My Phone History: Detailed View

My Phone Call History

The phone app should have registered all calls made, missed calls as well as the numbers that you called. We'll now discuss the different ways of peeking through the call logs.

The first method is: Using the Phone app

Click on the phone app. Then on recent or history. All calls that were received and missed, as well as the calls that were dialed, will be shown.

The second method is: Third-party apps


How to install TrueCaller?

Open  Google Play store on your phone. Search Truecaller. Download Truecaller.

How to access history of calls in TrueCaller

Open the TrueCaller app on your phone. The call log will be visible after you have opened your Truecaller application.

Third method Provider

Open the Whatsapp application. Swipe right twice on your Whatsapp screen. Now you will be landed on your call log history.

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