How to check if my android phone is refurbished or factory-new?

Google launched the Android operating system and new inventions for tablets, smartphones, as well as other mobile devices. It is compatible with a variety of gadgets made by numerous vendors. The software development kit (SDK) that comes with Android makes it easier to write original code and put together software systems to create apps for Android users. Android provides a marketplace for the purchase of apps. Android operates as a mobile app ecosystem as a whole.

Since they cost so much, smartphones are an investment, thus we naturally expect to receive brand-new devices. However, some repair businesses may exchange original phones for reconditioned models. Additionally, there are internet merchants who charge their customers the full cost of a brand-new Android smartphone, but they receive a reconditioned model. How can one identify if a phone is refurbished since it might be difficult to differentiate between factory new and refurbished phones? Let’s jump right into it!

How to check if my android phone is refurbished or factory-new

What does it mean to have a refurbished phone and a factory-new phone?

Refurbished phone

Refurbished phone: Will likely have had a prior owner, but unlike a used phone sold by an individual, a refurbished phone is sold by a network, manufacturer, or retailer who will have repaired it, tested it, and ensured it adheres to a certain standard. When refurbished phones are sold, they are frequently sorted into quality-based grades so that you know what level of quality to anticipate.

A consumer who had a change of heart after making a purchase and returned a reconditioned device may have done so. It might have also been defective and sent back for repairs or sold back to the business prior to an upgrade. Because of the Data Protection Act, the phone will be sent to you with no traces of its prior owner’s data.

Factory-new phone

Many dealers of refurbished phones will give a grade in the description of the device to aid you in selecting the best phone for you in the condition you anticipate. These are frequently:

Factory new phone

Grade A: The phone shouldn’t have any blemishes or scratches, making this essentially equivalent to purchasing a new one. It most likely includes the original box and extras as well.

Grade B: This phone may have a few blemishes or scratches, which will make it evident that it isn’t brand new. It will, however, be in flawless operating order, and any damage should only be superficial.

Grade C: Although the phones in this category will clearly show signs of use, they should still function properly. You may also see phones described as “like new”, “perfect” or “nearly perfect” which are self-explanatory.

Why should you stay away from refurbished phones?

An Android phone that has been returned to the manufacturer by a customer due to a defect while it was still covered by warranty is known as a refurbished model. Newer models are occasionally substituted for older ones. Before being sold, these devices are examined, fixed, and tested. They also come with a warranty. They are susceptible, though, and they may malfunction once more. Local retailers and resellers conceal this information from the public, thus the consumers are left with a phone that is likely to break down shortly.

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Check out these procedures if you have an older Android phone and want to see if it has been refurbished.

Method 1:

Tap the Phone application to launch the dialer.

  • Step 1: Launch the Android dialer program

Dial the RTN number that is ##786# using the touchscreen keypad on your device.

There’s no need to dial; the RTN screen should pop up on the phone immediately. Here, select View. A word of caution: If this code doesn’t work, try *#*#786#*#*. The right sequence must be used when entering stars and numbers. Call the rtn code, and check the rtn information for Android.

  • Step 2: To get the Reconditioned status, scroll down the RTN screen. There are only two status entries available here: Your phone is a used but working model, yes. You should be happy to know that your phone is not a refurbished device. It is brand new from the factory.

Method 2:

You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your device supported by Android. Even better, you can find your IMEI number by navigating to Settings, selecting About Device, and then selecting Status.

  • Step 1: Enter your IMEI number into the dialogue box after obtaining it, then click Check. You will immediately see information about the phone from the system. You might have a fake or reconditioned device if the system differs in any way from what the Android phone is displaying.

Method 3:

For your Android phones, you may search for shortcodes. For this technique, a few conditions must be met, a smartphone running Android with a unique home screen launcher. While ADW or other Launchers will also work, a Launcher Pro is more strongly advised. Make sure you have an app installed before you begin that will allow you to add “activities” to the shortcut creator.

  • Step 1: Go to your Android phone’s home screen using the custom launcher, then long-press anywhere on the screen. An option “Add to Home screen” will display on the menu screen.. Toggle to Shortcuts. The procedure is somewhat altered for the ADW launcher to Custom Shortcut, Pick Your Activity, and Click Activities.
  • Step 2: For the next menu, choose Activities. On a blank screen, a list of phone actions will be visible. Use the menu that is concealed in the name section.

To navigate to whichever activity you can locate. You may view a list of all the hidden menus on your Android phone by touching the hidden menu. Obtain any of them, to determine whether your Android phone is brand-new or refurbished, select the RTN secret menu.

What Benefits and Drawbacks Come with Buying a Refurbished Phone?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages when deciding whether buying a refurbished phone is the best course of action.


A refurbished phone will probably be far less expensive than a new one. When you purchase a refurbished phone outright, you won’t be locked into an expensive contract; however, when you choose to purchase one on a plan, you’ll probably pay less than you would under a comparable new phone deal. Buying a refurbished phone is more environmentally friendly than purchasing a new one because refurbished phones come with warranties as opposed to used phones sold by private sellers. 

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Unlike with a used phone from a private seller, if you purchase a refurbished phone from an online trader, you have consumer rights under the Consumer Rights 

Act 2015 if the phone isn’t as described. Several checks and tests will have been performed on refurbished phones before they are sold, so they should be in full working order.


You might not get the phone in its original box or with all of the accessories it came with because it won’t be brand-new. Given that the provider will have performed numerous inspections on the phone and that the phone may have indications of wear and tear, the price is likely to be greater than that of a used phone.

How to check if my android phone is refurbished or factory-new

If you prefer to own the most recent model of a phone, you might have to wait until after the device’s debut date to locate a refurbished model. Insurance may cost more for a reconditioned phone than a new one. You can look for refurbished phones online and purchase them directly from the manufacturer or from one of the several websites that cater to this industry.

What occurs when I perform a hard reset on my Android device? 

Hard resets can be beneficial for your device, but they can also have very significant negative effects. So, be sure to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a hard reset before you do it on your phone.

PRO’S: Any unnecessary data on your Android device will be removed, making it run faster than before. It can be reset to its factory settings if you unintentionally changed some settings. It can diagnose the issue and repair your phone if you are experiencing any problems with it. Also, It will become speedier and free up a lot of space on your device in addition to making it faster.

CON’S: Since a hard reset will get rid of all the saved data from your phone, you can end up losing your important files. Your chats and WhatsApp backup will also be deleted, not only any stored data (like images). The same would be true of any further saved settings, WiFi passwords, preferences, etc.

Have you ever unintentionally reset your device hard?

If you mistakenly formatted your phone by performing a hard reset, you can retrieve your files by using a recovery tool. For instance, I used Dr.Fone – Data Recovery’s help when something similar happened to me. The application is really simple to use and supports all popular Android and iOS devices. Launch the Dr.Fone – Data Recovery application after connecting your device, then simply follow the click-through process. You would ultimately be able to preview your data and eventually restore it.

reset your device hard


Hopefully, this article has taught you to be on the lookout for sloppily inserted reconditioned models while buying a new phone or getting your old one mended or replaced. As we all know, factory-new phones are brand-new, and replacing damaged handsets with factory-new ones costs carriers or shops extra money.  Fortunately, there are some simple ways that we know of to identify refurbished Android phones.

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Why is it important that my phone gets refurbished?

Refurbished or “reconditioned” refers to a phone that has been returned, fixed, and polished to make it appear “like new.” This typically indicates that the gadget is now in perfect working order and no longer has any issues. However, occasionally “refurbs” have problems. The warranty on a refurbished item is usually never as good, assuming it even has one. In addition, the construction quality might be lower because third-party replacement parts occasionally take the place of OEM parts in refurbs (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
Additionally, refurbished objects have lower sale and resale values. A refurbished phone won’t fetch the same price as one that is straight from the OEM if you ever decide to sell it on eBay or somewhere else. Check to see if a phone is a refurbished model before purchasing it or as soon as you receive one you ordered online. You can return an item and receive a full refund if the sale description did not specify that it was a refurbished item, or you can report fraud.

How Can Locally Made Refurbished Android Phones Be Verified?

You may already be aware that LG, Samsung, and other large, international Android OEMs produce their products for a variety of markets. For the Korean market, the LG G2 is offered in roughly 8 versions, such as the F320K, F320L, and so on. The foreign versions are D800 and D801 for the American market. The American and Korean versions of these smartphones are imported by shop owners in local marketplaces in subpar condition, where they are then fixed and given new casings. Some people even put their accessories in a fake box that they have attached. You may identify refurbished phones by weighing them because locally refurbished electronics are typically lighter than brand-new ones.
Using the following advice, you may spot these locally refurbished phones with ease:
By examining the product’s construction. Leave it if the case device is of poor quality.
Weighing the phone will enable you to distinguish between new and locally refurbished models since the latter are lighter.
If the phone is in fantastic shape, make sure because the phone’s case might have been altered.
The best technique to identify a Korean phone is to turn on an FM radio when it is connected to a hands-free phone. If there is nothing wrong with the phone inside the box, open the case and inspect it before buying it. From your real device, you may easily determine whether your Android phone is brand new or reconditioned. On modern Android smartphones, it can be found via a detailed hardware information app.