YGOPRO Android: How to install And play?

YGOPRO Android

YGOPRO is a free Yu-Gi-Oh for Android! YGOPRO 2 online game. The latest cards are available, and when revealed, new cards are added. In single, match, and tag duels, players will duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh Android

It is a free Yu-Gi-Oh for Android! The latest cards are available, and when they reveal, new cards come in the slot. In single, match, and tag duels, players will duel.

The Android user is likely to be dueled by players who use all of our YGOPRO updates including the Windows versions of YGOPRO and YGOPRO 2. The games share similar servers.

The only way to play our innovative Robotic Battlegrounds feature is in one mode.


Just tap the downloaded YGOPRO APK file, you will get a pop-up, tap Continue, and then tap Download. You can get an alert that says “Blocked by Play Safe” in the installation phase by clicking on Install Anyway. When you open the device, it will request permissions on your phone to access files, click Allow. After it pressing allow the game to retrieve a few more files for a few seconds, then the login screen will appear.

>>>> Click here to Get the Game installed: Download Here<<<<


Yeah. Yeah, yes. You get the same rewards as you do when you play on the Android edition. If you already have a personalized avatar or cards backup on YGOPRO PC edition, you will indeed be available on Android.


Link your device with a USB connection on your device, find the deck file, and copy it into the directory: This PC>\Internal Shared Storage\ygocore\deck.

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YGOPRO 2- Details

YGOPRO Android_2

YGOPRO 2 is indeed a completely automatic, open Yu-Gi-Oh! Online game. Web game. All cards are available in both TCG and OCG modes. Once revealed, they add new cards. Players can play duels individually, match and tag in graded or unequaled mode. You can use all cards for free when you install the game.

In addition to online multiplayer games, they also offer some single-player rivals including Yugi, Joey, Kaiba, Dartz, Dueling Robot and DuelTek 760 which are not only advanced, but also state-of – the-art AI robots. Those who want to develop their abilities should play with puzzles and talent tests.

The player can change the textures of the game, sounds, and card pictures to match his needs. They give a variety of other functions which can not be found in other Yugioh games. Our deck sharing feature allows players to easily submit their decks, build teams, engage in the team wars, and more.

TDOANE account

Every week, they schedule tournaments. Because they add cards, they give players the opportunity to try out their cards before they are officially printed, weekly tournaments before buying them. YGOPRO 2 is easy to run. Start to download, uninstall the game by right-clicking the file downloaded, and then select ‘All Remove’ once the game’s removal is done, open the launcher, register if you have no TDOANE account, sign in with your new or TDOANE account.

YGOPRO 2 & Yu Gi Yeah, you know! The New Age Dawn (TDOANE) is on the same servers. If you have somehow a TDOANE account, all games synchronize data, friend list, the squad as well as other settings. You build actual duels. They run. Players help all their projects with their games, along with the ninja sword project.

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Is YGopro Safe?

When you install and play it, YgoPro is free from attackers and harmful software. You also need to search your device with your anti-virus program, which may have corrupted YgoPro before installing it.

Does it have viruses?

No, it’s not a virus this season. Some screening systems go crazy and say that it is indeed a virus when it is done.

Is it offline playing game?

You can potentially play offline, but only in lan mode, that means you have to be on a terminal server or a public network. Go to the-> YGOPRO folder of the game, and there’s a ygopro.exe that gets u lan mode, deck edit puzzles.


Kaiba Corporation

Yu-Gi-Oh, the same company that operates on real duel disks, has provided the Dawn of a New Age. Using the installer to obey on-screen instructions once Ygopro has been downloaded.


“you are not an athlete but you can mutate yourself and the moment of training coaches who have pushed you is yourself who dropped in passion with the game and nevermore glanced back… play for yourself.”

– Awillguru

So its all about the games that we play and learn. It helps us to make our brain smarter day by day.

So keep learning,keep playing.

If had any issue feel free to do comment below and clear your doubts.

Happy reading ..