SecVideoEngineService Android Application

It’s hard to not recognize the brand name “Samsung” in today’s age. The South Korean Tech giant covers it all from hardware to software. Samsung Electronics develops the SecVideoEngineService Android application as a system app for their android operating system-enabled One UI (User Interface). What this app does for the user, is that it enhances the online video streaming/watching experience. The app is essentially a video processing platform. Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, set-top boxes, etc. running on Samsung’s in-house Exynos SoC (System-on-Chip) use it. Originally conceptualized as a platform to make the process of online video-watching easier for the end user.

That being said the app’s offered experience is anything but smooth sailing. The app has a bad reputation for getting quite buggy and often crashing or stopping working. Malfunctioning and crashing seem to be consistent issues with the app. In this article, we are gonna cover all about the app. Discuss all of its quirks. I will also help in guiding you through the ways to fix it. In case none of the ways help: disable it on your Android device.

SecVideoEngineService Android Application

So without any further delay let us dive right into the nitty gritty of it.

What is the SecVideoEngineService Android application?  

Samsung developed this app as a manager and controller application for video content playback on Android devices. Originally designed to work alongside another Samsung stub app called, “carmodestub”. Samsungs electronics division, later on, released it as a separate application exclusively for Android devices. The main purpose of the app, as already mentioned is to smoothen the online video-streaming experience of users.

Samsung develops and distributes the stub app carmodestub for their own “MirrorLink” technology. Samsung has also patented a technology known as the MirrorLink technology. It is primarily meant for its Galaxy series devices. The app acts as an alternative to “Android Auto”. What the technology does is connect the phone to the car’s infotainment system. Now for those of you wondering what a stub application is, we have got that covered as well. A stub application is a smaller app that facilitates the working of larger more complex apps.

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Sources to get the Android application:-

This application sideloads from the apkmirror website or any other android application download website. The app doesn’t require any in-app payments/purchases to work. It provides the users with the features of pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding, adjusting the playback speed to slower or faster. It also provides other quality features like adjusting the volume and brightness of videos during their playback. For users who are concerned about sideloading apps from third-party hosting, no need to worry about security as the app Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd distributes it.

Various uses of the Android application:-

The SecVideoEngineService application allows android devices to connect to other Samsung devices and provides the user with the option to stream content from them. Users can use this feature to directly stream and consume content from the Samsung devices, they had earlier stored them in. Using this app the user gets the ability to control compatible devices connected within the same network, such as Smart Television, Gaming Consoles, etc. Android devices use this app during carrier-based video calls, as it helps in enabling captured video streaming for cellular networks.

For people wanting to wrap their heads around the working of this app just simply imagine an OTT platform that is hosted and distributed on an individual local network. 

Still not clear? 

Netflix/Amazon Prime on a Local Access Network. There, you have it.

Except for infotainment uses the app user can also use the app to monitor security camera footage on their Android devices and even control their movements, orientations, etc. 

What issues persist with the Android app and how to solve them?

To call the experiences that various users have had during their time using this app, challenging would be an understatement. Users give this Android application, the tag of being unreliable and very frustrating to use with unstable elements throughout its UI, and it has received bouts of malfunctioning reports. 

The most recurring issue reported with this app on Android devices is that it is not able to work. Now there could be a variety of causes for this, but the most common reasons can be that the app is not installed or not installed properly, or not updated.

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Now that we have talked about the shortcomings of the app, let’s guide you through some of the ways you can try to address said issues, should you experience any while using it.

As with any issue on any android device, the first method of trying to solve the issue should always be the simplest of them all, i.e., restarting/rebooting the device. The user can try to see if trying this has fixed the issue. In case it hasn’t been, the user can proceed to try the other methods.

Methods to fix the errors with the app:-

To address the issues the user first needs to check whether the app is even installed on their Android device. In case the user finds the app not already installed on the system: the user can download the app from the third-party downloadable android APK hosting websites like apkmirror, apkcombo, etc. After downloading the app the user can then install it on their device. First, the user might need to enable the ‘install from unknown sources’ option from the settings.

In case the app is present on the device but still not working, the user can tackle the issue in either one of two ways, and they are:

The user can try clearing the cache and data of the app on the Android device. To do that the user can find the app from the settings menu. Then in the storage option select the ‘clear cache’ and ‘clear data’ options. What this would do is refresh the app and then the user can try to access it again.


Chances are the app hasn’t been installed properly, and the user now needs to remove/uninstall/deactivate the app and follow the earlier-mentioned steps to re-download and re-install the application on their android device.

If the issue persists then the user can try to update the app to its newest version. The user should also make sure to keep their Android devices updated and on the latest security patches rolled out by their respective OEMs.

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In case the issue is with the ability to access the security camera footage via the app, the issue could exist with the device or the network. Rebooting the device and the cameras might be a handy way to solve the issue. 

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The SecVideoEngineService Android application seems very much to be a work in progress. Hopefully, this article has been able to help you understand the working of the app. Refer to the article to try out all the troubleshooting methods to fix the errors that persist with the app. I wish you all the best of luck with it.


What is the carmodestub App?

It is a stub application created and distributed by Samsung on its devices to enable the MirrorLink technology.

What is a stub app?

Stub apps are smaller apps created to facilitate the working of bigger complex apps. These are basically intermediary applications that help in the information exchange between the device and the main application.

What is the Samsung MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is a technology similar to Android Auto, developed and distributed by Samsung for its Android devices to help set up a car infotainment system control on them.

How to fix the SecVideoEngineService Error?

In order to do that there are a few things you can try to check and then proceed accordingly to fix the problem. All this includes having the Android device up-to-date with all of the latest security patches installed. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app could help. And trying to clear the App data and cache is also a reliable technique to help solve the issue.