TouchWiz home has stopped working Error

What is TouchWiz home?

TouchWiz home is an Application of the latest SAMSUNG Android phones. It is an advanced User Interface featured in all the latest Galaxy phones. Sometime users may face with TouchWiz issue it stops some time when an excess of duplicates files are stored or might be caused by some other technical issues. Don’t worry Gossipfunda is giving you complete information about TouchWiz and you easily could resolve any issue related to TouchWiz. In all the latest smartphones of SAMSUNG has introduced a new app is One UI, succeeded by UX and TouchWiz.

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TouchWiz is a user interface designed and developed by Samsung company and with it’s a partner. SAMSUNG’s phone is trusted and is the most demanded phone in India. Its features are awesome and the phone is durable. Due to its feature and quality, it is demanding phones for many years. There are lots of varieties of phones available in the market, each & every user could purchase SAMSUNG’s phone as per their need and requirements. Its reviews are very good.

Why SAMSUNG phones are demanding and trusted? Because its feature and facility, in the latest SAMSUNG phone ‘TouchWiz home’ an application launcher come with it before 2008 it was not introduced, ‘TouchWiz home’ has many advanced features, these features enable lots of customizing setting and user could select easily as per their choice.

Use of TouchWiz Home Application

The electronic phone market has become more competitive now, there are lots of mobile phone companies are in the market and providing lots of features on an economical phone, so each and every mobile phone company are attracting users by their low cost and lots of features. The earlier phone of SAMSUNG has not more customize features and in the market, there were many low budget Phone has more customize features. Therefore, SAMSUNG launched its own User Interface app launcher with its latest Android Phone. This SAMSUNG App launcher give lots of feature of customizing phone. This app launcher is TouchWiz home, is effective and user-friendly. Widgets enable Analog clock, contacts and dialler, Calendar, events manager and much more. Wallpaper is the most important feature of every phone. Wallpaper changes the mood of the user so its attractive feature in SAMSUNG Galaxy. Galaxy settings have many more options where users can change ‘folder’ colors, can set ‘Gesture & Inputs, ‘Unread count Badges’ and can modify app from ‘app drawer’ etc.

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Features of TouchWiz Home

TouchWiz has lots of versions, TouchWiz 3.0 to TouchWiz Grace UX. It was being upgraded as day by day with new features. TouchWiz provides some features are listed below-

  1. The latest version of TouchWiz enables the user to secure the folder option in which many Applications could put under the password.
  2. It provides cleaner in general, removes and cleans duplicates.
  3. It has the ability to monitor storage and memory of phone and security is also managed easily.
  4. As it was mentioned earlier that it provides the best theme options from where it could be download and customized.
  5. For the game, it keeps all games in one folder.
  6. Screen recording and minimizing app is also its best feature.
  7. These are some listed features actually there is more as mentioned here.             

These features enhance the value of the Korean SAMSUNG company and ease it to enjoy a better experience with its phone. This app stopped working some days, don’t worry Gossipfunda is here with its solution read it till last.

How to resolve TouchWiz Home has stopped working error 

samsung touchwiz home
Samsung TouchWiz Home

TouchWiz is a UI of SAMSUNG proprietary. In many cases, TouchWiz home stopped working and flash some error like-‘TouchWiz home has stopped working’/ ‘TouchWiz home is not working’ etc. TouchWiz Home provides lots of features that enable the user to customize their setting. If your phone shows “TouchWiz home keeps stopping”, what should you do? Don’t worry it could be resolved easily. Here some steps are mentioned try these, the issue will be resolved definitely.

  • Unlock your phone by entering the security pin or pattern of your phone.
  • Select the Setting icon and open it.
  • Search Application tab and open it.
  • Then click on Application Manager and scroll down there would be lots of application and select TouchWiz Home and click on it.
  • There would some more options search storage tab and click on it, now there would two options clear data and clear cache.   Click on both options and clear cache and stored data. Reboot your phone and now the TouchWiz issue will be resolved.

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If still there is an issue check your SAMSUNG Galaxy android version and it is compatible with all latest SAMSUNG Galaxy phones.

There is one another method to resolve this issue but for this step, you must backup your phone. In this step, your all data must be lost. In this step, you must reset your phone. If you have reset your phone earlier then easily you could do it, but if you are going to reset your phone first time then you must follow the below-mentioned step to reset your phone.

Factory reset of SAMSUNG Galaxy Phones

There are a few steps as mentioned below. Follow each step carefully-

  • First of all, take the backup of your crucial data else your all data will be lost.
  • Press the Home button, Volume up key and Power button together. When the SAMSUNG logo will appear release only power key.
  • Release volume up key and home button when recovery screens appear.
  • Then there must be some more options, select only the factory reset option.
  • Wait for a while till the reset is not done and keep charging your phone in case of a low battery.

Now your phone is ready will all default settings as per the manufactured company. Login with your account and install some other apps as per your need. All issues will be rectified.

Could we use TouchWiz on another android phone?

Its good news for those who have some other company’s phone and want features of SAMSUNG Galaxy and App layout just like original Samsung mobiles, don’t worry you easily could use this facility in your android phone. you need only a launcher which avails the real layout of Samsung phone. You must wait for a few seconds you need to add something on your phone. How to enjoy this facility? As it is discussed previously there is an app launcher of Samsung phone, this launcher could be installed over the TouchWiz Application. This launcher will give you all settings and layout of the SAMSUNG Galaxy phone. This app launcher will be installed on your phone easily. Follow the steps-

  • Open google play store.
  • Search “S Launcher”, S Launcher for galaxy will be downloaded.
  • Download it and install.
  • Now S Launcher for Galaxy will be installed on your phone. Now when you will open your phone it will prompt that either you want open with “S launcher” or want to open with “Home Launcher” below these options there would be a tick option menu for selecting default App launcher.
  • In this way, your android phone is ready with a new application launcher and you will feel the layout of SAMSUNG Mobile phones.
  • It could not run easily in the older android version. Use it on the latest android phone.

Get rid of TouchWiz

TouchWiz is its own front-end software of SAMSUNG electronics. It comes in the SAMSUNG smartphone. some people feel little sluggish and slow, therefore they must wish to stop it. it’s too easy to stop it. follow these steps and will be done easily.

  • Open Setting and scroll down search Applications.
  • Tap on Applications.
  • Then open Application Manager.
  • Select the App which you wish to disable on your phone.
  • Click on app and Force stop or Disable.

In this way, the desired Application will be disabled. if you wish to restart it, it could restart in the future when required. the above-mentioned step will be applied for disabling some other applications on your phone.


It could be understood easily about TouchWiz issue with SAMSUNG Galaxy smartphones and in a few seconds its error ‘ Unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped ’ or ‘ TouchWiz home has stopped ’ could be resolved. Enjoy your latest android phone and keep in touch with Gossipfunda for all technical assistance.SAMSUNG has a variety of latest phones in the market, such as Galaxy fold, Galaxy Note 10 and 10+, Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 10 Lite. There are lots of phones just visit the Samsung official website and select your favorite phone. These phones are coming with the latest version of TouchWiz. Take Galaxy and enjoy TouchWiz. TouchWiz is the skinning software of all SAMSUNG Galaxy phones. UX is also coming in the latest phone with advanced features.