Widgets are elements of the graphical user interface (GUI) on a device that aid interaction with the users and enhance their experience.

What are widgets?

Best iOS widgets

Find the most happening widgets in iOS here. Details are inside

Widget 1  Launcher

The customized widget for iOS that helps you to launch any app that you wish to install in your phone. Premium version of this widget provide you value service for launching.

Widget 2  Night Sky

This widget keeps you updated about all the satellites and asteroids passing across the planet and the mysteries of the universe. Learn stars, meteors, related to the universe.

Widget 3  Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is the App to know the weather for you accurately. This widget informed you with all the weather forecasts and weather conditions.

Widget 4 Apple Calendar  iOS widgets

For a family person, who always forget birthday and anniversaries, It is a helpful widget. Keep all your important dates in one place and just chill.

Widget 5  Wikipedia To Read

 It will show any issue that is trending among the individuals. It will also enable you keep in-depth familiarity about all the people who are connected with him or her.

More iOS Widgets

Widgets are always helpful for mobile users. Some are discussed here. For detail analysis  of various useful widgets, that makes easy your life, Please visit our website.