Print screen not working

print screen not working

Is your ‘Print Screen’ button on strike? This powerful tool is a quick, effective way to capture your screen, but sometimes it gives us a headache. We’ve all been there, pressing the ‘Print Screen’ button repeatedly, yet nothing happens. Why does it have to fail when you need it the most? Let’s turn that frustration […]

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ALT tab not working

ALT tab not working

On a Windows computer, using the Alt Tab shortcut makes switching between open programmes simple. The Alt Tab shortcut, however, could cease functioning for some users from time to time. Because it may reduce productivity and make switching between programmes challenging, this can be a frustrating issue. We will look at some potential reasons why

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Logitech Keyboard

Logitech Keyboard

Do your fingertips discomfort due to continued hours of job on your PC or mobile? It occurs with most of us, and Logitech’s keyboards are the unique resolution to this.
You will get various categories of keyboards according to your requirement. Logitech’s K480 would definitely surprise you due to its fickle control with your mobile receiver.

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