coolEUkor: What is Cooleukor? How to Remove?

COOLEUKOR“, many android users would have come across this term.  But if you see when users acknowledge it, the storage problem is the main reason.  When people face storage issues, everyone will start to have a checklist on the space occupied by apps.  Many users say that high storage is being occupied by this app.  System apps are filled with numerous gossips.  Many system apps are claimed for storage and advanced facility problems.

  Not only coolEUkor, chocoEUkor, and roseEUkor are apps that seem to be synonymous.  All these apps function in font settings and management.  Let’s explore its working so that users can decide whether to disable or enable it. I decided to disable, read on how to disable, and substitute apps for coolEUkor.

What is CoolEUkor?

Cooleukor is a font app, pre-installed in all android phones (especially in all Samsung phones).  It supports the fonts of the default keyboard and enables the user to change the texts into different fonts.  In a nutshell, it is a font managing app.

Uses of cooleukor

As explained in the definition, the cooleukor app is used for font setting and management.  Default fonts are used in all apps every time only by the functioning of this system app.  But only basic few fonts are designed with it and no extra and updated options or fonts available in the cooleukor system app.

How to remove cooleukor?

Cooleukor is a system app, so we can follow the steps the same as the removal of any other system apps.  Cooleukor is in no way distinct from it.  A system app needs root access to disable or stop its working.  There are apps that itself gains root access, the user just needs to provide root access permission.  At the same time, few apps can disable system apps even without root access.  All these will discussed-below and substitute apps will be suggested.

Using Forced disable

  • Go to settings.
  • Enter the applications field.
  • Search for the “cooleukor app“.
  • Enter and tap on force disable option.

With the aid of third-party apps

When you consider third-party apps for the removal of a system app, it should be root access gaining app.  Or else, those apps can force disable or zip it in the storage.  By zipping, users don’t uninstall that app.  Instead, its usage is restricted.  But if you are not satisfied with zipping, uninstalling is the only solution. 

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ROM toolbox

ROM Toolbox is used for rooted smartphones.  This app can delete whatever system app that is pre-installed in the device.  The only requirement and crucial requirement are rooting.  Until and unless, rooting is done in the device, this app cannot be used.  Rooting is considered harmful for the hardware of a device and people fear to do it.  Such folks can use package disabler pro.

Package disabler pro

Package disabler pro is a system app zipper.  It can restrict the usage of resources and storage by system apps and secures it to the users.  People can re-install the apps from it by accessing the disabled apps field.  Users who don’t root their phones can use this app to uninstall or zip the cooleukor app.  You should never remove your android package present in your device unless you tend to change the OS.

Steps to uninstall coolEUkor
  • Install the app from Google Play Store.
  • Launch Package disabler pro in your android device.
  • All the applications will appear on a list.
  • Search for cooleukor from it.
  • Choose disable.

Substitute CoolEUkor font apps

After the removal or disabling of the cooleukor app, you will be in a need of a substitute font app.  It will be the need of the hour.  So, such apps are suggested below.  These apps are not just font apps that give you basic font settings but works as a good content creation platform.


  iFont app is a font generator and manager.  New fonts are updated in this app periodically that makes users up-to-date.  Download your favorite fonts and save it in my fonts field.  You can go to the old font settings by choosing the one from the “my install” field.  Provides font services for English, French and Spanish languages.

Stylish fonts:

 Stylish fonts app is designed for android compiled with a variety of features.  Preview your messages in different fonts in a comparative view and decide as your wish.  Even the default font style setting option is also available.  Keyboards set with different fonts can be set as default one.  Beyond these common features of font apps, this app suggests bio and you can create your own with a variety of fonts.

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 Fonty is a great tool for content creators.  With diverse editing options, it expands the limits of font styles.  Over 15 languages are used in this app, with exporting facilities to other messaging apps too.  Missing the valuable works in which users may have invested hours of work and the small mistake of forgetting to save it is a great disappointment.  All the created fonts are automatically saved and you can access it as drafts.  Guidelines and support are given for beginners who need to learn the font editing works.

Font changer:

 Font changer app provides 140+ font styles and different editing facilities like text convertor, boring to funnier text convertors, and so on.  Text creation of pictures is also possible.  Font colors, background colors, and different edits are available.  Without opening this app, the user can edit the font style of your typing styles.  Users can send promotional texts, invites for events and shops with edited fonts and characters. 

Hi font:

  Hi font apps enable instant font download and usage up to 4000 numbers.  All these fonts are updated and categorized to provide an ease-of-access.  Different sections of quotes in colorful fonts are available here.

Gothic Keyboard:

 Gothic keyboard app provides many themes in its keyboard and animations are added in it.  While a user types using this keyboard, creative animations appear on that offer a smoother experience.  A variety of fonts especially fonts like gloomy and CCC designs are favorite among the users of the gothic keyboard app.  Regular updates are done that attract new users for this app.  This app aims to provide a cent percent user-friendly experience in keyboard by satisfying many of the needs of users.  Smart word prediction is one such facility designed with cloud computing technology and the swipe typing feature is compiled in this keyboard.  Along with these facilities, speech to text transformation facility is available in the Gothic keyboard.  The themes included in this app are typewriter and piano theme.  That is, these themes are most popular among users when compared to any other themes. 

Font fix:

  Font fix provides hundreds of fonts in its design.  From which hundred is allowed for personal usage and some fonts are used for commercial use too.  A preview for the font fix app is available that lets anyone experience a preview before installation.  The only disadvantage of this app is it supports all the smartphone with android versions except those which has Marshmallow in it.  Periodical bug fixing is done to provide comfort to the user.

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  An app like Phonto is a great digital tool for photographers.  Their pictures can undergo advanced text insertion using this app.  This app is available for android also.  But few special facilities can be experienced only in phonto for iOS and not in Phonto for Android.  Users can set size, color, stroke, width, and background color for texts.  Shadow can be imposed and text rotating feature is present.  Also, letter and line spacing are added features for the app.  Usually, font apps are used to dump consumers with ads.  But this app has an ad-free option.  But it is a premium option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is coolEUkor a virus?

Cooleukor is not a virus or any type of spy app and all.  It is basic bloatware.  It has no relation to spyware.  CoolEUkor is also not a virus.  But the reason for these misunderstandings on cooleukor is that it is bloatware consuming a higher amount of storage.

Difference between coolEUkor and ChocoEUkor

Cooleukor and chocoeukor don’t have a great difference.  Both are font management apps.  They are installed in different versions of android phones.  Both are system apps and cannot be uninstalled easily without root access.


Readers who read this article, just for exploration about the working of cooleukor, would have decided now to disable it.  It is just because of outdated and restricted features and facilities.  When users have a wide variety of apps with handy tools, why should people restrict themselves?  Trying to uninstall this cooleukor app doesn’t work.  Just disable and move on. 

As a system app, uninstallation is not a simple process.  Apps such as ROM toolbox and package disabler pro can help the user a lot.  Different font apps like font fix, ifont, stylish font, font changer, gothic keyboard, phonto, fonty, and hifont can be a great substitute for the cooleukor app.  Cooleukor is often considered a spy app too, but it is not so.