How to change MAC Address of your android phone?

Everyone knows about MAC address, but if you do not know how to change the Mac Address of an Android phone.

Tip1: First, Find the Mac Address of your Android Phone.

Navigate to the Settings section. Click on About the Phone. Choose All Specs. Click on Status. Scroll down, and this is your Wi-fi Mac Address.

Tip2: Using Terminal Emulator and Busy Box apps

a) First, record the authentic Mac addsress as it is beneficial not to change the first six digits.

Tip2: Continued.

b)Open the emulator and type:  " IP link show "  in the terminal. And follow the procedure.

Tip3: With Root Access

If your android gadget is rooted, then it is perfect. But, then also you’ll require two applications to bring out the Mac Spoofing.

Android spoof MAC address

It's not so easy or not too hard. Read our tips to change the MAC right now. For more ways to Android spoof MAC address, plz visit the below link