iPhone not ringing- Fix it in just 1 min

iPhone 6 or above ringer not working! Can't hear the sound on your iPhone? Wish to fix the trouble within 1 minute?

Tip 1. Normal Checkup

Check for silent mode once in iPhone, maybe accidentally put it in. If it is then iPhone not ringing is solved by removing it.

Tip 2: Using Volume buttons

Simply, operate the volume buttons of iPhone to raise and lower the volume levels and to inspect the levels are correct or not.

Tip 3: With the settings

1. Open iPhone and navigate to the “Settings. 2. Next, open the settings and look for “Sounds & Haptics. 3. Now slide the slider up, keeping the maximum ringer volume.

Tip 4: Disabling DND(Do not disturb)

DND can be turned on accidentally on iPhone and it can induce troubles if you don’t realize you turned it on. 

Tip 4: Turning off silent unknown caller

Proceed to Settings -> Silent Unknown Caller and inspect which numbers are fetching blocked. Release the numbers which you don't like to silent.

Tip 5: Still the iPhone is not ringing!

Fix the issue "iPhone not ringing" will be attempting to restart the iPhone and scan if it produced any difference.

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