Bww online ordering not working

Are you a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, fondly referred to as BWW? Lately, you might have found yourself frustrated with the challenges you’re facing while attempting to order online. Well, you’re not alone. Numerous patrons have expressed their concerns about the BWW online ordering system. This article aims to shed light on the common reasons why BWW’s online ordering might not be working and, most importantly, how you can maneuver around these issues for a seamless ordering experience.

Common Reasons for BWW Online Ordering Glitches

  1. App Updates: Just as with any digital platform, BWW’s application requires regular updates. Sometimes, updating to the newest version of the app can introduce unforeseen glitches, causing disruptions in the ordering process.
  2. Server Overload: High traffic during peak hours, especially during game nights or special promotions, can put a strain on BWW’s servers, leading to hiccups in online ordering.
  3. Multiple System Integrations: As some users pointed out, BWW seems to employ multiple systems that may not communicate perfectly with each other, causing possible discrepancies.
Bww online ordering not working

How to fix BWW Online Ordering issues?

Fix 1: Update Your BWW App

If you’re encountering issues with the Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) online ordering system, the first step you should take is to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of the BWW app. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to update your BWW app:

  1. Check Your App Store: Open the app store on your mobile device. For iOS devices, this is the Apple App Store, and for Android devices, it’s the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for BWW: In the search bar of the app store, type “Buffalo Wild Wings” or simply “BWW.”
  3. Check for Updates: Once you find the BWW app, tap on it to open the app’s page on the app store. Look for an “Update” button. If you see it, it means that a newer version of the app is available.
  4. Tap on Update: Tap the “Update” button, and the app store will start downloading and installing the latest version of the BWW app on your device.
  5. Wait for Installation: Depending on your internet connection and device speed, the installation may take a few moments. Ensure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network to expedite the process.
  6. Open the Updated App: Once the update is complete, open the BWW app.
  7. Log In or Sign Up: If prompted, log in to your existing account or sign up for a new one.
  8. Test the Ordering System: Try placing an order to check if the issue has been resolved.

Updating your BWW app ensures that you have the latest bug fixes and improvements, which can often resolve any glitches in the ordering process. If you continue to experience issues, proceed to explore the other fixes outlined in this article.

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Fix 2: Clear Cache and Cookies

If updating the BWW app didn’t resolve the problem, it’s time to consider clearing cache and cookies. These accumulated files can sometimes interfere with the app’s performance. Follow these steps:

  1. Open App Settings: Depending on your device, go to the settings menu.
  2. Locate App Manager: Find and tap on “Apps” or “Applications Manager.”
  3. Select BWW App: Scroll through the list of installed apps, locate the BWW app, and tap on it.
  4. Clear Cache and Cookies: Within the app settings, you should see options to “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” or “Clear Storage.” Start by selecting “Clear Cache.”
  5. Confirm Action: A confirmation prompt will appear. Confirm that you want to clear the cache. This action won’t delete your account information or saved preferences.
  6. Repeat for Cookies: Go back to the BWW app settings and this time select “Clear Data” or “Clear Storage.” Confirm this action as well.
  7. Reopen BWW App: Open the BWW app again and attempt to place an order to see if the issue is resolved.

Clearing cache and cookies can often help in cases where the app is behaving erratically due to corrupted temporary files.

Fix 3: Switch Between Website and App

If neither updating the app nor clearing cache and cookies works, you can try switching between the BWW website and app:

  1. Access BWW Website: Open your web browser and go to the official Buffalo Wild Wings website.
  2. Login or Sign Up: Log in to your existing BWW account or create a new one if needed.
  3. Place Your Order: Navigate through the website to select your items and place an order.
  4. Test the App: If you initially encountered the issue on the app, download and open the BWW app again. Try placing an order through the app this time.

Sometimes, the website and app versions of online ordering may have different performance characteristics, so switching between them can help you complete your order smoothly.

If none of these fixes resolve the problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to Buffalo Wild Wings customer support for further assistance. They can provide guidance tailored to your specific issue and account.

Fix 4: Avoid Peak Hours

If you’re experiencing difficulties with BWW’s online ordering during peak hours, consider placing your order during non-peak times. This can help you avoid potential server overloads and ensure a smoother ordering process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Check Peak Hours: Determine when BWW experiences its busiest times. These are often during popular sporting events, special promotions, or weekends.
  2. Order During Off-Peak Times: Plan your BWW orders for times when the restaurant is less crowded. Weekday afternoons or early evenings are typically less busy.
  3. Schedule Orders in Advance: If you know you’ll want to order during peak hours, consider scheduling your order in advance. BWW often allows you to select a future order time, ensuring your order is prepared and ready when you want it.
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By avoiding peak hours, you reduce the chances of running into server-related issues that can occur when the system is overwhelmed.

Fix 5: Direct Calls for Orders

If all else fails and you can’t place an order online, consider the traditional method of calling your local BWW to place your order over the phone. While it may seem less convenient in the digital age, it’s a reliable way to ensure your order gets through without any technical hitches. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate the Nearest BWW: Use the BWW website or a search engine to find the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings location and their contact number.
  2. Call the Restaurant: Dial the restaurant’s phone number and wait for a staff member to answer.
  3. Place Your Order: Inform the staff member of your order, specifying the items you want, any customizations, and your preferred pickup or delivery time.
  4. Confirm Payment: Depending on the restaurant’s policy, you may need to provide payment information over the phone or pay when you pick up your order.
  5. Pick Up Your Order: Arrive at the designated time to collect your order, or wait for it to be delivered if you chose delivery.

While this method requires a bit more effort and a phone call, it bypasses any digital hiccups, ensuring your order is processed smoothly.

By following these additional fixes, you can enhance your BWW online ordering experience and overcome any challenges you may encounter with the app or website. Remember that the goal is to enjoy your favorite BWW dishes hassle-free.

Fix 6: Stay Informed About Updates

Technology evolves rapidly, and software applications like the BWW app are no exception. Here’s how to stay informed about updates:

  1. Enable App Notifications: If you have the BWW app installed, make sure notifications are enabled. App updates, promotions, and news may be communicated through notifications.
  2. Visit BWW’s Website: Regularly visit Buffalo Wild Wings’ official website. They often provide information about app updates and known issues.
  3. Check App Store or Play Store: Periodically visit the app store relevant to your device (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and search for the BWW app. App updates and release notes are typically listed there.

Staying informed about updates ensures that you have access to the latest features and bug fixes that may resolve online ordering issues.

Fix 7: Don’t Update Immediately

While it’s important to keep your BWW app up-to-date, sometimes new app versions may introduce unexpected bugs. Here’s a tip on when to update:

  1. Wait a Few Days: When a new version of the BWW app is released, consider waiting a few days before updating. This allows time for other users to test the new version and report any issues.
  2. Check User Reviews: Visit the app’s page on the app store and read user reviews and comments. If many users report problems with the latest update, it might be wise to hold off on updating until the issues are resolved.

By being cautious and patient with app updates, you can avoid potential problems that may arise from new releases.

With these additional fixes, you have a comprehensive set of strategies to tackle any issues you encounter with BWW’s online ordering system. Remember that persistence and a willingness to explore various solutions will help you enjoy your BWW favorites without interruptions.

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Fix 8: Seek Feedback and Support

Sometimes, getting insights from fellow BWW enthusiasts who have faced similar issues can be invaluable. Here’s how to seek feedback and support:

  1. Join Online Communities: Look for online forums, social media groups, or subreddits dedicated to BWW enthusiasts. These communities often have members who share their experiences and solutions.
  2. Post Your Issue: In these online spaces, describe the issue you’re facing with BWW’s online ordering system. Be specific about the problem, your device, and any error messages you encounter.
  3. Engage in Discussions: Engage in discussions with other users who may have faced and resolved similar issues. They can provide tips, workarounds, or direct solutions.
  4. Follow Official Channels: Keep an eye on BWW’s official social media profiles and website. They may post updates, announcements, or troubleshooting tips related to their online ordering system.

By seeking feedback and support from the BWW community, you can tap into the collective knowledge of enthusiasts who have encountered and overcome the same challenges.


BWW’s online ordering system, like any digital platform, isn’t immune to challenges. However, by understanding the potential reasons and being equipped with the aforementioned solutions, you can navigate these minor roadblocks. Remember, the ultimate goal is to enjoy those delicious wings, and with a little patience and the right approach, you surely will!


Why is my BWW online ordering not working?

BWW online ordering may glitch due to app updates, server loads, or system discrepancies.

How can I update my BWW app?

Visit your app store, search ‘Buffalo Wild Wings,’ tap ‘Update’ for the latest version.

How do I clear cache and cookies?

In settings, find the BWW app, clear cache, and data.