How to turn off find my iPhone?

Here in this web story, we will learn how to turn off my iPhone using some great unknown hacks.

Personal Space

PERSONAL SPACE is vital to every individual. My central problem is how to turn off find my iPhone and be secure from every offensive activity happening in future.

Tip 1: From “Find my iPhone” settings

go to settings-> swipe the find my iPhone option to OFF position.

Tip 2: From MacBook

System Preferences-> Click iCloud-> Find My‌ Mac and untick the checkbox-> Enter your ‌Apple ID‌ password-> Done

If your iPhone got lost or Stolen

First block all access to contacts and personal data. If you have your apple ID then block it from iCloud.

Without using an Apple ID or Password

Apple does not p[provide any permission to users to access without Apple ID or Password. 

Places you have to provide your ID

– When You Buy a new iPhone – When you open the app store – When you need to turn off find my iPhone settings and many more

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