Dead by Daylight patch 7.4.0 official notes

The gaming world is abuzz with the latest update to the renowned survival horror game, Dead by Daylight. Patch 7.4.0, released by Behaviour Interactive, breathes new life into this thrilling game, promising a blend of terror and excitement. This comprehensive guide delves into the significant changes and additions brought by this update, offering players an in-depth understanding of what to expect.

The Good Guy: A Chilling New Addition

In Dead by Daylight’s Patch 7.4.0, “The Good Guy” emerges as a chilling new addition to the game’s roster of killers. This character brings a unique blend of stealth and aggression to the gameplay. The Good Guy’s standout ability, “Hidey-Ho Mode,” allows him to become undetectable for 14 seconds, creating a sense of unpredictability and tension. During this mode, he can spawn misleading footprints and audio cues across the map, throwing survivors off his trail.

Dead by Daylight patch 7.4.0 official notes

Adding to his arsenal is the “Slice & Dice” ability. While in Hidey-Ho Mode, The Good Guy can charge up a high-speed attack, sprinting forward and unleashing a powerful strike on unsuspecting survivors. This ability makes him a formidable opponent in direct confrontations.

Finally, his “Scamper” ability enhances his mobility. In Hidey-Ho Mode, when near a vault or pallet, he can quickly move through these obstacles without breaking them. This gives him an edge in chases, allowing for swift navigation and the element of surprise.

Overall, The Good Guy’s introduction to Dead by Daylight offers players a new level of strategic gameplay, combining elements of stealth, speed, and surprise in a uniquely terrifying package.

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Trickster’s Much-Needed Buffs

In the Dead by Daylight Patch 7.4.0, The Trickster received significant buffs that greatly enhance his gameplay effectiveness. These changes were designed to balance his performance and make him a more formidable killer in the game.

  1. Increased Movement Speed: The Trickster’s movement speed was increased from 4.4 m/s to 4.6 m/s. This boost allows him to chase down survivors more efficiently, reducing the gap between him and his targets quicker.
  2. Removed Recoil for Throwing Knives: Earlier, throwing knives had a recoil effect that could impact The Trickster’s accuracy and flow in combat. The removal of this recoil means he can now throw knives more smoothly and consistently, increasing his threat as a ranged attacker.
  3. Blade-Ready Movement Speed Adjustment: The update removed the per-throw movement speed reduction. Previously, each knife thrown would slow The Trickster down momentarily, but now he maintains his speed, allowing for more fluid and relentless attacks.
  4. Increased Laceration Meter: The laceration meter requirement was increased from 6 to 8. This change means survivors need more hits before reaching the wounded state, offering The Trickster more opportunities to inflict damage and control the game’s pace.
  5. Main Event Updates: The patch also tweaked The Trickster’s Main Event ability. It reduced the number of Blades required to access Main Event from 30 to 8, decreasing the duration from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. This makes it easier and more frequent to unleash this powerful ability.
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These buffs collectively make The Trickster a more competitive and threatening killer in Dead by Daylight, adding depth to his gameplay and ensuring that encounters with him are both challenging and exciting for survivors.

Strategic Perk Enhancements

Patch 7.4.0 of Dead by Daylight introduced strategic enhancements to killer perks, adding new dimensions and tactics to the gameplay. These changes provide killers with more diverse and potent tools to outsmart and overpower survivors.

  1. Two Can Play (Hex Perk): This perk activates when the killer is stunned or blinded by a survivor multiple times (4/3/2 times depending on the perk level). If no Hex Totem is associated with this perk, a Dull Totem on the map is converted into a Hex Totem. While this Hex Totem is active, any survivor who stuns or blinds the killer gets blinded for 1.5 seconds. This perk adds a retaliatory mechanism, turning survivors’ defensive actions into potential risks.
  2. Friends ‘Til the End: This perk targets the dynamics between the killer and the Obsession, a unique survivor in each match. When the killer hooks a non-Obsession survivor, the Obsession becomes exposed for 20 seconds, and their aura is revealed for 6/8/10 seconds. Conversely, hooking the Obsession causes another random survivor to scream, revealing their position and becoming the new Obsession. This perk manipulates the Obsession mechanic, creating strategic opportunities and psychological pressure on survivors.
  3. Batteries Included: This perk enhances the killer’s mobility around completed generators. When within 12 meters of a completed generator, the killer gains a 5% Haste boost. The movement speed bonus persists for 1/3/5 seconds after leaving the generator’s area. However, this perk deactivates when all generators are powered. It encourages killers to patrol completed generators, adding a layer of strategy to their movement and positioning.

Overall, these perk enhancements in Patch 7.4.0 offer killers new ways to interact with survivors and the environment, increasing the depth and complexity of Dead by Daylight’s gameplay. These changes encourage players to adapt their strategies and think creatively, ensuring a dynamic and evolving game experience.

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Refined Map Design for Enhanced Gameplay

The update brings notable improvements to maps like The Mother’s Dwelling and The Temple of Purgation. These changes, including size reductions and obstacle adjustments, enhance the gameplay experience, ensuring a more balanced and fair environment for both killers and survivors.

Innovative Add-on and Main Event Modifications

Patch 7.4.0 revamps add-ons for The Trickster, including Memento Blades and Inferno Wires, to augment gameplay. Changes to the Main Event, such as reduced blade requirements and adjusted durations, introduce a fresh dynamic to The Trickster’s arsenal, making every encounter with him a unique challenge.

Introducing FSR 1.0 for Improved Performance

A significant technical improvement is the introduction of FSR 1.0, aimed at enhancing frame rates on lower-end systems. This inclusion ensures a smoother, more accessible gaming experience for a broader range of players, emphasizing Behaviour Interactive’s commitment to inclusivity in gaming.

The Nemesis and Perk Updates for a Revitalized Experience

The Nemesis receives a fresh animation, adding to the game’s immersive experience. Perk changes like ‘Made for This’ incorporate new conditions, offering survivors additional strategies and challenges.

Addressing Bugs for Seamless Gameplay

Behaviour Interactive has addressed various bugs in the Archives, Audio, Bots, and Character animations. These fixes are crucial for providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, free from disruptions that could detract from the intensity and excitement of the game.


Patch 7.4.0 of Dead by Daylight marks a significant step in the game’s evolution. With the addition of The Good Guy, enhanced killer abilities, strategic perk changes, and map modifications, this update promises an enriched and thrilling gaming experience. The inclusion of FSR 1.0 demonstrates a commitment to accessibility and performance improvements. This update not only revitalizes the game for existing fans but also invites new players to immerse themselves in the chilling world of Dead by Daylight. The game continues to evolve, cementing its place as a staple in the survival horror genre.

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What major additions does Patch 7.4.0 bring to Dead by Daylight?

Patch 7.4.0 introduces The Good Guy, a new killer, alongside significant buffs to The Trickster and map improvements.

Can you explain The Good Guy’s abilities in the game?

The Good Guy features ‘Hidey-Ho Mode’ for stealth, ‘Slice & Dice’ for quick attacks, and ‘Scamper’ for agile movement.

How has The Trickster been buffed in this update?

The Trickster now moves faster, has no knife-throwing recoil, and enjoys an increased laceration meter.