BSCedit command: Solution for Bad System Config Info

Bad System Config Info

Bad System Config Info can be a typical Windows systems bug test error, mainly due to device failure and registry, or the BCD log.

How to Fix ‘Bad System Config Info’

Bad System Config Info can be a typical Windows systems bug test error, mainly due to device failure and registry, or the BCD log. If this happens, the Blue Death Screen (BSoD) mistake occurs elsewhere.

Most error messages, however, also explain what the problem might be. Below are some well-known solutions to fix the wrong Machine Config Data Windows 10 mistake.

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Update or Reinstall Drivers

Malfunctioning or unreliable drivers trigger several conflicts. BSOD errors, such as the Bad Device Config Data, are the worst thing that mal drivers might do.

To resolve this, you need to be involved in the Window System Manager (win switch, then type system manager). Tap on “Action-> Check for hardware modifications” in the System Manager window and then see to find out if any yellow exclamation point symbols appear next to any of the apps. (If you want to search them down, you will press the drop-down icons.)

Click “Upgrade driver” when you encounter misbehaving drivers, right-click. If the matter persists, right-click the driving force, then click on the “Driver Uninstall” button. It’s a network computer (such as the driving force in your Ethernet onboard port, then after rebooting your PC it will automatically reinstall it.

It is a driver of a third party after the system has been reconnected or the program has been reinstalled.

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BSCedit Command

BSCedit command: To Fix Bad System Config Info

If the configuration of the system is incorrect or not configured properly, most often the Bad System Config Info error can occur. In addition, if the error occurred in the memory and processors in the configuration file, preventing access for Windows 10. The error would occur.

  • Switch Windows 10 on the Advanced startup menu to fix this:
  • Click Start.
  • Switch power.
  • Tap on Restart and press Change.
  • The screen “Choose a choice” is shown. Use Patch. Use Correction.
  • Select “Advanced Options” from the Troubleshoot window, select prompt from the Advertised Options window.
  • The blue screen of your computer would then reset. You will be asked to continue choosing an account. Click Enter the key for this account in your password.
  • When promptly begins, enter the following rows: bcdedit / deletevalue {default} numproc {default} truncatememory Close prompt.
  • Again install Windows 10.
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Fix BCD file

You can show the Bad Device Config Details Error when your BCD file is corrupted or damaged and deny complete access to Compatibility mode and Windows 10.

You want to address that by using your Windows 10 or update DVD bootable USB flash drive. When you don’t have a bootable USB drive, you’ll always use the Media Development Kit.

Here’s what to try to next:

  1. Please mount and boot from the bootable Windows 10 DVD update.
  2. The configuration of Windows 10 begins.
  3. Next press.
  4. Select “Troubleshoot-> Advanced Options-> prompt.”
  5. Once you start right away, access the corresponding characters.
  6. The following lines will be shown as soon as possible.
  7. (bootrec /repairbcd), (bootrec /osscan), (bootrec /repairmbr)
  8. Close prompt. (Press enter after-line to execute it.)
  9. Run your system again.

Note: the last command you enter will erase then Master Boot Records will be recreated. Using it to take control.

Fix the Registry

Specific registry issues are recognizing the incorrect, but by taking this approach you can patch the registry to correct it:

Boot the installation DVD of Windows 10.

Select “Troubleshoot-> Advanced Options-> prompt.” Enter the following lines and it will begin promptly. (Introduce press for each execution line.)

For codes>> Please Click Here and read the answer of Striker117wd>> Click Here

Note: When you press on Insert and Windows 10, each control folder is changed and not used again as soon as this sometimes happens. They would be removed, but if you want to try and restore a program much later, you are free to rename it.

Next, type in Command Prompt the following lines:

For commands>> Please Click Here and read the answer of Striker117wd>> Click Here

This procedure removes old data and clones the backup of the registry.

Close quickly and reboot your machine.

System Restore

This could be one of the last two options to seek if opposite approaches don’t help:

  • Click Start.
  • Switch power.
  • Tap on Restart and press Change.
  • Take “Trubleshoot-> Advanced Settings-> Device Reset.”
  • Employ telephone guidance.
    Choose your desired restore stage.
  • Click Next, wait for the finishing process.

Reset Windows 10

This is the final solution if no one else succeeded. Build a backup before resetting because all the files are removed from the C partition once you reset Windows.

  • Click Start. Click Off.
  • Select power. Switch power.
  • Tap on Restart and press Change.
  • Select “Delete all-> Only drive where Windows is installed-> Disable only my computer.”
  • To pause for the completion of the operation, press Reset.
  • Select “Delete all-> Only drives where Windows is installed. I
  • If that is always completed, you should have a new Windows 10 update.
  • If it had been connected with your Desktop program, the reset would resolve the matter.
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What is 'Bad System Config Info'

What is ‘Bad System Config Info’

Some PC users record an error in device config info that triggers a blue screen and prevents it to boot on the machine (there are other blue screen triggers, click here to learn more). If an error occurs, the device also shows the following information and indicates the malfunctioning stop code for the configuration of the machine.

Of course, when an error in device configuration occurs the computer may also display the following information. The screen also displays the error BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO.

Both software problems and hardware problems that trigger a malfunctioning config info error. If hardware problems such as back-up and hard disk corruption and loose wire winding and port trigger a bad system config data error, users need to remove their equipment or send the machine to specialists to fix the device.

But thankfully, technical issues are more likely to cause this mistake. The problem with software: problem upgrade and incompatibility of software, malfunctioning MBR, incorrect boot configuration info.


Some Useful Solution

BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO error may often only briefly restore the blue screen and restart the device. Mostly, however, after restarting the machine, this error does not vanish. If so, the following methods can be used by users to fix the problem.

  • Uninstall applications and updates.
  • Restore the system or reset the computer.
  • Test RAM.

Uninstall applications and updates.

Some users complain that after a new application or windows update is enabled, this error occurs. Incompatibility must be the fair cause. If the device can boot in Protected Mode, then users can deactivate apps or upgrade them with problems.

How to securely boot?

Step 1: Enter WinRE and go to Troubleshoot > Advanced solutions. (Click here to find out how to join WinRE). Then press Settings for Initialization.
Step 2: To allow safe mode, click the F4 key to start in safe mode.

How to uninstall Secure Mode apps?
Phase 1: File Explorer Open. Click this PC right and choose Assets.
Step 2: At the top left of your new pop up window, press Control Panel Back. Then in the following pop-up window pick Programs and Apps.

Why will updates be uninstalled?
Step 1: Press Display updates installed on the above GUI, which uninstalls devices.

Phase 2: Right-click a question uninstall fix.

Step 3: Right-click application and uninstall program

Restore the system or reset the computer

If a malfunction in config info error is by the previous approaches, users can restore or reset the device to solve the Windows 10 malfunction configuration data error

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The bad system config details error will, however, cause data loss, so that users can get back important files and back them up in advance. MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended to recover data if the device can not boot.

Here is a tutorial to recover data that can not boot from the device.

Step 1: Build a bootable disk for MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Buy MiniTool Partition Wizard and send it to the main GUI of a standard running machine. So click on the toolbar on Bootable Devices.

Click on the MiniTool plug-in on the WinPE-based web.

Step 2: Set the firmware to boot your machine from the disk that contains the boot.iso burnt file.

Step 3: Database partition data recovery from other repositories.

Only a few seconds MiniTool Partition Wizard opens automatically when the device boots up with the bootable disk. Click on the Data Recovery button then.

Use the initial boots drive E (c) and then click Scan. Press Scan.

Step 4: Check for recoverable files and push the Save button. Save button.

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Test RAM: To Fix Bad System Config Info

Many users notice that the RAM issue can cause a stop code malfunction in the system details error. Users can take the following steps to monitor the RAM problem when the device can boot in safe mode.

Phase 1: Click on the “Windows + R” button and type “mdsched.exe.”

Step 2: Pick “Start again and search for issues now.”

Phase 3: The machine reboots and performs a memory lock. It usually takes a few minutes for this operation.

If the result shows that there are some RAM problems, users can test RAM on a normal machine. If the issue is the RAM, users can need to remove the RAM sticker or contact the manufacturer of the unit in order to get assistance.


The above methods will solve errors caused by common reasons in the device configuration. However, please leave a comment below to share if you have some other answers. Likewise, please leave a comment for discussion if you are having problems with the above solutions.