How to Hide Apps on an iPhone?

The first inquiry that emerges in my intellect is, "Can You Hide Apps On iPhone?" Let's glimpse how to Hide Apps on an iPhone?

Reason for hiding app in iPhone?

1.Notifications 2. Not Useful. 3. Habit 4. For some one else.

use Siri and search to hide apps

Search for the option Siri->App->Show on Home Screen->Turn off

Hiding apps iOS

– press and hold the app – say Don't suggest

make your apps disappear by using the app library

1. Press and hold the app icon. 2. Remove Application. 3. Select the option Move to App library

hidden with the help of the App Folders

– select a folder – Press and hold that app until you can see the Action menu – drag the app which you want to hide in any folder

hide your apps by using the iPhone search function

App->Turn Off the options - Learn from this App, Suggest App, Show App in Search, Show Content in Search

hide your apps on the iPhone from your app store purchase history

App store-->purchased-->app-->Swipe to the left-->Hide

There are more possible ways?

Yes, there are more possible ways to hide app in iPhone. But you need to visit our site. Go through the link below: