How to know that hackers are on my phone?

A phone is considered to be hacked when some unauthorized person gains access to your mobile and controls its functions.

Indicators to identify the threat

There are some of the early which we can see on our phone, which indicate that our phone is hacked.

Unusual alerts and pop-ups

If you are finding yourself in the middle of unusual alerts and pop-ups about inappropriate content on your phone.

Sudden increase in data usage

There may be many usages, but if you see a sudden increase in the data usage on your phone for a longer period of time.

Unrecognized apps 

If you see any apps that you do not recognize or remember downloading, there are chances that someone has taken control of your phone.

Unusual activity on social accounts

You can notice unusual activity on social media or email accounts that are logged in on your phone indicating the phone hack.

Decrease in the performance

If your phone is hacked it will affect the performance of the phone, like slowing down the loading of web pages and apps.

Some other indicators

Some other indicators are excessive battery drain, no messages, no calls, and unknown texts and calls.

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