

Error 8: NW-102311-8

The PlayStationTM Network connection has failed due to a problem. To find out if there are any server outages or scheduled maintenance, visit the PSN status page. Restart your PlayStation®5 and, if feasible, establish a wired Internet connection. Consider moving your PS5 closer to your network or removing anything that might be interfering with the connection between the devices while using a wireless connection. Restart your router and modem after turning them off and waiting for at least five minutes.  Your router’s firmware should be updated. Please contact your ISP for assistance with port opening and router configurations. (Internet service provider).  To make it better, manually configure a static IP address in the network settings.  DNS settings could be changed to make it better. Enter the public DNS number provided by businesses or organizations, which is free to the public, in the DNS settings section of the network settings.

Error 9: WS-116521-6

Reset the PlayStation®5’s Internet connection settings and conduct an Internet connection test. Your modem or router should be turned off. After waiting at least five minutes, switch it back on. If the aforementioned fails to work, try again later because the line can be temporarily busy. 

Playstation  5: RISING ERRORS 

Error 1: NW-102265-6

The PlayStationTMNetwork connection has failed due to a problem. Please try the next several actions: To find out if there are any server outages or scheduled maintenance, visit the PSN status page. Restart your PlayStation®5 and, if feasible, establish a wired Internet connection. To make it better, manually configure a static IP address in the network settings.  By temporarily altering DNS settings, it might be made better. Enter the public DNS number provided by businesses or organizations, which is free to the public, in the DNS settings section of the network settings. If the aforementioned does not fix the issue, the line is probably going to be briefly busy. Please wait a while before attempting it once more.

Error 2: WS-116367-4

If you are logged into PlayStationTMNetwork and this problem shows itself, your account may be suspended. Try signing in using another device, such as a computer. If you are unable to sign in using another device, your account will  suspend itself for violating the terms of service. Please read the user agreement and terms of service before using PSN.

Error 3: NW-102308-4

A issue has caused the PlayStationTM Network connection to fail. Visit the PSN status page to learn whether there are any scheduled maintenance windows or server outages. Restart your PlayStation®5 and, if practical, connect to the Internet through a wired connection.  It might be improved by momentarily changing DNS settings. In the DNS settings section of the network settings, enter the public DNS number offered by enterprises or organizations, which is free to the public. The line is probably going to be busy for a short while if the aforementioned does not resolve the problem.

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Error 4: CE-112840-6

In most of the cases Error CE-112840-6 occurs when you are trying to redeem your coupon code or making any online purchases on the PS5 store. CE-112840-6 is an error code that indicates an issue with downloading or installing a game or app on the PlayStation 5 console. Specifically, it indicates that there was an error with the download or installation process, and the system was unable to complete the task.

The common methods to fix all PlayStation 5 errors

The PS5 offers a number of new features and improves system performance thanks to its new custom changes  significantly decreases load times. But each new generation of consoles also introduces its own set of issues and shortcomings. Although they are common, software and hardware flaws will surely make it more difficult for you to enjoy your new console. We’ve listed all the known defects and issues, as well as any solutions that might be useful. If you enjoy social media, a quick hashtag search on Twitter may yield helpful results. Now let’s examine a few ways to resolve PlayStation 5 issues:

Method 1: Solution for the PS5 system crashing

According to some users, system difficulties cause the system  to slow down and cause games to crash. They reportedly claim to have gotten several failure messages . In severe scenarios, this error can prevent the device from restarting. The best thing to do in this circumstance is to get in touch with Sony help center and let them know that your device is broken. You can try a variety of techniques to address this problem.  

  • Verify if there have been any recent updates to the game. 
  • Check to see if the system software is up to date.
  • By starting the game fresh from scratch without utilizing an existing game save, you can determine if the save file is corrupted. 
  • After deleting the game from your console, reinstall it from the disc.
  • Replace the video game disc. If the issue only affects one disc, please contact the store for a new disc. Please see the directions below for more information if the issue involves several discs.

Method 2: To fix PS5 power issues 

The power supply for the PlayStation 5 has been experiencing some serious problems. After turning it off, many have complained that their PS5 truly won’t turn on. That is due to an internal power problem, which is not ideal. However, if you contact Sony, this problem can be resolved. It is a problem brought on by an external storage device, according to Sony. That implies it is not advised to play with any external storage until Sony updates the firmware for the PlayStation 5.

  • Hold down the power button on the console until the white light stops flashing.
  • Take the power cable out.
  • While the power is dwindling, wait at least 20 minutes.
  • Reattach the power cord, then switch on your PS5.

Method 3: To fix SSD storage errors

By using SSD in place of HDD, the PlayStation 5 completely changed the gaming industry. Additionally, the PS5 SSD is by far the fastest. But like any new technology, it has drawbacks. First off, there is a space constraint, although this issue may be resolved thanks to an upgrade that enables customers to add SSD to their computers. The PlayStation 5 SSD is great, but there was a storage system problem that caused several consoles to brick. Fortunately, the answer is rather simple. If you receive an error report, the fix has already started. You risk bricking the console if you turn it off while the internal storage is being repaired. Update your software next, then unplug your SSD.

  • It is recommended to first disconnect the SSD from your PS5 machine before changing it. Try formatting it again after that.
  • We advise removing the drive from your system once more if cleaning the drive continues to present problems. This time, insert the SSD into a PC slot.
  • Verify that the computer’s storage disc is free of passwords or other protection measures. Make an effort to turn it off if it does.
  • You should also see whether there is a new firmware update for the storage device while the SSD is attached to a computer.
  • Replace the storage drive in the PS5 after removing the password protection, updating the firmware, and/or formatting the SSD.
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Method 4: How to fix the dual-sense controller

The controller has been giving users serious problems. The controller specifically isn’t keeping a charge. As a result, you simply cannot utilize it. There are numerous approaches to this issue. The most straightforward option is docking the DualSense controller to the console. Altering the charging wire is another choice. 

  • Although it ought to happen automatically, you can quickly check the settings menu for updates.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can always reset your controller. Use a long, thin object, like a paper clip, to insert it into the DualSenses tiny back hole and hold it there for five seconds. You will then need to re-connect your controller to your PS5 through USB.
  • In the controller settings menu, try lowering the Trigger Effect Intensity.
  • In the controller settings menu, toggle Bluetooth connectivity on and off.
  • Within the game’s options, modify the input threshold. This region sometimes referred to as the Deadzone, is where the thumbstick totally eliminates light drift by not registering motion. 
  • Use a clean cloth and some isopropyl alcohol cleaning to clean your DualSense controller, paying special attention to the area around the base of the joystick. Your controller’s performance may eventually be affected by residue and dust under the joysticks.
  • If you frequently point your joystick in the same direction, lifting and twisting your joysticks can help re-center the mechanism.


As we all know the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles, both of which were introduced in the same month, are both members of the ninth generation of video game consoles. You will be equipped to handle all PlayStation 5-related problems after reading this guide. We have discussed all of the most common mistakes as well as those that are likely to occur shortly in this article for PlayStation 5-using customers.


What distinguishes PS5 from PS4?

The PS5 outperforms the PS4, offering stronger graphics performance, quicker loading times, and better cooling. However, there are significant negatives as well, with the complicated design and higher price likely turning off many gamers.

What makes the PS5 so unique?

The PS5 has been around for more than two years and keeps getting better with a larger library of exclusive titles and a variety of stunning peripherals. The PS5 includes cutting-edge haptics, a quick SSD, and rich 3D audio in addition to 4K gaming.

How many PS5 games are there?

All PlayStation 4 games—all except six—are backward compatible with the PlayStation 5. Backward-compatible games and PlayStation VR2 are not included. This list currently contains 552 games.