Audible is one of the biggest licensed audio-book streaming providers. They build original material that can’t be found anywhere. They do not even have exclusive Audible book-length content, they have six shorter monthly Audible Originals and members are provided the free option of two per month. Company has regular sales and special bundles, and unlimited exposure to a range of new titles. It is a sleek service and very user friendly. Still, how does Audible function? Let’s break it down and see if matches your audiobook best.

Audible-how does it work

Second, you carry up a free trial to receive a downloadable audiobook. This could be one of the originals, or perhaps a first Audible. At the end of the trial, you can purchase a monthly Audible subscription. You must use your account to sign up for the membership.

Audible grants you one credit every month. You can use it in many ways according to your needs. You can buy movie tickets using audible credits as well. There’ll be a surprise waiting for one participant one the first day of each month.

They cost no points. Such Visual Originals you should hold forever. And if you cancel your membership, you keep all Audiobooks in your collection. Using applications for your tablet, Windows or Mac machine, or Alexa system, to listen to Audible audiobooks anywhere.

It has different sts of plans and you can choose one according to your needs. Recurring plans incur a monthly premium while annual plans require an upfront cost.


Each credit-rated one term. If the month or year points are spent, you will also receive premium titles at a 30 percent discount.

You will listen to audible titles from their software, which is compliant with smartphones such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

You get one credit a month for your monthly subscription fee which you can use to purchase and keep any audiobook. Here’s the monthly gold plan.

If you go for the yearly gold package, you are spending $149.50 a year, for which you get 12 points a year.

A monthly platinum membership cost is $22.95 a month which offers you 2 credits a month, although you are charging $229.50 a year for the yearly Platinum package that comes with 24 credits. It would cost $4.95 a month.

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You are at an advantage if you are a Prime user. Wouldn’t have to spend a single penny extra. The drawback of using your Audible account by utilizing Prime membership is that you get access to a revolving selection of 50 + books. Every month you can buy additional credits too.

Reading great books more often

The Audible app comes on phones, tablets and desktops. It can be accessed from both the Android and iOS apps.

I always use this feature on my Apple iPhone, and while my phone is always with me, while I’m on the subway, after my exercise, or when I’m out for a stroll, I can listen to audiobooks. I have been listening to Audible audiobooks more lately using Alexa.

That is to suggest, at the same time I can read and do something else. The Audible software lets me enjoy more time reading and completing amazing books. And if you’ve got an Ios mobile or laptop, the Software works great.

I really like that you can slow down or speed up increasing the audio book’s play-time. This feature is built for the people who want to drown in this kind of experience.

You can play it a little faster or slower. You can play it  at the speed that suites you the most.

Is it affordable?

Well, you can purchase titles on Audible individually, or pay a monthly fee. I am located in Ireland and give a fee of just over EUR 10 a month.

Usually, purchasing subscription points works better for me, as certain audiobooks cost up to EUR20/USD20.

Some good news

When you are confused about membership in Audible, you will apply to the 30-day free trial program and get a free audiobook. That is what I did before taking out an annual contract that will require a regular premium charge. (Don’t worry, you can quickly cancel your membership because you want it.

I browsed the audiobook consumer feedback and downloaded Gary Vaynerchuk’s audio edition of Thank You Economy and Mark Levy’s Unexpected Genius for free. Then I gotta listen to it for a long time. Just to check its worth.

Like Grammarly, if you don’t like the audiobook program, you can cancel your subscription after 30 days, and hold your audiobook safe. To enjoy the service there’s no need to pay any subscription charge.

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What about the refund?

If you’re wondering, they can return Audible books, the answer is yes! I contacted a while ago about a technical issue I had with my computer.

While chatting with an Audible rep, I mentioned that I didn’t like an audiobook I had bought a couple of months earlier. The book’s expense was refunded to me by Audible, no questions asked. The agent Audible clarified has a Good Listens to Guarantee and would refund every book you have downloaded over the past 365 days if you don’t like it.

Listen to top authors

More than 200,000 audiobooks are accessible on Audible, many of them are classics or bestsellers. I just listened to Natalie Goldberg’s audiobooks Writing Down the Bones and Stephen King’s On Teaching. These are only two instances where the speaker is still the protagonist of his book

Whereas before reading this way I was skeptical, now I think there is something intimate about having the author of a book read it to you the way he or she intends.

Skilled actors in many instances narrate folk books and classics. One unique highlight is Joseph Conrad’s Face of Despair. The Writer of this book is Kenneth Branagh’s. His description of the iconic Conrad caused my spine to shiver.

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Advantages as a member

So much and so much! You get more than you thinnk. Products are regularly accessible to fans of growing genres. These are:

  • Audible Originals: They are made only for audibles. They vary from dramatic works to brain science seminars, to romance novels.
  • Data: Receive reports from top major news outlets. Subscribe to one or more participants, at no extra expense.
  • Meditation and fitness: Audio-guided courses are given here. You may do occasional lessons or a daily curriculum. There’s a plan for you, whether you’re racing a mile or just soothing your mind.
  • Audible Escape: You can have exposure to a large catalog of romantic titles for an extra $6.95 a month. You will add up to ten titles of romance to your collection at a time. The pink emblem in the corner should tell you which romance titles come under the Escape kit.

Change your decision if you do not like it

I discontinued my subscription and taking out an (US) subscription before publishing this audible analysis did so because I purchase Kindle books from the US website and Whispersync only works if I also order the book from the same regional Audible stores.

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Once I contacted the UK Audible company for cancelation they replied that I would postpone my subscription for some months. I clarified my state of affairs. They said they didn’t worry, and that even after canceling, “audible books are yours to keep.” Today, I listen to

How to cancel?

  • Go to the Audible website and from the drop-down menu identified with your name click on “Account Info”
  • Select “Cancel Enrollment” under “Your Enrollment.”
  • If you’re sure, she’ll ask. Just keep clicking that you are actually wanting to cancel and ta-da! Cancel your account.

If you have bought an annual pass, cancelation is the same, but you will not be reimbursed for the order and will not be entitled to access all the points earned. Yet this year you will not be paid again so you will not be renewing your subscription.


If you listen to audio on the go and enjoy hearing, charging a monthly charge to get Audible access is worth it. I still purchase the ebook and audiobook, which is a pricey practice, but I prefer to have copies where I can annotate and highlight. For me, it makes reading and writing easier. Using the Audible software to mark your location in an audiobook, and make comments.

As of 2014, I have been an Audible subscriber. In the last few years, I’ve used my Apple iPhone to listen to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books on Audible. Audible is my best way to make the most of my time when I eat, workout, and ride. If you decide to carry out a 30-day trial , you’ll get a free novel.