How to find my iPhone in just 1 min

 Open setting  Then Tap Apple ID  Then Tap the "Find My" menu  Then Share your location ON(If you want to share your location with your family and friend)

How to find my iPhone Next Step

Make sure "turn on find my network" when it is offline. Then Turn on send last location option when the battery is low.

How to find my iPhone Final Step

Then Find the device the on map you need to turn on-location services. Then find the device on map you need to turn on location services

Turn on Location Sevices

Go to Setting  Then click on the privacy option Then Location services, turn it ON.

Turn on "Find My" for Mac

>Sellect apple menu option then select ' system preferences' option. >Tap security and privacy option >Then tap privacy

"Find My" for Mac Step 1

>If the padlock in the left is locked enter the administrator password and user name  >Tap on-location services. >Tick the enable location service,

"Find My" for MacBook Step 2

>Select the "Find My" check box. Return to the main window >Tap of your Apple ID >Then tap on the iCloud option

"Find My" for Mac Final Step

> Then Check to Find my Mac > Make sure Find my Mac is ON > Then Turn on find my network

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