How to Fix Forza Motorsport Applying Upgrade Bug?

Few experiences can match the thrill of racing through vibrant tracks in the world of Forza Motorsport. But just as in real-life racing, virtual speed enthusiasts sometimes encounter roadblocks. One such obstacle is the notorious “applying upgrade bug.” Has it doused your adrenaline rush? Don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the reasons and provide a comprehensive fix.

Reasons Behind the Forza Motorsport Applying Upgrade Bug

  1. Corrupted Game Files: At the heart of many game issues lie corrupted files. Forza Motorsport, like any software, relies on these vital components. When they get tainted, glitches like the applying upgrade bug manifest.
  2. Incompatible Game Version: Occasionally, upgrades or DLCs released for the game might not gel well with older versions. This mismatch can trigger in-game conflicts, leading directly to the notorious bug.
  3. Hardware Limitations: Not every device is built the same. Some older or less powerful hardware might find it challenging to process specific game features, including car upgrades. When the hardware can’t cope, you encounter the bug.
  4. Server Issues: Online games often depend on servers for various functions. A temporary server overload or hiccup can interrupt normal operations, causing issues like the upgrade bug.
  5. Faulty Game Mods: For those who love tweaking their games, mods are a blessing. However, not all mods are compatible with every game update. An outdated or poorly designed mod can clash with the game’s natural flow, resulting in the applying upgrade bug.
  6. Overburdened Cache: Over time, the game cache accumulates data. An overloaded cache can sometimes interfere with regular operations, triggering glitches in the upgrade process.

By understanding the root causes behind this issue, players can take proactive measures, ensuring a smoother Forza Motorsport experience.

How to Fix Forza Motorsport Applying Upgrade Bug

How to fix Forza Motorsport Applying Upgrade Bug?

Fix 1: Rectifying Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted game files can be the silent culprits behind many in-game issues. They disturb the natural functioning of the game, resulting in various glitches, including the applying upgrade bug. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to address this problem:

  • Backup Your Game Data: Before you begin, ensure you backup your game progress and saved files. This will safeguard against any accidental data loss during the rectification process.
  • Identify the Game Platform: Different platforms offer various tools for rectifying corrupted files. For instance, PC users with Steam have a built-in feature for this.
    • For Steam Users:
      • a. Launch Steam: Open the Steam client on your PC.
      • b. Navigate to Library: This section houses all your games.
      • c. Right-click on Forza Motorsport: A drop-down menu will appear.
      • d. Choose ‘Properties’: This will open a new window with various tabs.
      • e. Access ‘Local Files’ Tab: Here, you’ll find an option labeled ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’.
      • f. Click and Run: The system will automatically scan your game files, identifying any that are corrupted. It will then replace these tainted files with fresh copies from the server.
    • For Console Users: Sometimes, the simplest solution is to reinstall the game. While this might sound daunting, it can often clear out any corrupted files causing issues.
      • a. Navigate to the Game: From your console’s main menu, locate Forza Motorsport.
      • b. Select Options: This will offer various actions related to the game.
      • c. Choose ‘Uninstall’: This will remove the game from your console.
      • d. Reinstall: Once uninstalled, visit the game store or insert the game disc to reinstall. Fresh files will replace any that were previously corrupted.
  • Restart Your Game: Once the process is complete, reboot Forza Motorsport. This ensures that all changes take effect, and the game accesses the newly acquired files.
  • Check for the Issue: After following the above steps, apply an upgrade in the game. Ideally, the bug should no longer persist.
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By addressing the corrupted files, you not only resolve the current issue but also preempt many potential glitches. Keeping your game files in pristine condition ensures an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience.

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Fix 2: Clearing Overburdened Game Cache

An overloaded game cache can lead to numerous glitches, as it sometimes stores redundant or conflicting data. Clearing the cache can be like giving Forza Motorsport a fresh start. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Understand the Importance: Game cache holds temporary data to expedite load times and improve performance. However, over time, stale or conflicting data accumulates, leading to potential issues like the applying upgrade bug.
    • For Xbox Users:
      • a. Power Down Completely: Ensure you don’t just put it into sleep mode. Press and hold the power button until the console completely shuts down.
      • b. Unplug the Power Cable: This step ensures the cache is entirely cleared. Wait for 2 minutes before plugging it back.
      • c. Restart the Console: Turn on your Xbox and launch Forza Motorsport to check if the issue persists.
    • For PC Users:
      • a. Locate the Game Directory: Navigate to where Forza Motorsport is installed on your system.
      • b. Find the Cache Folder: Within the game’s directory, there should be a folder labeled ‘Cache’ or something similar.
      • c. Delete Cache Contents: Open the cache folder and delete all its contents. Don’t delete the folder itself, just the files inside.
  2. Reboot and Test: After clearing the cache, restart your device and then launch Forza Motorsport. This ensures the changes are effectively implemented. Test by trying to apply an upgrade.
  3. Stay Regular: Make it a practice to clear the game cache periodically. It helps in keeping the game running smoothly and minimizes the chances of encountering bugs.

By maintaining a clean game cache, you’re ensuring that Forza Motorsport runs on the most recent and relevant data, leading to a glitch-free racing experience.

Fix 3: Checking for Game Updates

Ensuring your game is running on the most recent version is pivotal. Developers often release updates that address known bugs and enhance the game’s overall stability. Here’s how to ensure you’re on the latest version:

  1. Be Update Aware: Always remember that a timely game update can save you from a plethora of bugs. Developers continuously work on refining the gaming experience.
    • For Xbox Users:
      • a. Navigate to ‘My Games & Apps’: This section showcases all your installed applications and games.
      • b. Locate Forza Motorsport: If there’s an available update, you’ll typically see an indicator on the game icon.
      • c. Update the Game: Select Forza Motorsport and choose the option to update the game.
    • For PC Users:
      • a. Launch the Game Client: Open Steam, Epic Games, or whichever platform you use.
      • b. Go to Library or Game List: This section will list all your games.
      • c. Check Forza Motorsport for Updates: If there’s an update available, an option or indicator will usually be displayed. Proceed to update.
  2. Restart After Updating: Once the game is updated, close and relaunch it to ensure the newest patches are in effect.
  3. Regularly Check for Updates: It’s a good practice to manually check for updates periodically, especially if you’ve disabled automatic updates.

Fix 4: Configuring Graphics Settings

High or incompatible graphics settings can sometimes cause in-game issues. Tailoring these settings can enhance performance and reduce bugs:

  1. Understand the Impact: Remember, pushing your hardware beyond its limits can lead to an array of problems, including the applying upgrade bug.
    • Access In-game Settings:
      • a. Launch Forza Motorsport: Navigate to the game’s main menu.
      • b. Enter the Settings or Options Menu: Typically represented by a gear icon or labeled as ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’.
      • c. Navigate to Graphics or Display Settings: This section will list various graphical options.
    • Tweak Graphics Options:
      • a. Lower Resolution: If set at a very high resolution, try reducing it a notch.
      • b. Reduce Texture Quality: This can significantly impact performance.
      • c. Turn off Advanced Features: Options like shadow quality, anti-aliasing, or ray tracing can be lowered or turned off for better performance.
  2. Apply and Test: Save the changed settings and return to the game. Test by trying to apply an upgrade in Forza Motorsport.
  3. Monitor Performance: If the game runs smoother and the bug disappears, you’ve likely found the culprit. However, continue to monitor the game for any recurring issues.
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Optimizing game settings ensures a balance between graphics quality and performance. It’s always crucial to adjust these settings based on your hardware’s capability, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Fix 5: Disabling Conflicting Background Applications

Background applications, especially those utilizing the internet or heavy system resources, can sometimes interfere with games. Ensuring that there are minimal conflicts from these applications can help in running Forza Motorsport smoothly.

  1. Recognize the Conflict: Understand that some applications, especially those updating in the background or using significant bandwidth, can affect the game’s performance and cause glitches.
    • Close Non-Essential Applications:
      • a. Right-click on the Taskbar (typically located at the bottom of your screen).
      • b. Select Task Manager or Start Task Manager from the context menu.
      • c. Under the ‘Processes’ or ‘Applications’ tab, you’ll see a list of running applications.
      • d. End non-essential applications: Click on any application you recognize as non-essential and click the ‘End Task’ or ‘End Process’ button. Avoid ending any system processes.
    • Check for Background Updates:
      • a. Some software (like antivirus or system updates) might run background updates without explicit notifications. Ensure these are either paused or scheduled for non-gaming times.
      • b. Disable any auto-updates on other gaming platforms or software you might have.
  2. Reboot the System: After closing conflicting applications, it’s beneficial to restart your PC or console. This ensures a fresh environment for the game to run in.
  3. Launch Forza Motorsport and Test: With a decluttered system, start the game and check if the applying upgrade bug persists.

Maintaining a gaming-friendly environment on your system, free from background interruptions, is pivotal. This not only addresses the immediate bug but also ensures that Forza Motorsport, and other games, run without unexpected interruptions.

Fix 6: Checking Network Connectivity

Forza Motorsport, especially in online modes, relies heavily on a stable internet connection. Sometimes, network issues can lead to unexpected in-game glitches, including the applying upgrade bug. Ensuring your connection is stable can prevent these problems.

  1. Acknowledge the Connection Role: A steady network connection ensures seamless data transfer, which is crucial for online functionalities and updates within the game.
    • Test Your Internet Speed:
      • a. Use online tools like or to check your internet speed.
      • b. If the speed is significantly lower than your subscription plan or if there’s high packet loss, there might be a network issue.
    • Restart Your Router/Modem:
      • a. Turn off your router or modem and unplug it from the power source.
      • b. Wait for about 2-3 minutes before plugging it back in.
      • c. Turn it on and wait for all lights to stabilize.
    • Avoid Wi-Fi for Gaming if Possible:
      • a. Although Wi-Fi has improved over the years, a wired connection via an Ethernet cable often provides a more stable connection for gaming.
      • b. If you’re using Wi-Fi, ensure you’re close to the router or consider using Wi-Fi extenders to enhance the signal strength.
    • Check Forza Motorsport’s Server Status:Sometimes, the issue might not be on your end. Visit Forza Motorsport’s official website or social media channels to check if there are any reported server downtimes or maintenance breaks.
  2. Re-launch the Game: After ensuring a stable connection, start Forza Motorsport and try applying an upgrade to see if the issue persists.

Having a consistent and reliable internet connection is vital not just for online gaming but for all game updates and synchronizations. Addressing potential network issues can vastly improve your overall gaming experience and prevent many in-game bugs.

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Fix 7: Resetting Game Settings to Default

Over time, tweaking game settings for optimal performance might lead to unintended conflicts. Resetting these settings to their default state can sometimes resolve issues arising from these conflicts.

  1. Understand the Setting Changes: Be aware that any personal configurations made previously will be lost upon resetting to default settings.
    • Access Forza Motorsport Settings:
      • a. Launch the game and head to the main menu.
      • b. Navigate to the ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ section.
      • c. Look for a ‘Restore Defaults’ or a similar option.
    • Confirm the Reset:
      • a. Select the option to reset settings to default.
      • b. The game might ask for a confirmation. Proceed with the reset.
  2. Restart Forza Motorsport: Close and then relaunch the game to ensure all default settings are properly loaded.
  3. Test the Game: Play a session and attempt to apply an upgrade to verify if the bug has been resolved.

Fix 8: Updating Graphics Drivers

Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers can lead to several in-game glitches. Keeping your graphics drivers updated ensures optimal game performance and fewer issues.

  1. Realize the Role of Drivers: Graphics drivers act as the bridge between the game and your hardware. An outdated or incompatible driver can cause disruptions.
    • For PC Users:
      • a. Identify your graphics card model (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, etc.).
      • b. Visit the official website of the respective manufacturer:
        • For NVIDIA users: NVIDIA Driver Downloads
        • For AMD users: AMD Driver & Support Page
        • For Intel users: Intel Driver & Support Assistant
      • c. Locate and download the latest driver for your specific graphics card model.
    • Install the Driver:
      • a. Once downloaded, run the installation file.
      • b. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the updated driver.
      • c. It’s usually recommended to perform a clean installation which removes previous settings.
  2. Restart Your PC: Post installation, reboot your system to ensure the new drivers are effectively integrated.
  3. Launch and Test the Game: With updated drivers, start Forza Motorsport and check if the applying upgrade bug has been addressed.

Regularly updating your graphics drivers not only fixes potential in-game glitches but also often enhances the visual experience and performance of games. Always make it a habit to check for driver updates every few months.


The Forza Motorsport applying upgrade bug can be a speed bump in your gaming journey. However, with the right approach, you can easily overcome it and cruise smoothly. Remember, in the world of gaming, as in life, persistence is key. Keep racing, and may your laps be bug-free!


What is the ‘applying upgrade bug’ in Forza Motorsport?

It’s a glitch stopping players from applying vehicle upgrades.

Does clearing the game cache resolve the bug?

Often, yes. It removes outdated or conflicting game data.

How do background applications affect Forza Motorsport?

Some apps, especially those using the internet, can interfere with gameplay and cause glitches.