com.ebay.carrier | What is ebay carrier | How to fix it

Hello there, welcome back. Our topic for today is com.ebay.carrier. Is this app a virus? How to remove or uninstall com ebay carrier from your phone? We will be diving deep into what is it, its purpose. As the era of the Internet grows, more and more things come into the hands of technology. The power of current technology is so much that, you can buy kinds of stuff right from your home. This might not seem a big deal right now.

That is because we are accustomed to shop online. However, back in the ’90s, when the Tech giant “Amazon” was starting up, this concept of e-commerce was not so well known. It is a huge network of manufacturers, sellers, and customers. The backend comprises data scientists, software engineers, database administrators, and so on. So, it is a huge network. It is possible that by 2025 almost 80% of shops will offer their products online. Let’s see what is com.ebay.carrier? How to fix com.ebay.carrier not working or stopped.

About eBay

eBay is an American multinational e-commerce company that was founded in 1995. eBay is based in San Jose, California, and was founded by Pierre Omidyar. eBay promotes business-to-consumer as well as consumer-to-consumer sales through its website. More than a million small, medium, large, and enterprise businesses sell globally on eBay. Electronics goods, cars, sports goods, etc. are some of the product niches. Even you can kickstart your business career by partnering with eBay and selling (of course genuine) products. eBay operates in more than 32 countries as of now. PayPal became a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay in October 2002.

What is com.ebay.carrier

Now to get back to our topic, what is com.ebay.carrier? By its naming convention, we can identify that it’s a package name. However, this package is not built-in in Android devices. You may or may not find this application installed on your device. However, this device is pre-installed in some devices. Especially when you buy your smartphone from eBay, it is likely that you’ll see this app. eBay pre-installs it in the devices. Since it is a system application, you cannot uninstall it unless you have rooted your device.

eBay Partner Affiliate Program

com.eBay.carrier is likely to look at your behavior. That is, what apps you use on your device, how frequently you open them, etc. Again, this is related to the eBay Partner Affiliate Program. Basically, they use this data to analyze the trends and behavior of their customers.

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eBay updated its Partner Affiliate Program in 2019. The improved update was far better than the previous policies due to many reasons. They include more payment options, cross-device tracking, better stability, and improved reporting.


Let us take a closer look at what benefits were added to the updates for the partners to enjoy.

  1. Cross-device tracking: Let’s say some customer uses two devices at her convenience. She clicks on an affiliate link from one of her devices (let’s say, a laptop). However, she completes the purchase through the other device (her mobile). eBay would know this because cross-device tracking is an expanded attribution capability. Hence, the affiliate would not miss his credit.
  2. More payment options: PayPal is the main payment gateway in most of the e-commerce giants. In its updated Affiliate Partner Program, eBay added more payment options to whatever it had before. The feature of depositing directly to most countries was one of them. It also became possible to pay in more currency options.
  3. The updated APP (Affiliate Partner Program) had the affiliate partners, access to more resources. These included updated reporting, that started with a year-over-year performance view. eBay also gave its partners early access to many more helpful content. The interface was made more modern. A direct message (DM) center was also added. This enhanced the reports mechanism that helps partners grow their business fast.
  4. Rate card updates: The most notable and biggest change was the rate card updates. This is still in effect. The previous rate card rewarded affiliate partners with some percentage of the revenue that eBay earned. Hence, for any qualifying transactions, the partner would earn 50% of the revenue. Say, eBay generated Rs. 6,000 in revenue by selling a product; the partner would get Rs. 3,000 (50% of 6,000). The updated model is based on the percentage of sales by region and subcategory. Depending on the specific subcategory of a collectible, partners can earn 1%, 3%, or 4% of the cost price for that product. This allows affiliate partners to devote their primary efforts to areas where they can make the most commission. This updated mechanism provides partners with a more predictable and consistent earning. Also, the bonus paid to partners for attracting new buyers is removed. Instead, strategic bonuses are issued to partners who consistently acquire or retain high-quality customers.

Other Functions

Other than these, the website also had undergone a few too many changes. The Partner Success Portal is now easy to reach throughout the Solutions page. This page basically includes links to promotions and deals. The site is cleaner with high-level content all over. There are added Quick Start guides and resources that help content spread between the help center and in-portal messaging.

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Apart from these, there are certain things that have not changed. For example,

  1. Tools functionality: The Tools functionality is among the list of unchanged. There are pretty much the same tools that used to be. Changing the tools would have caused a lot of problems among the people. This is because they would need to get adapted to the new tools before they are able to use them. Hence, most of the tools in the new portal are still the same.
  2. Cookie Window: Cookies play an essential role in any online business system. The cookie window would remain for twenty-four hours. The last-click attribution logic is still being used. So there is no change in this either.
  3. Existing links: Almost all the links are the same as before. They did not require to be updated at that moment.
  4. Every item is not commissionable: eBay doesn’t pay its partners for gift cards and some items in a specific subcategory. This thing remained the same in the updated Affiliate Partner Program.

Is com.ebay.carrier necessary?

No, com.ebay.carrier is not a necessary application. In fact, most of the devices lack it. It basically takes up the storage and RAM of your device. It is probable that the application is used to track your preferences to recommend various products. This is basically an application of machine learning. If you have the eBay app installed on your device, it will recommend products related to your taste. Hence, the app is in no way harmful. Rather, it is capable of suggesting things that you may need.

Is com.ebay.carrier a Virus?

Many antivirus applications tag com.ebay.carrier as Trojan. It can be called a Bloatware, though, if it keeps on running in background without your consent. This way it consumes RAM and your device may lag as the other applications will have less memory to use. Also, as this app collects more and more data, it grows in size and consumes a lot of storage.

How to fix com.ebay.carrier has stopped?

Though this is a very uncommon problem, we have a common solution for it. System apps’ stopping is really very annoying, especially when the app is of no daily use. The window keeps on popping up unnecessarily, creating a lot of disturbance in using the device.

  • In case you get this error, head on to Settings > Apps.
  • From the list of installed apps, find com.ebay.carrier and tap on it.
  • Click on “Force Stop” to stop the running application.
  • Then, click on “Clear data” to clear the app data. There’s a high chance that this will fix the error popping up every time.
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Consider uninstalling the application if the error message keeps on coming. To maintain good device health, you need to keep its resources free. Uninstalling the app directly is not possible, so go for rooting your device first.

Note: Take a backup of your device before you attempt any root or factory reset. This may erase all the important and sensitive data in your device.

How to uninstall/remove com.ebay.carrier?

Since this is a system application, you can’t uninstall it if your Android device is not rooted. So, to uninstall it, you first need to root your device. The other option is to Force Stop the application. This is not cent percent effective. This is because once you force-stop the app, it stops running. However, it has the power to autostart. It will start running again, which is why you need to force stop this daily. Clicking on “Clear Data” clears all the data consumed by the app. This however gets filled up again when the app restarts. It starts collecting your data again.


Hence, we conclude that com.ebay.carrier is a system app that is embedded into your system by the vendor. This is most likely to be in your device if you have purchased it from eBay. It does not cause any harm, except taking up RAM and storage of your device. Some antivirus programs identify it as Trojan. You can uninstall it if you have root access. Else, force stopping and clearing data daily will help your device’s RAM from being eaten up by it.