Tonie error code 103

The error code 103 on the Toniebox, indicated as “Code word: Ant,” is one of several unique error codes designed by the Toniebox to simplify troubleshooting. These error codes, represented by animal names like Toniebox Ant, Hedgehog, Turtle, and others, are meant to help users identify and resolve issues without having to remember complex combinations of letters and numbers. The use of these codes suggests that there might be a connection problem with the Internet or the Toniebox itself.

When you encounter the “Code word: Ant” error, it indicates a specific issue that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, the Toniebox support pages do not provide direct information on what each code word means or the specific steps to resolve them. However, they do offer a general troubleshooting guide and recommend contacting their customer support for assistance, especially if you’re unable to resolve the issue on your own.

tonie error code 103
A Toniebox displaying the error code “Ant”.

To address the issue, you might start by ensuring that your Toniebox is properly connected to the internet. Check your Wi-Fi connection and ensure that the Toniebox is within range of the router. If the problem persists, you may want to restart the Toniebox or try setting it up again to see if the issue gets resolved.

In case these steps don’t work, it would be best to contact the Toniebox customer support team. When reaching out to them, make sure to mention your specific error code (“Ant” in this case) and provide your Toniebox ID for more personalized assistance.

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