7z to zip: files manager

Do you know your system consists of 7z files and zip files? How is your data encrypted? Let’s find the answers to these questions and explore more about 7z and zip files. How they are converted from 7z to zip files. Sometimes we require different formats of the file so we can use the converters. We will also mention the converter software so that you easily convert your files as per your needs and can download it also.

What is zip?

 Zip file extension does not possess a full form. ZIP is an archive file format that bears lossless data compression. This Zip format is a widely used software amongst computers. It is used to compress archive files. Most Microsoft windows have operated this software since its release in 1998. Different methods are used to compress files and archive them.

What is 7z?

7-Zip is free software for compressed archive files generated with 7-Zip open source, the codes are beneath the GNU LGPL license. 7z files control various processes that happen in our device system. Powerful compression ratio in 7z format with LZMA and LZMA2 compression technique.

Major things maintained by these are as follow:

  1. Compression of data
  2. Encryption provided to the device
  3. Pre-processing algorithms formulated

This format can be obtained by the beginners who don’t know about this compression of formats and the professionals too. Moreover, some of the zip programs are as follow that competes with 7 zip format:

  • WinRAR
  • Xarchiver
  • KGB Archiver
  •  HaoZip
  • Zipeg
  • FreeArc
  • P7Zip
  • File Roller
  • The Unarchiver
  •  PeaZip
  •  Zipware

Download it from official website: Click Here

What features are involved in 7z?

Features provided by 7z file format are mentioned below:

  1. It provides a system to compress files at a high ratio rate.
  2. Encryption involved in the system is AES-256. Encryption provided by both the formats 7z and 7 zip is highly strong and known to be AES-256.
  3. There is an order present to maintain the system that is known to be open modular architecture.
  4. Sometimes many systems are unable to support large files, so these 7z files enable the system to assist large files.
  5. Open architecture present in these files enables many methods for compression.
  6. These files help to combine multiple files and make multi-part archives.
  7. It enhances solid compression of major files.
  8. bzip2, LZMA, and LZMA2 are examples provided for compression and encryption logarithms of the files.
  9. There is one method that is used widely for the compression of 7z files known as LZMA.
  10. The compression rate managed by 7 zip format is 2-10% advanced than the existing PKZip and WinZip formats.
  11. It provides 7z formats to become self -extracting.
  12. It allows the window shell to become combined.
  13. This format helps files to be managed properly and in an advanced way.
  14. It also commands many line versions existing in the device.
  15. It permits a plugin feature for the FAR manager of the system.
  16. 7z is localized with 87 terminologies.
  17. It works on numerous windows such as Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP/ 2008/2003etc.
  18. It helps to develop archives with multi-volume.
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Features of LZMA are illustrated below:

  • 5kB is the smallest code size provided by 7k files for decompressing.
  • Decompression requires less memory, and it also depends on dictionary size.
  • It supports various threading required such as multi-threading and P4s threading too.
  • Dictionary size can vary up to 4 GB as per requirement.
  • It provides a compression ratio extremely high.
  • The 2GHz CPU contains 1MB/s speed for compression of the files.

How to convert 7z to zip?

7z to zip
7z to zip

Files are converted using various apps that are as follow:


This software is used to convert files that are archived. It favors many files such as 7z, TAR.GZ, ZIP, and RAR. The main advantage is that it can be used to convert many files format, so there is no requirement to download single software like 7zip or WinRAR. This converter maintains privacy as it needs your access first with your permission. This software doesn’t make your file to convert with low quality; High quality is provided to your modified file. You can convert files as per your requirement.

The process to convert files is provided below.

  1. Step1: Choose a file from your device drive, Dropbox, one drive, by URL, and computer.
  2. Step2: After the selection of a file, you have to illustrate from which format you have to convert it to another file format. For example- 7z to 7zip, RAR to TAR.GZ, etc.
  3. Step3: A red box will be on your display mentioning convert. Click on it.
  4. Step4: Then wait for a while, and your file will be displayed after modification.

Thus you can convert your files from one format to another.

Zamzar online file convertor

Provides a high rate of compression to files. It can convert large files up to 2GB. The software downloads the files with a fantastic speed. 100 GB of files can be stored in it. There is no absolute limit provided to an individual for conversion purposes because unlimited can be done. PKWARE develops it.

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The process to convert files using zamzar online file convertor given below:

  1. Step1: You will see that a green box is available at your display to add files.
  2. Step2: click it to drag and drop files as mentioned below the box.
  3. Step3: If you need a URL there is an alternative provided below as “select link”.access it.
  4. Step4: provide the file format to the software so that as per your need file can be converted.
  5. Step5: Finally, click on the “convert now” box for the process to begin.
  6. Step6: Download option is provided to you so that it can be saved to your device.

Therefore, the file can be converted through this software.

Convert files

This can be utilized to convert files to other formats as per your needs.

Steps evolved during the conversion is as follow –

  1. Step1: There is a blank box at your display, and at the side, it is written browse.
  2. Step2: Browse allows you to access files you want to convert.
  3. Step3: This software gives you input and output format to submit them with the format you want to convert.
  4. Step4: It provides you with an option to download the converted content.

If you want, then you can click on the small box given and if not then skip it.

  1. Step5: You have to provide them with the mail Id so that they can give you the link to download the file.
  2. Step6: Blue box will be displayed on your screen to convert files. Click on the box, and the function will begin.

Thus the process ends here, and you can easily convert files from 7z to 7zip format.

ezyZip (The simple archive tool)

It will also help you to convert your files easily with online support. Your privacy is secured as the data of your file which you have provided is encrypted. This software is used to convert 7z to 7zip files easily. How can you use this software? The steps are given below.

  1. Step1: Select the 7z file that you want to convert.
  2. Step2: click on convert to zip that is written on the blue box.
  3. Step3: If you want to reset any file after selection, then you can change it.
  4. Step4: The image that is converted will automatically save in your device.

Therefore, you can use ezyZip, which indicates by its name that it easily makes your files format to zip format and used as a converter.

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Moreover, you can easily access this software online without wasting time. Because this software provides you well-maintained files and with full secrecy of your files data as they ensure that the data will not be revealed or seen by any unauthorized third party. Easy conversions of files make them convert files format easily from 7z to 7zip.


Now you can quickly know how you can save your files and convert them to different formats, 7z to zip too. These 7z and 7zip formats are very much extraordinary and used since they are released. The above features of formats will help you to distinguish between both of them and make you aware of which of them is best for your files. In which format your files will be organized in a better way with full privacy.

7 zip is a software that is available free in the devices, and they are open source. The code involved in the 7 zip format exists under the license name GNU LGPL. Most of the codes are under this license. Some other code available under the license is BSD-3clause. In any kind of computer, this file format can be used without paying for it.

We have given you four best converters that you can use at any device, some of them are free of cost and avail you unlimited conversion. You can use this software at any time and make your files compressed, encrypted, and manage them as per your requirements. There are many other formats available, but these two formats are one of the best formats you can use basically in your computers. So access them fastly and convert, compress and handle your files.