In today’s article, we are going to discuss one more useful package How to fix not working issue? What is the use of the Samsung dialer, etc.?As per the name suggest this package works for Samsung device and handle the dialer pad. So, without wasting a single min of time, we are going to dive in deep:

What is

The standard name for “” is simply “dialer”. It’s a phone app. All the app files are named from back from the way we look at addressed in the web browser. Android apps have a particular naming structure defined as name. Hence, means it is a dialler for Android which is given by Samsung or com part in the starting is something to do with security. is such a program which takes up the phone call and also receives SMS.

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What is phone dialler app?

The dialer app lies in the phone part of the Android smartphone. It is where we make phone calls and all the phones come with a dialer which dial numbers and display contact details. With the support of such kind of apps, the end user can take benefit of wide range of features on the basis of the app they choose and enhance their experience of using their Samsung Android smartphones. Although ample number of dialer apps are available in the world. Few of the best dialer app for Android are:

Ready Contact List –

  1. It is an alternate contact list which lets us replace the contact list that comes with the Android devices.
  2. Its material design UI keeps our favourite contact in the tiled view on the main screen.
  3. It uses one of the most elegant versions available.
  4. It is free only if we need basic features but in order to access other premium features, we need to pay to unlock it.

KK Phone –

  • It is the latest lollipop style app with Android 5.0 Material Design.
  • The speed dial makes easy to dial hastily to our favourite and frequent contacts.
  • It reinforces cool dialer app with T9 search function for both the English and Chinese language.
  • It automatically matches and search for contact when number is input.
  • Recent call logs trail the contact documentation. Searching is possible both by voice and also keyword.
  • Phone ringtone can be customized from person to person, speed dial setting is provided.
  • It supports dual SIM card phones so it provides features to select among the SIM whenever we make the call.


  •  This is a combination of FullContact App and Contacts+.
  • It is cloud-based address book that is designed to take hassle out of contact management.
  •  It works on multiple platforms to sync contacts across the devices like Mac, PC, iOS and other mobile devices and also across various accounts such as Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Twitter, Office365.
  • It consolidates all our information about each other’s contact into single profile.
  • Contacts can be tagged to create custom groupings, or we can leave notes for the additional added context.
  • We can fill the details about all our contacts by finding them from around the world by adding the content.
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The more advanced version of Contacts+ is Contacts+ Premium.

  1. Here, the additional facilities are syncing more business cards, syncing multiple accounts, and choosing monthly or annual premium subscription.
  2. Prices vary from place to place.
  3. Payment is charged to Apple ID account when purchase is confirmed.

Reactiv Dialer –

  • It is small and lightweight which supports multiple language.
  • It has a very fast smart contact search which searches by name and phone number.
  • It provides call history and has beautiful material design.
  • It also has dark theme along with white theme along with customizable colors. But dark theme and customizable colors are supported only in Reactiv Dialer Plus, free version includes only white theme.
  • The older versions are available on
  • It posses some unique features like-
  • Dial button can be clicked to redial the last number.
  • To enter the space character, long press either * (star) or # (pound) keys.
  • To select something, long press the input field.
  • Dialpad can be swiped to hide dialpad.

DialApp –

It has two main features.

  1. First of all, it lets us save the numbers and then it can be automatically deleted after five weeks or a week as set in settings.
  2. Other is it encourages to create notes against certain contacts which acts like a reminder.
  3. When the contact is swiped right, it makes call to that person while it is swiped left, it lets to text someone.
  4. It lets mobile phone acts as an extension in the PBX which is mobile extension.
  5. It is free to download but requires license at the same time.

DW Contacts –

  • This is a very powerful app whose main objective is productivity.
  • We can write notes for call records.
  • It searches about all the fields of the contact like notes, addresses, emails, and many more.
  • It also supports sharing contacts by text and permitting the number of fields to share.
  • Contacts can be filtered by means of group, firm, place, zip code or any details provided in the details list.
  • It can notify about the birthdays and anniversaries for contact lost.
  • Dial button can be long pressed to name the installed VoIP software to dial.

What is Android used for? is an Android system platform that gives a distraction-free environment for dialling via Bluetooth, browsing your contact list, and managing your calls.

  1. Bluetooth Calling:
  2. To make a call from dialpad.
  3. To make a call from contact list.
  4. To make a call from contact detail page.
  5. To make a call from recent call list.
  6. To accept an incoming call through a heads-up warning and then acknowledge.
  7. To return a missed call from the notification centre.
  8. Call management can also be done like hold, pause, mute, auto-rotate, etc.
  9. Contact and Call Browsing:
  10. To browse all the favourite contacts.
  11. To browse the contact list.
  12. To browse the recent calls.
  13. To display top-level categories
  14. To view the contact details page.
  15. To navigate to a contact address.
  16. Search via keyboard or voice:
  17. To show the matching searches.
  18. To view the contact details of filtered contacts.

Where is the on the phone?

Either open the by the prompt that is displayed on the Phone App or directly go to settings. Open settings of your android phone. Look for Default Apps and select it. Now select phone and finally click on Dialer or Contacts whichever is present according to the android device being used.

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How to fix not working issue?

Some of the ways to fix this issue are:

Method 1: Simply reboot your device

Press and hold the power button of your device and click on Restart. This will reboot your Android device.

Method 2: Reset the Dialer App

Steps to Reset the Dialer app are:

Step 1: From the main screen, open the Settings app.

Step 2: Go to Apps and select it.

Step 3: Toggle to Manage Apps.

Step 4: To begin, pick Show system apps from the three-dot options present in the right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Now, upon this list, search for Phone and press it.

Step 6: Select Storage & Cache from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Finally, to reset the Phone app, hit Clear cache, then Clear data.

Method 3: Update the Dialer App

Assure yourself that you are using the latest version of the Phone app on your Android device to address the dial pad not responding issue on every call. In the past, a weakness in the Phone app caused the same issue for the most Android devices, but it was later resolved by an app update. If the dial pad on your handset didn’t start during a call, go to the Google Play Store and upgrade the Phone app.

Method 4: Reset App Preferences

On Android, “resetting app preferences” is a popular solution for app-related issues.

Step 1: Go over to the end of the screen under Settings on your device.

Step 2: Select Reset settings from the System menu.

Step 3: Select Reset app preferences with care now.

Step 4: Finally, press the RESET APPS button.

Step 5: Restart your device to adapt to the changes applied.

Method 5: Downgrade the Dialer App

You might have to downgrade the Phone app if the dial pad ceased responding during calls after having recently upgraded it. The reason for this is that the most recent version may be broken; it may have bugs or error codes that interfere with your mobile app.

Step 1: Select Apps option from the Android device Settings option.

Step 2: Select Manage apps or search among all the apps present from the pull-down list.

Step 3: Pick Show system apps from the three-dot option present in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Locate and choose the Phone app from the list.

Step 5: Finally, restart your Android device to adapt the changes.

If none of the above discussed steps work, then go for another Phone Dialer App from the Google Play Store and install it.

How to install Google Phone Dialer on All Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Method 1: By not using root access

Step a: Download the apk from apk mirror. It is a website run by the folks over at Android.

Step b: Once the apk is downloaded, open the apk from the Chrome.

Step c: Install it using package installer. So, we are side loading this apk as it is a go version of Google dialer.

Step d: Once the application is installed, it can be opened from the app drawer or we can just tap open to open it and by default we are going to get this message even though everything is settled because our phone does not have pixel profile.

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Step e: Just tap anywhere to bypass that message.

Step f: Allow all the permissions. Then we can go to the application page within the settings to manually enable them.

Step g: Go to settings than scroll down for applications.

Step h: Now we can either search at the top or just scroll down to see the Phone application. Open the Phone application and then tap on permissions.

Step i: Enable all the permissions that you specifically want your dialer to have.

Suppose you don’t need the dialer to access location you don’t have to grant that permission but you will miss one of the google features. Now open the app. In this way, dialler is downloaded.

Step j: Open the dialer. Now as we are in dialer page, we can tap on the three dots at top right and click on settings.

It can be observed that we are able to enable caller iD and spam features that are usually only available for pixel devices for people who are using the Goole dialer application.

Method 2: By using root access

For those who have installed Magisk on the Samsung Galaxy and were not able to settle for Go version of Google dialer application.

Step a: Open up magisk manager.

Step b: Tap on the hamburger like menu on the top left and then click on downloads. This will establish a connection among the repository for the Magisk module.

Step c: Tap on the search icon at the top right and search for google dialer.

You will see Google Dialer Framework which is created by developer TJJ. This will install the framework on our device.  

Step d: Download and install the Google dialler framework and then reboot your device.

When the device reopens, the magisk will be enabled.

Step e: Now download the actual apk file for the full version of the Google dialer application. Open using Chrome. This will give App installed message specifically because we installed that Magisk module.

Step f: Sideload the Go version.

Step g: Enable all the permissions.

Step h: Set Google dialer application to default.


Few of the best dialer apps for Android are Simpler Dialer, Contacts+, ExDialer, True Phone DIaler, Metro Phone Dialer, Contakts, Eyecon Dialer, OS9 Phone Dialer, Truecaller, ZenUI Dialer, Drupe, RocketDial Dialer. Dialler apps have special features like call blocking, group texting, offline and online contacts backup, impressive contact management, merging, syncing and duplicate findings. Some other characteristics are one-touch backup and restore, T9 search and call confirmation, caller ID and in-call notetaking. The major benefits of the dialer apps are improved operational efficiency, increase in agent talk time, reduced idle time, real-time monitoring and reporting. Hence, any of the above discussed dialer can be used safely in the Samsung Android device to achieve all the formerly discussed features specifically, better dialing experience no matter what type of Android device is being used.