Harshita Verma

I'm Harshita Verma from Pune. Currency, I'm pursuing my second-year B.Com (Hons) from symbiosis college of arts and commerce. I'm also pursuing CFA and I can help you with financial as well as technical queries. I like books, deep talks and exploring life. I'd love to discuss your needs in this area as I m always looking for new challenges.


How to reset iPhone without password

Is your iPhone disabled? Can’t you open your machine? Desire to comprehend How to reset iPhone without a password? Or you require a tough reset. While these issues, you can not go into it or locate it anymore. In such a situation, you demand to reset the phone carefully and reset the software.


Android process acore: If you’re seeing delusions or faults such as “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” Or “Unfortunately, the process android.media has stopped” there is zero to bother about it. Browse this post occupy it to resolve.

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