Why won't my Phone Charge- Fix the issue in just 1 min.

You are visiting a cool place and want to take some pics, but you do not have enough battery. You put your iPhone on charging, but it won't charge

Tip 1: Faulty USB Cable

1. Check USB cable  2. Most Probably issue occurs by cable 3. Replace the Teared Cable issue will resolve.

Tip 2: Check your Charger

Try Another charging adaptor

1. Incapability of charger causes charging issue 2. Long used adaptor causes charging issue 3. replace to new if issue is with charging adaptor.

Tip 3: Loose Connection at micro USB Port

1. If charger is not charging it does not mean that charger is faulty, there may be issue at micro USB port. 2.  Plug in and plug out both end once and check 

Tip 4: Stop using phone while charging

1. Using phone while playing or using any other app it drains the battery rapidly. 2. it seems charger is not working. 

Tip 5:  Check for port problem

1. Port can have several faults. 2. Due to cable fold and rough handling. 3. Internal chips may have dust or broken. 4. So get it repaired or change to new one.

Tip 6: Cleaning Of USB Port

1. Blow air in it to remove dust particles 2. keep safely and away from dirt.

Tip 7: Change the battery

1. Some times battery lost its charge holding capability. 2. Need to change battery.

Tip 8: Check power source and socket

1. Fault in power source would not supply power and looks charger is not working. 2. Change the source and check it.

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