Pr_Connect_Reset_Error – How to Fix?

Web Browser is vast and involves different parts and within different parts, most people often don’t encounter problems but sometimes, pr_connect_reset_error can be a stressful and frustrating experience and one should be aware of this and should know about all the causes of this error and corresponding to it they should know How to fix it. So, let’s dive into the article and start with the definition of Pr Connect Reset Error.

What is Pr_Connect_Reset_Error?

The “Pr_Connect_Reset_Error” is a message that appears when you try to access a website and you are not able to do it. The message indicates that there is a problem while making a secure connection between your browser and the website’s server. The error you are getting can be from different reasons which include network connectivity issues, DNS issues, firewall issues, etc. For easy understanding, Pr Connect Reset Error is an error when your web browser is unable to connect with the website securely.

To get rid of this error you can try some troubleshooting tips which are later mentioned in detail in the article, the troubleshooting tips include, clearing the browsing cache data, disabling the firewall software, and resetting the modem/router. One important point is that if you have tried all the solutions and still you are getting the error, you should try to get help from the website administrator.

Why am I getting this Pr_Connect_Reset_Error?

It is important to know the exact reason why you are getting the error. The knowledge of the error can lead you to apply the solution according to it and you must go through all the reasons mentioned down there. 

Poor Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons for the error is that you don’t have a stable and fast internet connection. A slow and unstable internet connection can lead to preventing the secure connection between your web browser and the website’s server. 


Browser Issues

The browser itself can be the reason for your error. The stored cache data, interrupting extensions, outdated browser settings as well as additional ones are the few problems in your browser that can cause you this error.

Antivirus Software(Firewall)

Firewall Software keeps the website’s threat away from us and it is possible that the website you are visiting is on the list of threats. That’s why it is showing you an error of “Pr Connect Reset Error” thus keeping your browser from making a secure connection with the website’s server.

Server issues

It is quite possible that the website you are visiting is under maintenance, experiencing downtime, or having a configuration that is keeping you away to get a secure connection.

DNS issues

DNS stands for Domain Name System and it translates the domain names into IP addresses when there is an issue with the DNS, you may get an error because it prevents your browser from making a secure connection.

SSL certificate issues

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the certificate ensures the secure connection between a web browser and website server, and when the certificate expires or mismatch between the certificate and the website’s domain name the error message “ Pr Connect Reset Error” appears.

Proxy server issues

When there is misconfiguration, authentication issues, or the proxy server is not compatible with the website then this error occurs and due to this error in the proxy server, we got an error message.

Browser cache

Sometimes there is data that is stored in cache form in the browser and due to this irrelevant and useless data, the interruption occurs and the web browser and the website’s server are unable to connect do this.

Virus Infection(Malware)

The browsing ability of browsers can get disturbed in the presence of Malware or Virus infection. The interruption occurs, because the virus changes the browser’s settings, blocks the connection, or sometimes interferes with the SSL certificate.

How to fix pr_connect_reset_error?

Some of the methods you can use to fix this issue are.

Check network connectivity

The poor connection to the internet can be improved by correcting the source of the internet you are using. If you are using the router/modem you have to restart it to resolve the issue.

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To resolve the issue follow the following steps:-

  • Step 1:- Connect to different WiFi or cellular data.
  • Step 2:- Restart your router/modem to see if it helps.
  • Step 3:- Check if there are other background apps that may be consuming up your internet bandwidth and disconnect them.

Resolve browser issue

To resolve the browser issue, do the following tasks

  • Clear your browser cache and clear data
  • Disable all the extensions and additional ones that are interfering while making a secure connection.
  • Update your browser to the latest version, so that all your settings are up to date.

Disable Firewall

Sometimes the error is from the antivirus or firewall settings and it may be possible that the firewall doesn’t trust the website, to correct it you have to follow the steps mentioned:-

  • Step 1:- Go to firewall settings and check the block list and disable it temporarily.
  • Step 2:- Add the website to your trusted website list.

Wait for a while

  • Wait some time and try to open the website again later.
  • To check whether the server is under maintenance or not, contact the website administrator to get help.

Resolve the DNS issue

To resolve the DNS issue, you can try the following

  • Delete the DNS cache so that there should be no outdated DNS records available.
  •  Another thing you can do is reset the DNS settings; therefore, all the DNS records will be up to date.
  • Try different DNS servers, such as GOOGLE DNS.

Resolve SSL issue

If the issue is from SSL, you can clear the browser cache data as well as you can disable the antivirus software. If both don’t work, you have to seek help from the website administrator, you can ask him about your SSL certificate, and whether your certificate is invalid, expired or mismatched with the website domain’s name.

Resolve the proxy server issue

The issue can also be from the proxy server and to resolve the issue that is from the proxy server, you can try to disable the proxy server and should try to configure it correctly. If you don’t know how to configure it, you should contact the website administrator.

Resolve the Browser cache issue

If the error occurs due to the browser cache you should try to clear the cache data of the browser and should restart your browser again after a while.

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Stay away from malware

Malware can be dangerous for your device and due to its effect, your browser is unable to connect with the website’s server to remove the malware. You have to run a malware or virus scan and after the results come out, remove all the viruses or malware present.

You can also reset your browser settings and should open the browser after a while.

Summary Table

1Poor Internet ConnectionCheck network connectivity
2Browser IssuesResolve browser issue
3Antivirus Software(Firewall)Disable Firewall
4Server issuesWait for a while
5DNS issuesResolve DNS issue
6SSL certificate issuesResolve SSL issue
7Proxy server issuesResolve proxy server issue
8Browser cacheResolve Browser cache issue
9Virus Infection(Malware)Stay away from malware


In this article ‘PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR’ is discussed in detail. It is an error message which appears when the web browser is unable to make a secure connection with the website’s servers and this error can become someone’s horrible experience. That’s why to resolve all your problems. I have discussed the reason for this error as well as how to resolve the error according to its reason.


Q) What is the difference between a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR and a “502 Bad Gateway” error? 

A) Pr connect reset error occurs when the web browser is unable to make a secure connection with the website’s server whereas a “502 Bad Gateway” occurs when the website’s server receives an invalid response from another server.

Q) How can I prevent a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR from happening in the future?

A) You can prevent this by clearing your browser cache data, keeping your browser setting up to date, and using a reputable antivirus to scan malware or antivirus.