Android symbols at the top of the screen

Facing some problem in knowing what Android symbol just pop on your phone screen. Read this and get to know about them. Android phone symbols at the top of the screen. We are constantly active on our phones, taking calls, sending messages, using the internet, clicking selfies, using WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and whatnot.  We constantly keep checking our notifications. Notifications… what comes into your mind first vibrations, chimes, or symbols.

These are the three things that keep us connected to our phone. The rest of the two are simple it is just vibration or chimes it doesn’t make a difference however what makes difference is the “Symbols” of the apps, symbols of the android system.

From WhatsApp messages to battery drainage, during every action all we get are symbols. Well, in most of the circumstances we know what those symbols are for, however, sometimes we don’t.

Today we are going to talk all about Android phone symbols, so keep on reading.

Android symbols at the top of the screen

What is a status bar in Android?

The status bar is a sequence of icons present at the top of the display. It can be split into two parts:

  1. Icons on the left top-It are employed to point to the uses of the battery and network attributes of your mobile.
  1. Icons on the right top-It are used to display any app notifications, messages, or download particulars. You can get to comprehend precise details about bout these messages by pinching down and clicking on the messages or notices.
status bar in Android

The status bar on the right side shows the major status icons which stay to be persistent primarily. While the left side icons keep switching as these are associated with the app notifications.

We should also remember that the objective of the status bar is to demonstrate notifications. Whenever you acquire a notification from the app email, the symbol of the email app is indicated in the status bar. Whereas, to get exact information, you need to drag the screen down the particulars of the email shown in the notification bar.

A swipe down from the top offers you notification icons along with additional quick-setting icons.

You can customize these quick settings as per your requirement. If you long press the icons you will be capable to catch all the fragments regarding it on a new page. All these are very significant, as it is associated to get depicted in status icons whenever it’s essential. For example, if you enable airplane mode on your machine, it is deliberated in the status bar. You can enable and disable any of these icons smoothly from quick settings.

Android symbols at the top of the screen

There are tons of symbols in the android system to make our life easy, but sometimes it makes it hard to understand. With each new update, the android symbol gets changes or sometimes some symbol popup which we have never faced.

Today, we will go through a lot of symbols to make your life easy.

You see android symbols in two places mainly. The top bar on your phone screen is the bar that shows time, and the second one is the drop-down menu or notification panel.

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For your reference, I have attached an image below to go through it. Now, let’s dig into it. We are dividing symbols into categories to make it easy for you to go through them. Android mobile phone symbols and meanings:

These symbols show the status of the cellular signal on your device. There are many symbols related to the signal. I have mentioned some of them here. Some of the symbols will change from brand to brand.

android symbols
android symbols

No signal.

The first one is the icon of NO Signal symbol. We all know what NO Signal means, this symbol gets displayed when the phone is not getting the cellular signal, or due to some technical fault.

Signal strength Symbol.

This symbol shows the strength of the cellular network.

GPRS in Use.

The next one is GPRS in-use symbol. Well, we don’t use GPRS generally these days, however sometime when we go out of the city for camping where cellular network is not that good then the phone gets shifted to GPRS mode to get connected to the internet. This is one of need to know android symbol.

EDGE in Use

The next one is EDGE in-use symbol. This symbol shows when you are connected to the 2G network. It also has an EDGE connection signal, it shows when you are only connected to the 2G network and not using it.

H+ or 3G Symbol

It depends entirely on the brand of the device and which symbol they are showing. The main purpose of this symbol is to tell you that you are using a 3G internet connection.

LTE or 4G Symbol

Android symbols of these types show when you are connected to the 4G network. In the coming years 5G is coming, let’s wait for its symbol.

R symbol

The R symbol shows up when you are in roaming. It generally happens when you are out of your state.

These symbols show the status of your android system. Like battery status, ringer mode, Wi-Fi, etc. There are a ton of system symbols. These symbols change from mobile brands to other mobile brands. Let’s see what are those.

android symbols
android symbols

Battery icon.

It shows the status of the battery. Many brands also show a percentage on the battery to tell the battery percentage remaining. When you put your phone on charge the symbol changes to a battery with a shocking sign.

Clock icon

The clock icon shows the alarm you set on your phone. It sometimes also shows the upcoming alarm.

Vibration symbol.

Android symbol of this kind pops up when you put your phone in vibration mode.

Speaker and  a cross symbol

Android symbol of this kind shows when you put your phone on silent mode or on do not disturb mode. In this mode, no notifications will be available.

Wi-Fi symbol

This symbol shows up when you turn your phone’s wifi on. When you are connected to a wifi network the symbol changes to wifi symbol with up and down arrow symbol, which means that you are connected to a network and accessing it.

Phone with a wifi symbol

This symbol pops up when you are connected to wifi and make a call over wifi network. This thing is known as “calling over wifi”. Not many carriers provide this facility.

B symbol

The Android symbol of this type is for Bluetooth. This symbol shows up when your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on or you are using Bluetooth.

N symbol

The N symbol is from NFC on your phone. The symbol pops up when you try to use the NFC, or make a payment using the NFC.

Photo symbol

This symbol shows up when we take a screenshot on our device. Screenshots can be taken using a combination of multiple buttons. Read how to take a screenshot: How to screenshot on Samsung

Screen with a wifi symbol

This symbol is for device casting. Device casting is a method to copy your phone display to any other screen. This method works over wifi only. The cast feature comes in handy when we need to show a lot of people our phone screen.

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Call symbol with colors

The call symbol comes in different colors sometimes. There are two colors green and blue. The green color shows that you are using the call feature and whereas the blue color shows that you are using the call function on a Bluetooth device.

Upload and Download icons

Multiple times you would have noticed either the up arrow mark symbol or the down arrow mark symbol. This implies that you have either uploaded a file to some folder or Google drive. The down arrow mark symbol denotes downloading a file into your gadget. It may be an image, a PDF file, or anything else. Sometimes once your download is finished, it is reported using a tickmark adobe the line.

Airplane symbol

This symbol has nothing to do with the airplane. This is for putting your device on “Airplane mode”. Airplane mode blocks all the networks. It is handy when you don’t want to turn off your device but you want to get rid of the world.

Microphone with a line cross symbol

This symbol is for mute. It shows when you are on call and you mute the call. This is a pretty handy thing to keep away the caller from listing your private things.

Dot with four lines symbol

This symbol is for GPS. It pops up when we try to get location data using GPS. GPS is a function to pinpoint your location on the map.

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… symbol

… symbol show when we have more than three notification on the status bar. As the status bar does have not much space to show up all the notifications, when we get more than three notifications, this symbol pops up. Drag down the notification panel to reveal all the notifications.

Down arrow symbol

This symbol means download. It shows when we are downloading something from the internet.

Sd card symbol

This symbol shows three times. First is when you insert the memory card into the device, again when you eject the memory card from the device and third time it pops when the memory card gets full of data.

Hard Drive symbol

This symbol does not mean that your phone has a hard-drive. It simply means that your phone storage is full or going to get full. Clean up your phone memory to remove this symbol. If you do not clean your memory this symbol is going to get stuck on your status bar.

Cell phone with a curve arrow symbol

This symbol shows when you have a system update available. Update your system to remove this symbol, or else it will be going to stuck there.

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USB symbol

This symbol pops when we connect our phone to the computer system, share data or use the tethering feature. Tethering is a handy method to share the internet with a computer.

Circle with two arrows facing each other

This symbol is for sync. This pops up when you sync your data with any of the internet services.

Triangle with! sign

This symbol is for some failure. This pops up when the devices encounter any problem. The first problem is a failure in signing in to the google server. The second is an error in syncing data.

Key sign

This symbol is for a VPN. This symbol pops when the device is connected to any VPN network.

Symbols from android apps

Android symbols also get appeared when we get any notification from the application installed on our device. These include WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, and all the other apps available in the market. The symbols get changed from time to time.

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How to hide the status bar icons?

Hiding status bar icons that are present at the top of the screen is impossible unless you are a developer. Some models or older versions of android mobiles have given the opportunity to go to status bar icons. The lowest tier of customization can be accomplished from the subsequent actions.

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Settings>Display>Status bar icon manager. In this, a Checklist of icons and their names will be mentioned along with the option to enable or disable them. Nevertheless, some system bar icons such as Battery and network can never be enabled or disabled.

In Android 12 you will not be able to access the status bar option straight from settings. Go to settings and search for the status bar. You will be offered a page where there are a lot of choices available. You can enable or disable all other options except the option ‘hide status bar icon at the top of the screen’. As these are the basic and prevailing functions needed by the machine, developers have made it impossible to access users. If it is an iPhone or android 12, in both you can customize quick settings or the control center but not the status bars. While on the other hand, you may be annoyed by the regular notifications popping up. Let’s fix them:

Stop all notifications

This can be prevented in easy methods.

  1. Go to settings 
  2. Open notifications
  3. Click on Notifications on the lock screen 
  4. Enable the option Don’t show any notification.

Stop notifications of an individual app

To prevent notifications from a certain app you ought to pick a separate approach.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open notifications
  3. select App settings
  4. You will get a list of apps shown. select any of the apps for which you no longer wish to receive notifications from that app.

To enable/Disable the status bar icons

In some android mobiles that support the system UI Tuner, it was comfortable to hide this status bar whichever models such as Samsung and LG supported this feature. Follow the stages outlined below to know how to hide system bar icons efficiently. It is to be noted that this procedure performs only in some android models. Observe the actions given below to hide your status bar icons.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Display
  3. In Display, select the Status bar, icon Manager
  4. You will find a list of options such as Network speed, alarm, and Bluetooth
  5. Enable /Disable as per your choice.

Why does the status bar disappear on the Home screen?

Occasionally have you ever seen that your status bar disappears while watching your favorite video or playing games, reading books, or in a presentation slide? Yes, it’s because of the immersive mode or full screen. People adore having the status bar disappear in such cases as listed above. They would desire to view some content in fullscreen without any interruption of status bar icons. In such circumstances, you ought to opt for third-party apps such as “Fullscreen”. The one immersive mode app. It demands a lot of pre-setting methodologies to make it function.


As of now, we have seen a lot of Android Symbols. Some of them which you have many have known from before. Some of them you knew after reading this. Android symbol makes the android so beautiful. Symbols are one of the key constituents of everything, from road symbols to android symbols.

They are just there to make our life easy. I guess now you don’t have any problem recognizing android symbols. We have gone through almost all the symbols. However, symbols may differ from brand to brand. Don’t get confused. I hope you like the post.