How to Fix IMS registration status says “Not registered.”

IMS registration is a common problem faced by many users on Android devices. This is a necessary process to Fix IMS registration status says “Not registered.” to provide safety to the device. IMS is an IP Multimedia Subsystem network service. Emergency Calls do not use IMS service. IMS also depends on your SIM provider, access point, and network. Your smartphone can also be responsible for showing IMS Not registered status, and even the SIM you are using can also have some problem with an access point, lg ims keeps stopping or something else. Do check this thing if your device also shows IMS not registered status. IMS function is to provide communication service. IMS is a service through which we can communicate to anyone through calls. This error is evident if your carrier provider is facing an issue or if something goes wrong. 

There can be numerous reasons that can indicate ‘NOT Registered Status .’Although it won’t affect your device, only you can not call or receive calls from someone. This all can be fixed by some steps or methods, but first, we have to go through some important topics before we start fixing this issue. A friend of mine is also facing this issue with his Samsung smartphone, but he restarted it, and everything was fine then. All I have to say is that this is not a big issue that we can not handle. Some specific methods that we use. So that we can fix this issue and we will discuss it one by one. The IMS feature is present in all android devices, and we can fix this issue by ourselves. Now let’s start with How to Fix IMS registration status says Not Registered. 

How to Fix IMS registration status says “Not registered.”

What Do you mean by IMS Registration Status?

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) status not registered may occur in various smartphones. There can be a lot of reasons for this. This method comprises the steps of obtaining VoLTE switch status information, and it will send the future data to the IMS Service cache. A simple way To understand IMS is that when we purchase a new SIM and then we have to register or activate it by calling a USD number. A set of processes involved in this registration, Like UA, 401 Unauthorized, 407 Proxy Authentication request. If anything is wrong in this process of registration, then also a problem could occur. 

IMS service cache receives VoLTE switch status that can change the information or update a registration status of an IMS. This particular model allows the user device to use all the available IIMS features managed through a single IMS registration provided by IMS Service and from a telecom carrier provider. Now we will Fix IMS registration status says Not Registered. 

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Method to register for IMS Service?

The registered message goes through all the LTE radio access networks, and all the access networks arrive at P-CSCF. A Series of Sequence protocols that will help us to register will be mentioned below. 

  • Register without Authentication
  • Register with Authentication.
  • Register with Authentication and IPSec.

IMS status Check

The Carrier provider or IMS provides a number that is used to check the status. Enter this code ##4636 ## in your device, and it will fit VoLTE, carrier video calling, and wifi calling toggles. If you will find “IMS not registered,” then your device or carrier has some problem that needs to be fixed. This number is a shortcut method to check the status and reset the network setting, Although this will not work all the time. 

Reason Behind IMS Registration Status ‘Not registered.’

If your device indicates Not Registered or your Sim is Unavailable in android, then there can be multiple reasons behind this, and it should be your preference to fix this issue because if you want to fix this, then you are not able to call or receive phone calls. Even if your UICC (Sim card) is missing, then this can occur. Some more reasons which can affect this are listed below. 

  • Firmware or your operating system may be out of date
  • Sim cards can be damaged or disconnected
  • The carrier point address is incorrect, or the man is not selected
  • Network issue 
  • IMS registration unsuccessful

Fix IMS registration status says ‘Not registered’ Solution

IMS issues can occur on many devices, but we should also know how to fix this issue. But no worries, I will help you with this if you use Sprint, Boost Mobile, or FreedomPop. And if your device is activated, then open your phone dialer and dial ##72786#, and click on YES on it. 

This will reset the network of your device and other necessary settings to their factory setting. It will also reconfigure your telephony.DB, and also update your PRL. It will initiate IMS registration for your device by resetting all the settings. This method is suitable and used by many to get rid of this issue. Even my friend once tried this to resolve the problem, and it works, but there are other methods also which can help you. If this method doesn’t work, then we can use others also.

We will see some more methods now which will help everyone, and these are easy to implement.

Force Restart Android

This method works in many conditions and is helpful in resolving different problems in android. This is more than a normal restart of the device. A Force restart helps the device to decrease the unnecessary load of the device. This will Clear all the temporary files, data, and junk files, which are created automatically when we surf the internet or download something. These junk files make for the SIM from connecting to the network. 

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Re-insert Sim card

Device SIM may malfunction many times if we do not insert it properly in the SIM reader, or even the settings can be wrong. Unfortunately, if you have dropped your phone can lead to SIM malfunction. If this happens, then there will be an error in the SIM connection and SIM connector pins. In order to solve this, remove the SIM tray from the device and clean your SIM with a soft cloth gently and remove the dust from the SIM tray and insert it again. This will definitely help in resolving the issue. 

Airplane mode 

Airplane mode gives a restart to your SIM network; when we are in Airplane mode, our SIM network will be disabled at that moment. It will help the SIM to re-register on the network and help in resolving the issue. Now, I will tell you how to do it. Go to settings on your device. As settings open, you will find the Airplane option on the top or in the middle. On the Airplane mode by clicking on it and waiting for at least 20 seconds, and then again off the Airplane mode. So this will help in resolving the issue. I hope this will help you.

Network mode or carrier point update 

A Sim card uses a network provider and Access point to access the network. If anything goes wrong, then you will face problems accessing the network. In our device, there are three network options which are 4G, 3G, and 2G. So, if the network mode is not written, then the issue will definitely occur. Be careful in selecting network mode or check it properly to avoid any case. 

Let’s see how to check the network mode or access point. First, go to settings, then click on Networks, now click on mobile network and press on Network mode. Select the preferred network mode as per your SIM.

APN setting to Fix IMS Not Registered issue 

APN setting will be the last option, and if you have tried everything from the above method, then this one would be more effective. Let’s see the steps of APN settings that can help you.

  •  Find the setting option and click on it
  • Scroll and find SIM card & Mobile network
  • Now click on Sim card provider settings on the device
  • Find access point names available in mobile network
  • Click on the APN update in it, and it will update it automatically.
  • Manually you can insert access point names. 

Connect to the Mobile service provider

This one will be your last option to fix the issue if nothing works for you. Contact your specific service provider for your help. They can improve the case if a problem occurs from their end. Sim companies’ issues will also lead to this problem, and they will resolve it. Wait till they settle it or contact them. 

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If your SIM is damaged, then change the SIM with the same number so that this issue can be resolved, or you can change the SIM also if the problem is not solved. Service providers can be very beneficial. They can solve this issue if the problem is from their server side. 


IMS registration is not a big problem, and I have shared everything regarding this issue so that this can help you in resolving it. Read everything carefully and find the suitable Solution that can help you with this problem. All the possible methods that I have explained above are excellent and reliable. Not registered situations can occur commonly, and this is not a big issue that can scare you. One thing you can do is remove all the unnecessary data or files from the device because this also leads to this issue. Check the SIM card timely so that your sim won’t trouble you. The Sim access point and network mode should also be correct in order to avoid the issue. Well, these are the best methods you’re gonna see, and after seeing this, the problem may resolve. 

Lastly, I want you to be aware of your device, like checking everything timely to avoid issues in the device or using some external repair tool to prevent problems with your android. The above method works in every android device of different brands. So, it makes this method more trustable to use. I hope that now you are aware of how to fix the IMS registration status that says ‘NOT registered.’  


How to FIX the network not available error?

This is also a common problem and can be resolved quickly by understanding essential solutions. First, Restart your device, remove the sim card and insert it again. Now, change the setting and also check if the phone is in roaming mode or not. Then Update the phone system to fix software bugs. Now turn off mobile data and again turn it on. Turn off wifi and make sure the airplane mode should be off.

How to fix the IMS Service stopped?

To fix this issue, press and hold Volume Up Key, Home Key, and Power key. So bearing this tree together, the phone will vibrate, then release the power button. But continue to press the Volume Up key and the Home key. As the system recovery screen appears, then remove all the keys. 

Is IMS service necessary?

This may not be necessary, but almost 90% of smartphones would require this feature; IMS service gives benefits to the operators. But apart from this, it is essential to have IMS registration to use the network service.