How to Send a Group Text in just 1 min?

In this webstory we will see How to Send a Group Text in just 1 min on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

To Send a Group Text on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch:

> Go to Message then Tap on Pencil sign to compose messages. >Enter the name of your contacts >Add some other tap on Plus sign.

How to Send a Group MMS

>Go to Setting  >Turn  ON MMS Messaging >If you don't see turn on MMS messaging contact to your carrier.

Types of Group Messaging

>If sender and receiver both uses iPhone then group message is sent as iMessage >Message to non iPhone user sent as SMS or MMS


>Photos, videos, Audio send and receive >See responses >May share location > Sketches, animation , bubble effects send and receive

Group MMS

>Sellect apple menu option then select ' system preferences' option. >Tap security and privacy option >Then tap privacy

More about Group SMS

>Appear in green text bubbles. >Group SMS don't support Photos and Videos. >It Don't support multimedia

Why Group Text is not working

>Setting enable Multimedia Message >Setting will be toggle based. >Group text generally used phone data.

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