Sim not provisioned mm#2

Today, if your computer displays “SIM not given” or “Sim not provisioned mm#2” on Android, then it indicates that you cannot create a link to the mobile network, or maybe your provider can not locate your cell phone account.

SIM cards are tiny chips that serve as a means of interconnection between your mobile phone and operator. This is designed to help the operator recognize some things regarding mobile phone usage. And finally, you’re enabled to make calls and use a mobile phone.

Why does Sim not provisioned mm#2 error occur?

Behind the pop-up that reads “SIM not given” on Android, there could be various explanations. Yet essentially, it more definitely impacts all people who registered a new SIM card. Whether you’re having this issue in some instances or if the SIM doesn’t function in iOS, the fault is with the SIM card, and you need to fix it.

  • The latest handset requires a different SIM card.
  • When the connections are moved to the latest SIM card.
  • In case the authorization registry of the carrier network provider is not accessible.
  • Perhaps, without a successful roaming arrangement, you are out of control of the network service area and that too.
  • New SIM cards do function flawlessly, however. Yet, for protection purposes, it is also important to have the SIM card enabled.

Just in case you haven’t acquired a new SIM card and until now the one you used was functioning perfectly fine, so the most possible explanations behind it can be mentioned below:

  • When your SIM card is too old, it may have gone dead, seek to fix it.
  • The SIM card might not have been correctly placed into the slot, or any debris between the SIM and handset pins may have been present.

Another explanation may be that the service provider deactivated the SIM card because it may have been locked into a different handset. Today, if you just plug a SIM card into another system or a new device, you may be able to see a warning that reads, “SIM is not true.”

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How to fix Sim not provisioned mm#2

We were providing different ways to try them one buy one to fix this issue

Restart the Device

This may sound impossible, but merely shutting off the phone will fix the fault not covered by the SIM. Take the necessary precautions and wait for the machine to restart. A few minutes later, you can notice the error message no longer exists and disable your SIM card.

Insert your sim card properly

The issue isn’t with the activation of the SIM card or the network, and it may just be an unfitting SIM. It may be attributed to issues with the form of the SIM itself or a poorly built slot (or caddy) for SIM cards.

Switch off your phone and find the SIM card to test if the SIM is appropriately seated:

Locate the SIM card if you have a newer or cheaper one by deleting the back door. To enter the SIM card port, you might need to remove the plug.

The SIM card port is normally on the side of the handset of flagship models, even others lacking removable batteries. Typically it’s a caddy on which the SIM card lies-you’ll have to detach it with a quick SIM ejecting tool. Check for a tiny opening on the phone’s edge, then move the device in to remove the SIM.

Note: Make sure to disable the micro SD storage card and not the SIM card.

The SIM card can be difficult to uninstall. If there is a removable battery involved, you can need to use tweezers, or jimmy it out from below. Give him a blow with the SIM card out, and maybe a simple brush with a lint-free fabric.

Replace the cleaned SIM card and take charge of placing it as guided. Typically there is a mark next to the opening for the SIM card, or an engraving indicating the proper orientation of the SIM.

Replace the phone’s SIM card, and then switch it up again. The “not provided SIM” error will no longer exist. Use the SIM on another phone, if it does.

Sim card must be activated

For certain situations, a SIM card would immediately be enabled within 24 hours of installation into a new cell. When this is not the case, there usually are three choices available to require activation:

  • Contact an automatic phone number
  • Give instant message
  • Sign in to the account of the carrier’s activation service

Each of these solutions is fast and clear but relies on how the carrier sponsors them. The SIM will be allowed in certain situations, and the “not supplied SIM” mistake corrected.

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Tell the network operator or carrier

If the SIM is not working, it is time to make a call to your provider or network (from another device!). Explain the error message to them and the actions you have taken so far. As described above, the activation server may have a problem that prevents the activation of your SIM card. This will prompt the error message “SIM Not Provisioned.”

Usually, your carrier will hold you on the phone as they examine the problem. If the authentication system is a concern, otherwise, there may be a pause in triggering the SIM. You’ll have a justification for the mistake on the positive side, and a potential correction date.

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A new sim card will help for sure

For this, you might dial your network, but you’ll actually notice that going to a nearby phone shop is easier. Perhaps better, a network division, or a franchise channel.

On the SIM token, they should be able to run diagnostics and potentially fix the mistake of “SIM not supplied MM2.” Should not panic if they perform any of the procedures that you have already taken, because that is part of the testing phase.

When you use a new SIM card, so it shouldn’t be a concern. The shop should have the resources in order to handle the change and to link the wallet with the latest SIM.

Use different devices

Or just in case you’re still no happy and you’re annoyed by the SIM that isn’t given on the Android post. Attempt or use another Android running machine. Run the SIM card from the computer that causes an issue and attempt to connect it into other apps on your mobile. Maybe this will let you know whether the problem is just with your computer or with the SIM card itself.

Make sure your sim card is clean

The problem can, at times, be as easy as properly cleaning your SIM card and SIM tray. Ensure SIM isn’t damp either and instead bring it back in its place. If this works, therefore, the SIM that doesn’t work in Android was related to the dirt or humidity that hindered excellent communication between SIM card pins and mobile circuit.

Another alternate for Sim not provisioned mm#2

To this end, we’re delighted to present dr.fone-System Repair (Android), one of the kinds of devices that can fix nearly all sorts of Android OS problems in only a few taps. If it’s SIM that isn’t available on Ios or SIM that doesn’t function in Software or the computer is caught in a boot loop or death screen black/white. The most possible explanation behind such errors is insecurity in the Android App. And with dr. Fone – Fix (Ios) you can restore your Device App quickly and easily in trouble freeway.

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First, sign in with your Android app

Download and install the dr.fone toolkit on your device, then select from the main GUI the “Machine Repair” option. In the meantime, use a legitimate cable to get your Android app attached to the machine.

Secondly, Android Repair choice and main in essential details

Now press the “Android Fix” button from the three options on the left, and click the “Start” button. In essential device-related content, such as brand, model, country, and carrier data, you will be asked to key from the upcoming screen. Then, click “Next.”

Activate the device in Update mode

For better recovery of your Android OS, it is important that you place your computer in Download mode. Only obey the onscreen guidance to boot your Android in DFU mode and press “Next” afterward. When completed, the app would immediately continue installing the device’s most stable and most current firmware.

Initiate Reparation

The app verifies the firmware and immediately activated the repair of your Android device as soon as the update completes. You’ll find your Android computer has been successfully patched within a short span of time.


As mentioned above, these are all possible ways that could help in resolving this error known as “Sim not provisioned mm#2.” If the problem still exists even after trying all the above solutions, then it’s time to change your sim.