Android resource linking failed android resource linking failed: Everyone in this world is not entirely perfect, and even the machine makes an error. We can learn things from only our mistakes. It is not an easy job to develop an error-free application. But its not permanent errors can be solved more smartly. Such a way the standard error seen by the android developers is the android resource linking failed. It is not such a grave error. The primary source of the error is in the XML file due to some syntax error or mistakes in typing code. They should be found and changed. It is an essential and easy way to solve this problem.

Android resource linking failed

          Nowadays, you cannot see a person without mobile phones, particularly Android phones, because android plays a massive role in the cellular industry as they a widely used operating system in the world. Next comes the Ios because the fundamental aim of the software is the security purpose, because of them that they are costly and they are not flexible for many people. Android widely used in button phones in 2008. But after the launch of the iPhone 3G android started its focus on touch screen phones, form here, the evolution of the mobile phone industry has completely changed. Because in android phones, any application can be installed quickly, and the number of the app for the android devices are more in numbers. It started a new era for the job of application developers worldwide. Every application of android developed in a separate space called the android studio.

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What is android

          The name “ANDROID” hits the market only after four years of its development. Before 2007 the majority of mobile phone users are deficient. Even if they are using, they are not smartphones. There were only two operating systems that are available. They were Symbian for the Nokia phones and the Blackberry OS for Blackberry phones. These operating system has notable flaws and is not comfortable to use, to overcome this in November 2007, Google released its first version of android and in September 2008 the first android phone named “T-mobile G1” with Android 1.0, 3.2-inch touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard.

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Is Google who developed android? No, Android Inc. It was founded in Palo Alto, California. It’s four founders were Rich Miner, Chris White, Nick Sears, Andy Rubin. Their ultimate aim of android is to develop a smartphone that is more aware of its “Owners location and Preferences,” and later 2005, the company was only sold to Google.

Android studio

          Android studio is a suitable integrated development environment (IDE), which built on JetBrain’s IntelliJ IDER software, the software developing company located in Prague 4, Prague, Czechia. This tool is designed for improving the stability of android. This software supported in all the operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. The Android studio tool is the replacement of the previously used tool named Eclipse Android Development tool (ADT), and now Android studio is the primary tool for android development till now. Google officially announced an android studio on May 16, 2013, in the Google I/O conference. Then they release the first beta version of 0.8 in June 2014. As of its importance and specification, the stable version released in December 2014 with the text of 1.0. Till now, they released a total of 17 versions of Android studio. The last version was 3.6, which released in February 2020.

Languages used in android studio

          Android Studio uses “KOTLIN” as the official language in early 2019. But on May 7, 2019, the official language of Android studio was changed to “JAVA.”

  • JAVA—It’s the official language of Android studio because most of the android application that is available in the play store developed using the language called JAVA. Because its the word designed for application development. Java code runs employing Virtual Machine on Android devices, and they then interrupt the system given.
  • KOTLIN—It’s the “second” official language used in the Android studio because it also runs in the same java virtual machine, and it is the language that is being used for the beginners, as they are easy to learn. They can be easily understandable by the starters.
  • C/C++–The language that is not widely used by everyone. The primary use of this language is for the development of the “Gaming application” because they do not run in java. Virtual memory uses separate memory; besides this, they are hard to use because they produce more debugs and less flexible.
  • BASIC—Easier language than any other because it has very few options for developing an android application called B4A IDE. It is the dominant language and easy one.
  • Phone Gap— The one who has more knowledge in web development (HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT) can use this language for cross-application.
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Types of errors in android studio

  1. Android Resource linking Failed
  2. Out of Memory error
  3. Too Many Field References. Max is 65,536
  4. Network On Main Thread Exception
  5. Please Choose a Valid JDK Directory
  6. Error Installing APK
  7. Install Failed Insufficient Storage
  8. Activity Notfound Exception
  9. Cannot Resolve symbol R

These are the types of errors that we face during the use of the Android Studio tool, but in this, we are going to solve the first error “Android Resource Linking Failed” in an easy way and the causes of the error. If this error occurs they may due to different reasons for example :

Cause of error

          The error shows up during the “Syntex error” or due to “Typing error” that maybe occurs in one or more XML(Extensible Markup Langage) files. Hence most of the XML files are located in the res folder. But in some cases, they are located outside the res folder. The error may also cause if we use the same lines in the XML file. android resource linking failed android resource linking failed

It is the example program that has the output has the linking failed. For example, AndroidManifest.xml located in  “/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml.”

Solution to solve problem

  • The solution for this problem is very simple they can be solved by the only way to check each and every XML file and point out where the exact error is and then change the coding in the XML file. Obviously, this is time-consuming, but this is the way. But if you are using the updated version of the android studio, then it will make your work a little easier, because it will point out the exact line that has the error. So, we can make the change easily.
  • The above problem picture can be solved by searching and replacing with in the platform/android directory.
  • If we use the same line twice, then the solution is very simple, remove the duplicate line, and then the error disappears.
  • For windows, if we are using the windows 10 and the android studio version 3.2, then simply go to the application and select the build.gradle and then change the version
  • As I mentioned the error: can be solved, if you are using the key tool command line to produce a signed apk, then you just change it to the android studio it will work.
  • Another method is that to force the Gradle to build all the needs with two versions of the main project, they are SDK and tools version, then the line android/build.gradle  be added with SDK needs.
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points to find error in a quick way

  • If the error occurs in the following XML file, then the failure is due to some recent changes this can be solved in a straightforward and tricky way by pressing CTRL+Z
  • It is the second way to find the error easily if the error occurs then open every XML file by doing, so the android studio itself underlines the mistake done.

These are the two ways to find the error and solve it in a fraction of time.

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          These are the ways to solve the problem ( based on android resource linking failed. The above mentioned in the article are cent percentage applicable, and you can solve the problem quickly.