What is Zoom Error code 10004

Many people were aware about the Zoom application. It is a web application. Zoom is used everywhere in offices, schools,colleges and all places. Zoom has become very popular since the lockdown period. Since lockdown everyone used to attend their meeting in the zoom video conferencing only. Students in schools and colleges used to attend their classes using zoom application only. Zoom was a perfect interface to attend meetings and listen to classes.  So in many ways zoom has become a very helpful web application to many people. 

Due to its capability to schedule meetings and also allow many people to attend the meetings at once which encourages one to many communication with help of web interface has made it a very useful web application.So its usage is to host video conferences as well as audio conferences and also meetings in the online.

What is Zoom error code 10004

Zoom error 10004 is nowadays very much in the sound. Many people are facing this error. Due to this many people’s calls are not being effective. They are unable to conduct video meetings or video sessions due to this error. It is becoming very difficult for people to use the application like this as it is the main source for many people in the lockdown period. But now to make the error free video meeting and also using the simple methods or ways, you can remove this error. It is very simple. It may have occurred due to various reasons, and solutions for all problems will be discussed below with the help of step by step approach for the problem. Also, It occurs in Windows OS as well as mac OS. So Let us discuss the solutions for the above problem in the given ways below. Follow the article till the end to solve your issue.

How does zoom 10004 code error occurs

Before knowing how 10004 error occurs in zoom, let us know what could be the reason for this error to occur. The main reason behind the occurrence of this error is that prevention of an update, which results in auto update error code. This error occurs while you are trying to connect to a meeting. It will occur in the form of a pop up on your screen or zoom interface. In such cases of error, the zoom server will be unable to connect with the zoom client. In this way it becomes a hindrance to continue with the zoom video conferences or meetings. There will be many solutions to solve this error. But let us first find out the causes of this error occurrence. Let us see some of the causes of this error.

Causes of 10004 zoom error

Auto-update error in zoom

This error occurs when the zoom app is unable to download its latest version by updating itself. This may cause update errors and also result in less efficiency of the app. This doesn’t allow us to use the app and make video conferences. It also causes connection loss between server and clients of the zoom.

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Network connectivity issues

If there is no proper internet connection, then issues like this will arise. You have to check your internet connectivity properly and if required try to reconnect the internet again. Network connectivity also results in prevention of updates and can be difficult to connect to servers. So check your internet or network connection thoroughly before performing any other task.

Issues from zoom server

Many zoom server issues will occur many times. Sometimes servers crash due to many reasons. If the usage of the application or too many hits on the server at the same time can sometimes cause this error. This an error from the zoom server end. There is no solution for this error other than to wait patiently until it returns to its normal condition. The server end team of the zoom will solve the issue by taking a particular time slot in a day. At that time we cannot use the zoom app. 

Third party application issues

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, third party applications may cause issues in zoom and also may interrupt the connection between the client and the server. Installation of third party apps in your system sometimes happens without your knowledge. So beware of those third party apps which could interrupt connection between server and clients and cause hindrance to your video conference or meetings.So finally, these will be the errors that may cause the hindrance of your video conference in zoom web application. These errors are quite common to many people and many people get frustrated because of not knowing a solution to solve these errors. Let us discuss solutions for each problem in the below. Below were some of the methods to solve your issues regarding the 10004 error in zoom. Try every method and check which one suits you the best. Go through every method carefully to solve your problem regarding the 10004 error in zoom.

Methods to fix ZOOM error code 10004

Let us know some of the methods to solve the issue of zoom 10004 error code. Among the list of mentioned methods, any of the methods may solve your issue. So follow through every method clearly mentioned below in a step by step approach. So that you can solve your error.

1. Checking network connectivity

Network connectivity issues are the most common these days. As many people are not giving much importance and not checking the network properly is causing many problems. Due to this many issues are occurring . 

One can check network connectivity easily . But network connectivity is the problem. Immediately restart your router. Restarting your router will help you in solving wifi related issues if having. So whenever you face internet connectivity issues, immediately start your trouble shooting of the problem by restarting the router. 

Reconnecting the router again will be back to solving the network connectivity issue and your internet will be back. Now connect your laptop again to the wifi. Now your problem of internet connectivity is solved. So you can try downloading the update from the zoom old version to the latest version now.

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2. Disabling of antivirus software

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, we install some third party antivirus softwares which will affect the zoom by blocking specific programs by accessing the internet or hardware. In such cases we may get hindrance to attend the video conference as some of the updates were blocked by the antivirus software. 

In such cases we need to immediately uninstall the third party antivirus softwares.Also sometimes zoom only uninstalls the antivirus software to perform its update of the latest version directly.So the keypoint here is to enable the working of zoom, your third party antivirus needs to be disabled.If the antivirus enables your zoom to work by not blocking any access. And also if needed disabling itself when zoom needs to update. Then we can specify that antivirus software as a good one. So that we can perform the update and attend a video conference without any issue.

3. Updating the zoom

Though updating a device is easy to do, many people do not give heed to it. Due to this many people lose many new features and also face many issues in the system. Need to be up to date in knowledge as well as technology is very important. Don’t neglect this easy process.

So immediately , check for updates in your zoom web application manually. If an update is found , immediately upgrade your zoom web application to the latest version to resolve your issue. As you know, checking for an update is the most easy task. You can do that either by typing the name of the application in google play store in your mobile. If it is a PC , you can randomly check by visiting the updates tab in your profile.

4. Reinstallation of the app

If any of the above methods doesn’t work, don’t worry. Delete the application completely from your PC or mobile. In PC you cannot simply delete the application. You have to go to the control panel and go to the folder where you application is present and you have to uninstall the program

Whereas in mobile you can simply uninstall the application by clicking and holding on the application. In this way initially you have to uninstall the program from your device. After uninstallation you have to reinstall the application to your device again. The process of reinstallation is also very easy. 

The moment you reinstall the app, you will get the fresh app , which means the latest version of the app is fully updated. So you don’t have to update it again specifically until and unless it asks for an update. Therefore in this way reinstallation of the program helps you to solve not only a particular issue, but also allows you to solve all other issues which were pending. Also reinstallation of the app, directly allows you to download a latest version of the app, which is already updated.

So, you can solve your issue of ZOOM 10004 error code by using the above mentioned methods. Try and check which method worked for you. Sometimes even though we try a lot and get to know that none of the methods is working, In that case you have to contact the zoom support team to solve your issue. Elaborate your issue to the team in a clear manner , so that the team can help you by reverting to solve your issue. Let us know in detail about how to contact the zoom support team.

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Contacting Zoom support team

If any of the above mentioned methods doesn’t work, you have to contact the zoom support team to solve your issue. Firstly you have to remember to specify them in a detailed manner about the Operating System(OS) you are using. Also describe the time of occurrence of the error to the contact support team. Also if the error occurred to you at the time of meeting or middle of the meeting, in such cases you have to mention the meeting ID also to them. In this way you have to clarify every detail so that the team will revert you back and solve the issue. Therefore, by using the above mentioned method you can solve the issue of ZOOM 10004 error and can attend the video meetings or conference without any issues.

Sometimes, though we completed reading an entire article , we may have some doubts or questions to ask.  Also we can get answers for most of our questions by reading some of the below which are frequently asked questions. Go through each and every part of this, so that gaps in your brains will be filled if your doubt is clarified.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cause of the zoom 10004 error?

It occurs due to many causes. Among them mostly this error occurs due to issues in internet connectivity and also not up to date of the application i.e not being in the latest version of the application. But this issue can be easily resolved if you update the application once.

What is the zoom 10004 error?

It is an error that occurs in the middle of the video conference or also prevents you from joining any of the video conference or meeting. Zoom error code 10004 indicates that your system needs to be updated immediately to the latest version. So that you can access and attend the meetings without any disturbances.  If you encounter this error immediately update your application.  Or you can also reinstall the program , so that you will get a new latest version which is up to date.

Why does my zoom keep saying error and how do I fix it?

It is mainly because of the server issues. In such cases you have to wait for sometime and later try to reach out to the zoom phone admin for help. It occurs mainly because of firewalls or antivirus that you have installed from third party softwares or proxy server settings. Try to uninstall the third party antivirus softwares as it prevents or blocks from updating, which will ultimately result in hindrance to video conference.

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