How to set up voicemail on iPhone in just 1 min?

In this webstory, we will set up voicemail on iPhone in just 1 min. 

Tip 1: To set up voicemail on iPhone in just 1 min

At very first  >Tap voice mail option. > Then tap on setup option. > Now you are required to setup voicemail password.

Tip 2 : Direct Way to setup

 Select Greeting

> Select Default or >Custom option - Please record your greeting

How to play, share and delete voicemail message?

Ask Siri to play your mail messages.


To play, share and delete voicemail message

>Tap on  play option and check > If needed to share Tap on Share option. >If you needed to delete then Tap on delete option


How to check your message if visual voice mail is not available?

Here you need to Tap on Voicemail  and then follow the instructions

On Your iPhone follow these steps:

Check on another iPhone

> Dial your mobile number  >As per your carrier dial * or # >Enter password( Voice mail password)

Some other voicemail settings

>Select voicemail icon >Tap on greeting to change it

How to change greeting

How to change voicemail password

Follow these steps  Setting>Phone>Change Voicemail password>Enter new password Note: Connect to voicemail careir if forgotten your password.

How to change alert for voicemail

>Go to settings >Then tap on sound & Heptics or settings  >Then Tap on sounds options

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