What is com sec unifiedwfc

Samsung smartphones are more in demand these days. Its some features are different from android. It is special for its multitasking. Samsung users must have seen an application on their device named “com sec unifiedwfc”. Many users do not know about this and think of it as a virus. But, it is not a virus it is a package used to make calls over Wi-Fi. It is mostly seen as the running activity inside My Google Activity. It comes as a pre-installed application on Samsung phones but if you wish to delete it then you can delete it from the settings of your phone.

Many users think com sec unifiedwfc is malware and is not safe to use. But the application is safe as it is made by Samsung. Sometimes this package does not run properly and shows errors. The error can be because of outdated software, damaged memory card, or corrupted cached files. If you have not cleared the cache for a long time then it may show an error and can also cause a glitch on your phone. If you think you may not need Wi-Fi calling on your phone then you can disable this option from your phone’s settings.

With Wi-Fi calling all things depend upon the internet. A good connection has become very important and essential nowadays. A weak Wi-Fi connection often shows an error so try to trick your connection. You can fix these problems by clearing cached files and many more. Also, you can uninstall the package from your phone by using the android debug bridge or by using a system app remover. Now we will look into What is meant by com sec unifiedwfc? What is meant by W-Fi calling? Is it malware? How to disable com sec unifiedwfc? Why it is not working properly? How to fix the package? Is it safe to remove the package? How to uninstall?

What is com sec unifiedwfc
What is com sec unifiedwfc?

What is meant by com sec unifiedwfc?

It is a type of application used for Wi-Fi calling on and comes as a pre-installed application on Samsung smartphones. In the term com sec unifiedwfc, the “sec” signifies “Samsung Electronic co. ltd” and “Unified Wi-Fi calling” is signified as unifiedwfc in short.

The Wi-Fi calling allows you to dial, accept or reject the calls. It is important to connect to a strong Wi-Fi connection if you are using Wi-Fi calling because it can be only possible if you are connected to the internet otherwise you cannot make calls using Wi-Fi. Calls over Wi-Fi are of good quality and are more stable as compared to the calls over the carrier’s network. The Wi-Fi calls are free of cost as you are making a call through the internet, not from the carrier’s network. As you have already paid the Wi-Fi bill so you do not have to pay any cost again to make a call.

What is meant by Wi-Fi calling?

In simple words, Wi-Fi calling means making limitless calls using a wireless internet connection. Sometimes what happens when you get a call from your carrier network then the sound is not clear, and the cracking sound comes. So, you can use Wi-Fi calling at that time so that you can feel free to talk to anyone for hours. And when we talk over Wi-Fi calling then we hear the sound very clear. If you keep this Wi-Fi calling option enabled on your phone, then as soon as your cellular service is about to end or will be over it will automatically switch to Wi-Fi calling.

To enable Wi-Fi calling to go to the “Phone” app on your device. You will be seeing three dots on the top right side of your mobile screen, kindly click on them. Tap on the “Settings”. Enable the Wi-Fi option from there.

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com sec unifiedwfc a malware?

Many people always think that the pre-installed apps on the phone contain viruses. They think that these pre-installed apps can misuse their data. But this package, the com sec unifiedwfc is a package that is made by Samsung itself. It is a secure app and safe to use.

How to disable com sec unifiedwfc?

If you want to remove this app or package from your device then you can try it by going to the settings of your device. Click on the “Apps”. Open the list and look for the application named “com sec unifiedwfc” and click on it. Tap on the “Delete”. Your application will get deleted.

Why is com sec unifiedwfc not working properly?

There can be many reasons for the com sec unifiedwfc to show errors or stop working.  When this package or app of yours will stop working then you will be shown a pop-up message on the screen saying “Unfortunately com sec unifiedwfc has stopped working ”. The error can be because of –

Outdated firmware

The error can occur because of the outdated and updated firmware and in this com sec unifiedwfc stops working. Moreover, if your device is using custom firmware instead of stock firmware then also the error can be shown.

Defective memory card

It is possible that there is a problem or a defect in your memory card and because of this, the error is showing. There can be physical damage or some kind of malware.

Unstable Wi-Fi network

If you are having an unstable Wi-Fi connection then also this error can be shown with a pop-up message. To make Wi-Fi calls your network should be stable. Check for the connection carefully.

Not updated OS

The com sec unifiedwfc application will stop working if your system is not up to date. If you do not want to see any type of error on your phone or do not want to see an error related to the Wi-Fi calling, then update your phone timely. You should keep checking your device’s updates regularly. Every update brings out some changes in features on your device.

Uncleared temporary cached files

Your system will keep showing different types of bugs and errors if you have overloaded or corrupted temporary cached files. These cached files acquire a lot of space in our memory which results in these types of errors.

Third-party apps

Third-party applications which we download from the Google Play store for our ease sometimes can be dangerous for your phones. We should avoid downloading them or we should download them from a trusted and secure site. These applications bring viruses with them and can damage your phone internally.

How to fix the error of com sec unifiedwfc not working?

So now the matter is such that this application is not error-free. But, we have to fix these errors also so that you can easily enjoy Wi-Fi calling on your phone without any obstruction. You can try to fix the error by applying the given techniques that are given below –

Install Stock firmware

Reinstall the software system on your device by using Flash Stock ROM (Firmware). What it does: Completely update and clear your system’s software. With this, all the errors that will be shown on your device will also be cleared. Yes but keep one thing in mind, this will also clear your phone’s storage. 

The steps for installing the Stock firmware are – 

  1. Go to a website that installs the Firmware file.
  2. Kindly download the Stock firmware files on your device.
  3. By using a flashing firmware tool, flash the firmware files.

The second method for installing the Stock firmware, especially for Samsung users is that they can install it directly from the Samsung Odin.

Fix memory card

You can try it by reinserting your memory card on your device. If the error is showing even after reinserting the card, then one thing to do is to connect your memory card to the puck and format it. If still, the problem persists then get it checked by any service center nearer to your location.

Stable Wi-Fi connection

It is true that with Wi-Fi calling you can talk to your friends or relatives for hours. And it is also true that voice is heard very clearly with Wi-Fi calling. But all these things will be true only when your Wi-fi connection is strong and stable. If your Wi-Fi connection signals are not strong then your phone will be switched directly to the carrier’s network. So, kindly check for Wi-Fi connectivity. The connection also plays an essential role here.

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Update OS

Kindly keep checking your software updates regularly. Sometimes companies do that in order to get a profit, they put new updates on the phone mostly every month so that users can get their phone and buy more and more. So, these companies add a new feature to your phone every month so that your phone starts behaving more smartly. Upgraded software makes your phone bugs-free and much faster. Now if you want to check whether your phone is upgraded or not, then you have to do nothing, just go to your phone’s settings. Scroll down and look for the “System”. Then, click on “Advanced”. After that, click on “System updates” and leave your smartphone for updating. Sometimes the errors are removed after updating the software.

Clear cached files

Even if you have not cleared the cache of the applications on your phone, you may still get this kind of error show. By removing and clearing the temporary files, your phone will work smoothly and will not show errors. If you do not want your phone’s internal storage to be less, then keep clearing the cached files in your free time because these files occupy a lot of internal storage of your phone. If you don’t want to get irritated again and again from these errors and glitches, then go straight and tap on the clear cache. For clearing, caches go to the “Settings” of your Samsung smartphone. Click on “Apps”. Now, click on the package named “com sec unifiedwfc” and clear its cache. 

Run an Antivirus

Different types of advertisements are shown on the web and sometimes you click on them so you should not click on these types of advertisements. Avoid clicking on advertisements shown on the web because these advertisements are not safe or secure and sometimes they can bring viruses with them. And, then these advertisements cause an error on your phone. Download a secure and safe antivirus on your phone and launch it and do a full scan of your device, you will know whether the error is there or not. If it finds an error on your device, it will clean it on its own. After scanning is done just restart your phone. You must have an antivirus installed on your phone, it is very important for the phone and if not daily then at least do a full scan of your phone twice a week.

Restart your phone

Try restarting your phone. Restarting clear caches of your smartphone’s application. You stay relaxed because this will not blow your data anywhere, it will be safe on your phone. You should soft reboot your phone at least once a week, by rebooting you will feel your phone internally light. By restarting the phone, only the corrupted temporary files of your phone will be cleared, everything else will be safe. An error will also get clear.

Try factory resetting

Do a factory reset on your phone. Sometimes viruses may enter your phone and you do not know and such errors start showing and then you get upset. Any type of virus is very dangerous for your phone because it damages internal parts of your phone. So, once you factory reset your phone by this you will know whether your phone may have a virus or not. Before factory resetting your phone, make a backup of all your data, images files, or whatever is important, and save them in Google Cloud because all your data is lost after a factory reset.

Due to third-party apps

There are many third-party applications available in the Play Store which bring viruses along with them. You should avoid installing it. Delete these applications and do a soft reboot as soon as you delete it may be possible that your error disappears. Now if you want to delete any application on your phone permanently, then keep a long tap on that application. It will show you two or three options, click “Uninstall”. These third-party apps are not secure at all.

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Is it safe to remove com sec unifiedwfc?

According to me,  it is not a good idea to remove the com sec unifiedwfc package from your Samsung smartphone. Sometimes when you delete pre-installed applications from your device, your phone hangs again or comparatively slows down. As this app will only help you to make Wi-Fi calls and it also does not contain any type of virus.

How to uninstall com sec unifiedwfc?

If you still want to uninstall the application after knowing its consequences then you can easily uninstall the com sec unifiedwfc from your smartphone. If you delete this package from your phone then you will not get the facility like Wi-Fi calling again.

You can delete the com sec unifiedwfc package from your Samsung smartphone by two methods. Either it can be deleted by using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or by using a System App remover. 

Android debug bridge (ADB)

Unix shell can be brought out on your phone by installing the Android debug bridge (ADB). For uninstalling this, you should have a PC or Laptop with you. The first step is to open the settings of your Samsung smartphone. Click on the “System”. Click on the “About phone”. Go to the settings of your phone. Tap on the “Developer options”. Permit the option of USB debugging from there. Now, install the android debug bridge on your PC. Into a folder, extract the ZIP file, and then open it. Press and hold the shift key and then quickly right-click on the blank space. Now, tap on the “Open Powershell window” and here write the command ADB devices.

Now take a USB cable and with the help of it connect your computer and phone to each other. Run the command Android debug bridge shell and uninstall the com sec unifiedwfc. Now, wait until the application gets uninstalled from your phone.

System app remover

Root your device. After successfully rooting the phone. Install the application named System app remover on your phone. Open the application by tapping on it. Search the com sec unifiedwfc from the search results, and select it. At last, click on uninstall. Now, this application is completely deleted from your phone.


I hope now you have understood what is com sec unifiedwfc and why it is important for your device. If you remove this then you will not be able to make calls through Wi-Fi. This comes as a pre-installed package on your device and it is very useful. You can talk for long hours thro ugh Wi-Fi calling. 

Always use a safe site for installing any kind of application. Third-party apps can sometimes cause errors on your device. To make it error-free uninstall all the third-party applications from your device. So, there are two ways with the help of which you can easily delete a Wi-Fi calling package. The first is Android Debug Bridge and the second is with the help of System app remover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is com sec unifiedwfc is used for?

The com sec unifiedwfc is used to make Wi-Fi calls over the carrier’s network. Sometimes your carrier network does not come properly, then you can enjoy the Wi-Fi calling.

How to fix the error “Unfortunately com sec unifiedwfc has stopped working”?

For fixing the error you should install any antivirus on your phone so that if a virus may have accidentally entered your phone by a third party, then it can be cleared. Update your software. Restart your phone. Perform a factory reset. Clear cached files. Check the memory card. Check the Wi-Fi connection.

Is com sec unifiedwfc contain malware?

This app is already installed on your Samsung phone so it is safe. Samsung itself has made this application for its users so that they enjoy the feature of Wi-Fi calling. It is completely safe, protected, and secure.