What is org.codeaurora.dialer

Have you ever encountered this name striking in your mobile. Most of the time you might see this as a trigger or alert notification. Have you ever wondered what this org.codeaurora.dialer is? Before diving deep into the org.codeaurora.dialer app,let us first know what does this org.code aurora mean?

What is org code aurora

Org Code Aurora (org.codeaurora.dialer) is a package name associated with the dialer application found on certain Android devices. This package is integral to the functionality of the phone’s dialing system, enabling users to make and manage phone calls efficiently. The “Code Aurora” part of the name refers to the Code Aurora Forum (CAF), a collaborative open-source project initiated by Linaro.

Understanding Code Aurora

Code Aurora Forum (CAF) is an open-source software initiative that focuses on optimizing the performance of software on Qualcomm’s mobile processors. Linaro, a collaborative engineering organization developing open-source software for the ARM ecosystem, manages the CAF. The primary aim of CAF is to enhance the performance and efficiency of software on Qualcomm chipsets by contributing to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Role and Function of org.codeaurora.dialer

The org.codeaurora.dialer package is specifically designed to ensure the smooth operation of the dialer application on devices using Qualcomm chipsets. Here are some key aspects of this package:

  1. Performance Optimization: The dialer app, being a critical component of any smartphone, requires high efficiency and low latency. The Code Aurora project ensures that the dialer app is optimized for the specific hardware it runs on, thereby improving performance and user experience.
  2. Compatibility and Integration: Given the diversity of Android devices and their hardware configurations, the org.codeaurora.dialer package ensures that the dialer app integrates seamlessly with the underlying hardware. This compatibility is crucial for maintaining stable and reliable communication functions.
  3. Enhanced Features: The Code Aurora project often introduces enhancements and features that may not be available in the standard AOSP dialer. These can include advanced call management features, better audio quality, and improved connectivity options.

Benefits of Using org.codeaurora.dialer

  1. Optimized Call Quality: By fine-tuning the dialer app to work efficiently with Qualcomm chipsets, the package can help in delivering superior call quality. This includes clearer audio and reduced dropped calls.
  2. Battery Efficiency: Optimized code means that the dialer app uses system resources more efficiently, which can lead to better battery performance. This is particularly important for power-intensive tasks like making long phone calls.
  3. System Stability: Integration with the hardware and software stack ensures that the dialer app runs smoothly, minimizing crashes and bugs that can disrupt communication.
  4. Security Updates: Being part of an open-source initiative, updates to the org.codeaurora.dialer package often include important security patches that protect users from vulnerabilities.
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Packages are folders which contain source code. Confused of listening to the source code and folder names. Ok that is the formal definition of package names. Let us make it simple and let us learn according to our usage and comfort. Let us know what packages are???

What is a package?

A package is simply which contains necessary or required software for the mobile to run. And companies or organizations use these packages and embed them into their android phones. Each package has a unique name. Each package itself acts as a unique identifier for the android operating system. These packages contain source code, and these are executed according to the requirement. An individual package contains a group of codes related to different objects. And like these many packages will be there. All these different objects contain different source code. All these groups of source code are stored in a single package which is a unique identifier. And this package name is uniquely identified and used to launch in the mobile also with that uniquely identified name. This is how the operating system in a mobile works by loading all the packages according to the usage.

Some of the package names are

  • Org.codeaurora.snapcam: It enables you to access the modified version of google web camera, even though you do not own a pixel smartphone. You can download this package and install it into your mobile. Due to this you can have features of google web camera and improve as well as enjoy your photography skills.
  • Org.codeaurora.ims: It is also similar to a google’s modified version of the camera. It also helps you in using google camera without a pixel smartphone. In this you have to download the application through APK, as it is not available directly in the playstore.
  • Org.codeaurora.btmultism: It is generally used for file transferring, which uses file transfer protocol, and it also has the ability to catch the anti corrupt software.
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How org.codeaurora.dialer works

We have got to know about the org.codeaurora.dialer package name, let us know how it works. The moment you click the dialer app in the mobile, it will simply launch the org.codeaurora.dialer package. It sometimes launches with the message name or also sometimes directly launched. Mainly when you restart your mobile, you will sometimes be notified with this alert or trigger message, in those times you will be able to see the name of this package . But is not an error or issue, It just signifies that you are using the codeaurora.dialer app for some use.

Applications of org.codeaurora.dialer

When you have a dialer package you will have a lot more applications with it. You can call anyone without any issue. This dialer package enables you to make an error free call to anyone as it is checked its source code for improvement and also optimized performance enables you to make calls without any technical issues. Generally RAM of the phone is the factor for deciding the speed of the mobile. But packages with optimized source code helps apps work faster. Similarly the dialer package helps to work and launch the app faster the moment you click it.

And you have many applications with the use of a dialer package, it helps you in calling to anyone. Allows you to save contacts and also allows you to make an emergency list. All these are included in the dialer package. In this way this package helps you do many more things and gives you a good dialer experience without any glitch.

Is org.codeaurora.dialer is secure?

Yes, org.codeaurora.dialer is a safe package that enables core dialer functionality. The notification simply confirms the package is running when you use the dialer app.

Whether the app is secure enough to perform any activities on it, triggers or alert notifications on it is dangerous if a phone’s activity is being hacked. Many people face these types of worries if they see a flash of information like this. But it’s all normal, nothing to worry about. It’s just a package that is being launched when you use the mobile. And this package makes the application work securely.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If you experience issues with the dialer app, try these general troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your phone.
  • Clear the dialer app’s cache.
  • Update your phone’s software.
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If the problem persists, contact your device manufacturer’s support.


org.codeaurora.dialer is a legitimate package crucial for your phone’s dialer app to function correctly. The notification you see is just an indicator and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Above mentioned were the details regarding the org.codeaurora.dialer package. This enables you to make calls and is also responsible for call notifications. And also, you got to know about the causes of getting this notification and solutions to solve issues related to dialer packages. It is always suggested to clear cache in your phone from time to time, so that it helps you in increasing your RAM speed and also increases the efficiency of the mobile. In this way the org.codeaurora.dialer package plays a major role in the android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is org.codeaurora.dialer a bug?

No it’s not a bug, it is a package of a dialer application which enables you to make calls and also helps you to launch your dialer application when you click it.

Why does this notification occur when I am not using this app?

The reason behind this is that some other application in your mobile is using this package, so it results in the flash of this information on your display. You can simply avoid that by clearing your background running applications and keeping the phone or mobile in stable condition.

What is the use of clearing cache?

There are many uses of clearing the cache, if you cleared the cache it helps in increasing your mobile speed and also enables in improving the system’s efficiency. This is one of the methods to improve your RAM speed.

What is code aurora?

It is a collaborative project which uses linux and also serves as a foundation for many companies where their source codes are checked for optimization and improvement performances and also modified according to fit the system of chip products.

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