How to save an android phone just in 1 min?

When your android phone is not safe you will notice lots of symptoms. You need to restrict any unwanted activity. Be conscious of cybersecurity.

Symptoms of Hacked Android Phone

1. Unknown application 2. High usage of data 3. Phone battery drain fastly 4. Poor performance 5. Unwanted pop-ups.

Symptoms of Unsafe Android Phone

1. Unknown calls and messages are being done. 2. No signal on phone.

Step 1: Remove unwanted apps

You need to uninstall unwanted app by:  Setting -->Apps Manager --> Uninstall The are the main cause of malicious attack.

Step 2: Disable Unknown Source

To disable unknown source: Setting -> System Advance ->Developer option-> Navigate and disable

Step 3: Install Antivirus Software.

Choose any trusted antivirus software and scan your phone completely.

Step 4 : Backup Your data

Open Google one app -> Tap storage -> Setup backup data -> Tap manage backup -> select backup now

Final Option : Factory reset

Press the Volume up button and power button.  Android recovery screen -> wipe catch partition -> yes, delete all user data

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